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  1. This week hasnt been great, not been to the gym much and eating hasnt been the best just been feeling rough. Got drunk and was sick. Trying to be kind to myself about it and not get too stressed or things feel too much to handle. Just not a good day x
  2. Lost 2.2lb this week, good solid start!!
  3. 2km on treadmill 11/07/16 - 20mins 40 seconds 12/07/16 - 19mins 52 seconds 14/07/16 - (could only do 1km due to cut foot) 16/07/16 - 18mins 46 seconds (!) as you can see, ive cut the time down by 2 mins in just under a week. Im pushing myself hard and it feels good (afterwards!) Mental health is bit better today, feel less exhausted and glad ive been to the gym, definitely gives me a buzz to see me beating times... alcohol - none still. feels good. Biting nails - not done for over a month now! Eating - s
  4. I totally agree. I feel guilty for being so exhausted and trying to push my self through it but its such a struggle. Today has been a write off. I literally couldnt get out of bed. Ive got up and moved about a little in the garden but its so difficult. Dont know how to move past this, its been like this for about a month now.
  5. Hey, Yesterday was rest day, today back to the gym. Bought some new running shoes as my old cheap ones had cut up my ankles so painful. New trainers are mega comfy but rubbing on the wound. I only managed 1km on the treadmill so did extra on the bike. Hoping it heals quickly... Did some more weight work as well. I can calf press 290lb which im pleased and surprised with. must be my chunky legs haha Having my bloods done next week as im exhausted constantly. They think it could be the anti depressants, or just the fact, im depressed(!) at the moment. It wa
  6. Glad you had a good session! Keep it up!!
  7. Hey, hows it going? Great goals, im also trying to read each day, so far so good! x
  8. Thank you guys Fruit tea, ive got pomegranate & green tea, blueberry & blackberry and a mixed berry with hibiscus! (Hibiscus meant to be good for depression too!) Coloured pens and bullet point journals sounds great! Today has been another good one, been to the gym again will begin to log numbers here so: 2km on treadmill 11/07/16 - 20mins 40 seconds 12/07/16 - 19mins 52 seconds 2km on bike 11/07/16 - 4mins 46 seconds 12/07/16 - 4mins 58 seconds So already im improving!
  9. Today has been much better. Eaten well and been to the gym! Drinking lots of water and got some fruit tea which im trying to have instead of normal tea/coffee. Marked down my numbers for the 4km (2km walk/run & 2km bike) pushed myself hard, especially on the treadmill. Mental health wise - ok, bit sad for no reason, trying to look for motivation, positivity! alcohol - none!
  10. Not eaten well today unfortunately i had pizza need to do better and not let tiredness and 'cant be bothered to cook' effect my decisions. Tomorrow will be better for sure. Plus my gym membership is complete so i can begin tomorrow. LETS DO THIS!!
  11. Great to read your journey, you are doing amazing, i will be following along!!
  12. Just been to the shops and got lots of healthy food, fish, eggs, salad, veggies... Walked there which is a mile or so. also got some new nail varnish, a nice purple Will do housework today and watch the tennis! Ive joined the gym (i did so last week but my payment bounced ) but its sorted now and ill be able to use it from Monday when registration has gone through!
  13. Thanks evicious! Yes, one second IS still faster lets hope i do this...! haha i tried everything too, and 3 weeks ago something just clicked and i havent bitten them since...ive even got them painted now, they look lovely. My goal is to not go back to the habit, but you know, i dont think i will thanks for following!! x
  14. well i will do 3km each time i get on the treadmill, and each time i want to beat the time it took me to reach 3km....it will push me to work harder, run further etc. Once i can run 3km, i can change it up, go to 5km. Ill see how it works for me
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