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  1. Not having the best week but I figured I'd update anyways for accountability and such. Monday: Worked out. 9834 steps 2054 calories Tuesday: 6118 steps 2171 calories Wednesday: 8750 steps 2409 calories Kyliewyotie is sick so I woke up early and walked/ran with the dog instead of doing our usual workout. Thursday: 7691 steps 2439 calories It's hot as hell outside this week and the humidity is off the charts. I might need to start using the elliptical machine to get the extra steps I need at the end of the day.
  2. I've been a bad girl.... had a long weekend with friends in town so I haven't tracked my calories or met my step goal since Thursday. I was also supposed to do a workout this weekend but didn't. But I'm back on the bandwagon this morning. Ate a good breakfast and worked out. Also learned that the baby either loves or hates loud movies. She did summersaults inside me the whole time we watched Jurassic World this weekend.
  3. Thursday: Rest day, no workout. Still woke up at 5am though! 10,750 steps 1794 calories Friday: I ended up doing a morning workout since I was feeling well rested. Worked 8am to 9pm though...it was a long day 11,098 steps 2234 calories (34 over) Saturday: Rest day, no workout. 8,956 steps (stuck at work all day so didn't reach my step goal) 2023 calories Sunday: Cheat day! We finally got our registry all finished. Who knew choosing a strollers and a car seat would be so complicated!?!
  4. Sonogram was went well. It's always nice to see the baby moving around on the big screen In regard to the steps, I have a Garmin Vivofit and that's what the app set my step goal as so I figured I'd just stick with it. It adjusts your goal steps up and down depending on your average activity but mine usually hovers around 9500. I love the Vivofit, it has been worth every penny!
  5. Update! So far so good. Monday: Workout complete! I did squats with 20lbs dumbells , shoulder presses with 20lbs and glute bridges.11,9422205 calories Tuesday: Workout complete. Body weight circuit x3. Included inverted rows and incline push ups for the Hogwarts mini-challenge. 11,910 steps2076 calories Wednesday: Workout complete. Squats with 22.5lb dumbells, incline push ups and inverted rows. 5 sets of each.10,204 steps2129 calories No workout this morning since I'll be working a 8am-4pm shift then a 5pm-9pm shift with a doctor's visit in between. Getting a ultrasound today so I'
  6. Greetings fellow Hufflepuffs. I'm a little late to the party but excited to score us some points!
  7. Thanks! It feels good to be back!
  8. Brief Intro: I’ve been around NF for a long time but haven’t done a challenge in over 2 years due to focusing on pharmacy school. My didactic learning in school in finally over and now I can finally focus on other things again! Usually I would be in the warriors guild but I’m making some changes since my husband and I are expecting our first child in September. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. For this challenge I’ll be recruiting my husband and fellow NF assassin, Kyliewyotie, to assist some of my goals. Goal 1: Track calories Details: My hope with tracki
  9. Quick update: School is in full swing and my schedule is already packed! I have been getting as many workouts in as possible but they have definitely been more sporadic/less intense then what I would like. My food goals have been difficult to follow, especially with a lot of easily accessible free junk food however overall I'm still doing okay. The hardest time for me is between lunch and dinner. I always find myself feeling like I'm starving around 4pm. Sometimes I eat a little more during dinner then I probably should as well. My weight is staying steady at 163lbs now for about 2
  10. Week 2 update: I'm glad to report that I've been doing well so far with this challenge. I did have one "bad" day this week, I was at a school event all day and they provided lunch which was only pizza and ice cream floats. I thought I'd be able to get a healthy option at Chick Fil A or Einstein bagel's on campus but they were all closed. I skipped the soda and ice cream and just got 2 slices of pizza. I was also out with friends that night for dinner as well, I ended up splitting a calzone with someone. I estimated that at the end of the day I ate about 2000 calories which is actuall
  11. Update: Week 1 went well. Followed my food rules and they have been helping a lot. I had a planned outing with friends last night so I indulged a bit in some Italian food, a rare treat. I don't feel bad about it since I had it planned. Been sticking to about 45 minutes of cardio on non-lifting days. Friday workout: Bulgarian split squats x8 each leg Bench 80x5 Deadlift 135x5 Dumbell OHP 20lb(each)x5 Leg lifts x30 3 sets total. School starts next week. I really hope I can stick to the plan when it does. It's really difficult for me to eat right and find motivation to workout when I'm
  12. I think the mini challenges are supposed to start on week 2.
  13. Did 50mins of light cardio this morning. No running since I'm trying to give my feet a rest. My eating rules are working really well for me so far, I was really tempted to eat a doughnut hole samples at work today but I said no since it wasn't meal time. I also really felt like having a snack about an hour before dinner but held out for the real thing. I also signed up for for my next 5k race. I'll be doing a Zoo run at Miami Metro Zoo. We will be running through the zoo first thing in the morning. I really love animals and the zoo in general so I'm really excited about it. It's plann
  14. Keep up the good work and you'll be rockin your wedding dress for sure. Good luck!
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