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  1. Lol glad I got my numbers posted then, though I'm with trewest. May just crank out as much as I can then help away team
  2. Hello all! Krazi3man reporting for burpee duty! I'll get a chunk in come morning. I loves me my burpees I may switch to med bay from time to time to show progress in my yoga/crow pose but I'm an Engineer at heart!
  3. Engineering interests me the most, think I'll swap between them and med bay every now and again
  4. Hahaha no more squats from me. Imma have to take it easy lol my sprints this morning were bad enough xD I really hope squats aren't first up in the mini now lol
  5. 300 for me. Glad I read this at the start of my lunch break lol.
  6. Thanks for the advice! Looking through things, I decided I'll start with basic Sun Salutation and work on core poses such as plank, dolphin plank, chaturanga. Then follow through to my crow progressions. I think it should be mentioned that even though it's not part of my 6wc, I'm continuing to work on my pullup progression 3x a week. I have it set and a solid habit so it's not needed for the challenge.
  7. So I've grown my beard for about a month now (mind you I like the clean shaven face, maybe a 5oclock shadow here and there) from pure laziness AWESOMENESS and I this pretty much sums up what I do whenever I look in the mirror now. Though it's not even close to that XD
  8. Give it a try! I hear python is a good start to learning code. I wasn't aware of this at the time I learned haha Thanks! I'll try my best I'll give it a look through. Though I love math, the last math I've focused on was calc like 4 years ago XD I need to get back into that... For the crow pose, I feel like I'm putting a lot of pressure on my arms where they meet the leg. My legs seem to want to V outwards instead of being parallel to my arms. I can hold for 3-5 seconds at the moment so that's progress from last week already! Great tutorials by the way SAO is awsome! I may continue t
  9. I'm super excited to see what's in store! I joined in the final weeks of the GoT themed challenges and was a recruit in the previous Nerdwarts challenge. I have high expectations, though I'm very sure I won't be disappointed. The unofficial minis have been fun and the crazy people who are here are my kind of crowd! I'm sooo excited!!! Now....if only I could sleep before day 1 + work in the morning lol
  10. Haha I don't have a problem with that. It's like football sleds but without weights
  11. Climbers yesssss! I LOVE CLIMBERS!!! What's that? A second wind? I think so!
  12. great job everyone! I'm out shoulders can't take anymore haha
  13. home all day so this should be fun. I'm pretty eh from the rest of the week but advil and an ice bath should fix that lol
  14. 1000 army crawls. There's the Tox I saw from last unofficial mini lol damn
  15. Oh yes tedious repetition of the same syntax and code is a good way to learn programming imo. Python uses command line? I should give it a go since I know some linux/unix. I'd have to do calculus again too I think XD I took it senior year of high school and that was the last math I've had since it passed the requirement for AS in Software Dev math standard. Hasn't been nearly as long but I could probably use a good refresher.
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