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  1. Yey! Good luck with the soda. I just gave it up and I'm going to give you a heads up - expect awful headaches for the first 3-4 days. I literally felt like ****. Constant headache, exhausted, grumpy but then I woke up on day four no headache, just a little tired. Day five I felt awesome! Best thing I've ever done, for sure. It's so worth it. I feel like I've got my brain back!
  2. Hi all, So I've been using MyFitnessPal for like a year, but I'm getting a bit bored with it. Can anyone recommend any other calorie trackers I could check out? Preferably ones that are also UK based, which means apps like LoseIt are out. Thanks!
  3. Maria, if you're still looking for a sidekick, I'm in! Texting outside the UK is expensive for me, but we could email or do FB (I'm pretty attached daily to both). Let me know
  4. Hey! Welcome to NF (and the Adventurers! Looking forward to seeing how you get on in the challenge!) The great thing about NF is that everyone here comes from diverse backgrounds. There's lots of people who'll be able to empathise or identify with your story, and we'll all be there to help you through. Good luck!
  5. Hey! Welcome, fellow Adventurer! Congrats on your decision to be more awesome
  6. Thanks, I definitely will. I'll probably have to get referred via GP, but fingers crossed it'll get me somewhere. Is the IUD the implant that goes in your arm, or the coil?
  7. Hi guys, I'm having some symptoms that I think fit with endometriosis, and I was just wondering if there's anyone here who also suffers from it who could either confirm or deny my suspicions. Sorry this is probably way TMI, and I am trying to get appt with my GP for this week, but I just thought I'd ask here so I had a better idea of what to discuss with the doctor. I've had intermittent abdominal pain probably for years, but definitely within the last 12 months. It started off quite rare, but has become more common in the last year. The pain seems to come a couple of inches from my belly button in both directions and is most painful 2-3" vertically from that point. It's hard to describe, but it's definitely a deep pain and not dissimilar to PMS cramps. Sometimes it feels like something in that position has become distended and is going to burst out my stomach! I first noticed it during sex, only in certain positions but not occurring every time we were in those positions. I don't know whether it's at a particular point in my cycle, because I hadn't thought to track it before now. Today though, the pain came on in exactly the same position, but very intensely (sharp, stabby pain with the sensation of something internal being very distended) when I started running on the treadmill. When I slowed to walking, the pain eased, but it took about 20 minutes to disappear completely. As soon as I ran again it returned immediately. I have had a BM today and no gas so this is what leads me to believe the pain is linked. I know some of the other symptoms are very heavy, irregular periods. I had those when I first got my periods, but was put on BC pill to regulate from around 12-13 and have been on them ever since (I'm now 23), so my periods are regular and not very heavy because of this, meaning I can't use my period as a reliable indicator. Any tips/advice/suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Ouch Aqweei I hate people like that - a friend of mine had the same problem I'm not sure how he resolved it though - I have spoken to him since I stopped playing WoW. Fingers crossed for you though that it all goes ok. Either way though still sucks. It's great you had the chance to be there for your friend though Hopefully things will start picking up again for you this week. Hang in there!
  9. Sounds great! Good luck and welcome to Nerd Fitness!
  10. Hi Pheonix, Welcome to the challenge, and NF! It's a great place and I'm sure you're going to love it I know where you're coming from on the being a student=weight gain thing (and the computer playing!). I think overall your goals are really good, but you might want to look at taking at least one rest day a week. Rest time is just as important to improving your fitness as the actual workout because you need to give your body time to recover. It's just something to think about! I'm definitely going to need to look into RescueTime-thanks for mentioning it!
  11. I really like your goals jbbst, especially that you're going to be doing something with your wife that's really cute I can really commiserate on the not wanting to do DIY, do grad stuff instead. I'm in the same boat at the moment! We're halfway finished our renovation (kitchen finished, hall and bathroom still to do), but now I'm back teaching as a TA and doing my PhD I cannot be bothered. So, major kudos from me for setting this as a goal! Good luck - I can't wait to read about how you get on!
  12. Hey, I like your goals. I think the stairs is a big thing! I bet by the end of the challenge you're going to manage them so easily, you'll have forgotten what it was like to be breathless at the top of them. I really admire you on the sugar thing too. Good luck!
  13. Epic goals names first off, by the way. I really like that you've broken them down into possible attributes per time completed-good idea Good luck with them all!
  14. Looking great! And definitely a good idea to start with small steps. Which lifestyle goal are you grading yourself on? (We're only allowed to grade ourselves on 4 total). They're all looking great. Reading is definitely a good one
  15. 21katykat01


    Hey Lukup - good luck! What sort of stats points are you attributing to each goal? I wonder if maybe it'd be better to rephrase your natural drinks goal. It's definitely admirable, but if you're wanting the occasional soda or milkshake, maybe it'd be better to say like 90% natural drinks, or only 1 soda and 1 milkshake a week? Just to make it more measureable - and it's just a thought! Good luck with the job hunting too; always a toughie.
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