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  1. I'll also add this: My dad is 63, and he is doing a linear progression (3x5, Starting Strength style). If recovery becomes an issue, you can also just do what he does, and add an extra day between workouts. It means that your program won't fit neatly on a M, W, F schedule, but it can be helpful.
  2. mgage - I believe you're right. I just finished reading Practical Programming, and one of the things he notes is that older lifters and women may run into problems with a basic linear progression sooner than the ideal lifter (man in his late teens through 20s). He still recommends that everyone start there, but if recovery becomes an issue, don't be afraid to switch to something like Texas Method sooner just because you don't think you've reached some arbitrary line that makes you an intermediate lifter who needs more advanced programming
  3. Yesterday was my recovery/assistance workout. Working sets: Squat @ 115: 2 x 5 OHP @ 75: 3 x 5 Romanian deadlift @ 155: 3 x 8 Inverse body-weight row: 4 x 8 Glute-Ham raise: 3 x 9 Good workout, felt strong and awesome. Then I went to Judo, and things totally fell apart. A new instructor was teaching the class, and I knew I was in trouble when I didn't know how to do half the things he was asking us to do in the warm-up. Managed to land on my neck while trying to do a backwards roll, which was painful and not a good start to things, then spent the entire rest of the class feeling totally lo
  4. Erick - Deadlift is my best lift by leaps and bounds, and that's how it is for my dad and older brother too. I think the fact that we have long legs makes our squatting really inefficient, but our gorilla arms make deadlifting easier
  5. Hi all - This may be a really stupid question, so there's no better place to ask than the comfortable anonymity of the internet. I've been taking Judo classes for about 6 months, and I feel like I'm picking up most things pretty quickly, with the exception of Zenpo Kaitan, or any other kind of backward or forward roll. Even when I was a kid, I didn't do somersaults, because I hate the feeling of being upside down, and it seems like I now have some kind of mental block that I can't get over. So, when I do zenpo kaitan, I end up just crashing to the side. And when I tried to do a backward roll
  6. Hey lostream - Take this advice with a grain of salt, because I'm a fairly new lifter compared to a lot of people on this board, but I'm in a very similar situation - Looking to lose weight without compromising my strength too much, very similar stats (6'0 tall, around 220). I'm doing pretty much exactly what you propose, which is to continue my strength programming, and just focus on keeping my numbers steady rather than increasing them, while eating a mostly paleo diet. I think that Paleo, or something like it, is going to be your BFF if you want to cut weight without losing strength. You do
  7. Time really flies when you're too busy for updates! First update is that my little sister asked to postpone the sister vs sister challenge till the next time around, to give her some time to settle into her new job. Which is probably for the best, considering that the goals I set for myself were all a bit of a stretch to begin with. Wednesday was a short conditioning work out - supersets of kettlebell swings and goblet squats with a 35 lb bell, following by 15 minutes of rowing sprints (45 seconds rest, 15 seconds fast). Thursday, I had the terrifying realization that I hadn't done any of th
  8. Looks like an awesome workout! Keep up the good work, it's great that you're seeing some good results to keep you motivated/
  9. Jefro and Erick - Thanks for the encouragement! CB3 - When reading T-Nation, you have to keep in mind that the information varies drastically by author and goal. If Dan John, Mark Rippetoe or Jim Wendler wrote it, I'll probably pay close attention. Writers I'm not familiar with, or who are clearly writing for an audience of bodybuilders, I'll take with a grain of salt. Yesterday's workout was a brief conditioning session of complexes, farmers carries and kettlebell swings, enough to get me breathing hard and sweating - about 15 minutes including warm-up. I'm trying to get over the idea tha
  10. Jefro - Looks like a great workout! You can also squat with two dumbbells, held up against your shoulders, if you want to increase the weight. Once you learn to power clean, you can add in front squats, because you can power clean the bar from the floor to rack across your shoulders. Another dumbbell based alternative is the lovely Bulgarian split squat: http://www.menshealth.com/workout-center/e/the-quads-sculpting-workout/the-quads-sculpting-workout/dumbbell-bulgarian-split-squat/26832-26831-25968. One benefit of this one is that it will allow you to essentially double your weight lifted wit
  11. Today was my first day of Texas Method. I'm deloading slightly to let my body get used to the higher volume, and because I'm eating at a deficit. I was re-reading Dan John's article on goblet squats(http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most.../goblet_squats_101), and it clicked that I've been folding my torso down to get to depth, rather than really pushing my knees out and letting my butt sink between my legs. Which means that I was having trouble keeping my chest up, and getting power from the bottom of the squat. Working set numbers: Squat at 145: 5 x 5. With the form corrections
  12. Jefro - If there isn't a squat rack, stay off the Smith machine, because a lot of people learn bad habits using it. I recommend goblet squats with dumbbells or kettlebells if you don't have access to a squat rack: http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most.../goblet_squats_101
  13. Erick, congrats on the kiddo! So impressed that you are still tracking and participating. Kind of makes my lame excuses seem...lamer than usual
  14. This is a really good idea, WildRoss. Adding mine, though I still consider myself an advanced novice at best. 12/1/11 is the first day I started tracking. As you can see, I was doing light weights, high reps, and way too many different arm exercises. In retrospect a waste of time, but at least it put me on the path to swoledom. I started going to the gym with my dad and my youngest brother, who were doing Dan John's Mass Made Simple program to get the little bro ready for football season (sidenote: Highly, highly recommend it for younger guys looking to add some serious muscle mass. It'
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, guys, it's been a tough week and knowing that someone was holding me accountable really helped me stay on track. I missed my usual Wednesday workout, thanks to work and grad school homework, but I did make it to Judo on Thursday night, and lifted this morning. Working weights: Squat @175: 5,5,5. I'm starting Texas Method on Sunday, and will use the change in programming to deload a bit and work on my form OHP @ 85: 5,5,5. Might stay at this weight for one more workout, then add 2.5 PC @ 125: 2,3,2,1,1,1,1. Weird, I know. I added some weight, so it's getting
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