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  1. I finished Wednesday workout. I haven't gotten a pull-up so it was door rows for me. It is also a little chilly so tonight is going to be a soup night.
  2. If I ever need a quick workout, I use Barbee workouts. You did it though, congratulations.
  3. Finished Tuesday workout. I'm bad at mountain climbers and decided to modify them to finish the warm-up. I have been noticing when my body is not aligned properly. I think misalignment might be part of my hemiplegia. So I was squirming and checking during the bridge portion.
  4. Today, I woke up and finished my Monday workout. Planks were tough but I only needed to reset a couple of times, I consider that a victory since it has been a while since I have done a plank.
  5. Thanks a lot, I thought so too. I was trying to do too much with other challenges. I need to just simplify and focus on my priorities.
  6. I have been following a bodyweight exercise routine. I have been following for 2 weeks and have 2 more to go. My goal for this challenge is simple, just stick to the routine. I'm hoping to really get into a healthy lifestyle that sticks.
  7. I'm following along too. I studied spiritual disciplines as an undergraduate. If you want any more to try, let me know. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  8. Yesterday, I had to make a quick trip out of town so I am going to be making up a power walk this week (more than likely tomorrow). The good news is that I bought some new shoes to workout in and they will provide more support than the pair I have been using (an old pair I scavenged for in the closet). Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  9. I did okay my first week, I am trying to get into a steady routine so there is some growing pains but I am doing what I can. How has your challenge been going? Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  10. Weekly report: Walking (I had been nursing an injury so I had to modify the workout) [emoji3581] Strength [emoji3581] Flexible [emoji3581] I didn't get in Kickboxing, however, I did get in meditation most days as well as work on the job search. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  11. I'm jealous, most of the hills in town are around the golf course a couple of miles away. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  12. I'm trying to figure it out myself but from what I've learned is that you are mindful of your body. I think the definition of power walking is at least one foot is on the ground at all times, unlike jogging where there is a subtle leap where both feet leave the ground. What I have learned is that intensity is relative to your level of fitness. Since you can't set your speed like you can on a treadmill it is important to rate your intensity on a 1 - 10 scale (1 being sitting on your couch and 10 being the fastest you can walk without running). After you warm up or stretch, you want to aim for a 4-5 pace if you can as a steady level of intensity. Ideally, the increased intensity of an interval is about a 7 or 8. When your walking outside you can set an interval clock (look at a 3 to 1 work/rest ratio if you're starting out) for your intervals or choose a distance for them such as power walking until the end of the block. You can increase intensity by increasing range of motion in legs arms, increase speed or intervals, or walk up steeper terrain like a hill if you find yourself needing a challenge. It might also be a matter of just trying out different speeds. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  13. Update: I finished my Master's in August and I need to get back into the habits of fitness. I have been watching Super Sentai (the show that Power Rangers is based on) and that inspired this challenge. Here are my goals for this challenge: Workout 4 times a week: I am planning on doing cross training for this challenge My workouts will break down like this: Power Walking I plan to power walk with Hiit intervals once a week to burn extra calories Bodyweight strength training 1 time a week to build muscle 1 kickboxing workout a week 1 flexibility training because I noticed I am feeling a little tight. Personal 25 - 40 hours on job search to find options for work that are meaningful. I have started Meditation again and I want to do it twice a day for 20 minutes. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  14. 2 days Meditation so far this week. I will be doing some workout stuff this weekend. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  15. I admit, my life is pretty hectic right now and need a challenge that will help physically and emotionally. Any good hero knows when to take time to heal themselves. In this Challenge, I want to pursue Excersise, mental health, school achievements, and the outdoors. Yoga - spend at least 3 days of yoga Walking outside - spend at least 2 times a week walking outside. Prayer and meditation - pray and or meditate everyday. School - continue positive self talk when doing school work. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
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