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  1. Week 3 Day 1 A pretty lazy day. I was planning on running in the evening and then remembered that I was meant to be leading the group. So I didn't run at all. No cross training either but I did drink all of my water. Goal 1: 7/12 runs complete Goal 2: 4/6 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 13/21 water consumed
  2. Week 2 Days 6 & 7 I have to confess to nothing over these two days exercise wise. Friday was spent working. Saturday, I went away overnight to meet up with some of my husband's old school friends. We went to lots of bars so I managed to drink lots of water! Goal 1: 7/8 runs complete Goal 2: 4/4 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 12/14 water consumed Week 2: 23/26 Not too bad, could've been worse!
  3. Ha ha. I think that if you are here you are pretty fabulous.
  4. Oh dear, never mind. Did you enjoy the acroyoga before you injured yourself?
  5. Week 2 Day 5 I woke up and headed out for my ten miler. I took a new route that I'd previously avoided as its all hills. Except when I ran it it wasn't that bad at all. Quite undulating but nothing too steep, I will definitely go that way again. I got on well listening to a comedy podcast instead of music, although I think I looked slightly deranged running through the countryside laughing. My pace was slower than usual. I'm a bit of a one (slow) speed person. I run about 10 min/miles whatever I am doing so I have been trying to work on that. I used a pace calculator in which you enter your best race times and it works out your LSR, tempo and steady paces. It turns out that I run too quickly on training compared to my race pace. I've tried hard to slow it down but that means I'm practically walking. It seems strange to run slower so that my races will be faster but hopefully it should work come race day. Not proper strength training today but I did go and visit a new physiotherapist. I have one leg very slightly shorter than the other and scoliosis since childhood. You can't notice when I'm dressed but it obviously affects my gait. I only went in to make an appointment but he gave me a quick once over, I have to go back next week with my running shoes so he can check me out proper and help keep me on the right track fitness wise. With marathon training to think about soon I want to stay injury free. Water was easily done as it was warm yesterday. Goal 1: 7/8 runs complete Goal 2: 4/4 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 10/14 water consumed
  6. Awesome week! I'm looking forward to Stranger Things, I'm just catching up on Outcast and Preacher at the moment. I'm still not sure about either of them at the moment.
  7. Don't worry about the doughnuts. I think the point of these challenges is to focus on the small changes so that they become the norm. Every time you do a new challenge you will carry the good habits over from the last one.
  8. Fingers crossed for your knees. Hopefully keeping to the flat will sort them out.
  9. Change in routine is so hard! Well done for not giving up!
  10. I think a bit of self awareness can be truly enlightening and not a bad thing at all. Well done.
  11. Five minutes away from an 8 mile run is fairly decent for a "bad run" Fingers crossed you get back on track on Friday.
  12. Thank you. Maybe they'll promote me to queen of the board. Week 2 Day 4 Today should've been a cross training day so I went to a Pilates class again. I wasn't intending to make Pilates my cross training session of choice but I have really gone off lifting. They've refitted our gym and the free weights area is a bit cramped. They have so much cardio equipment in there that the people who lift are struggling. Such a shame. I managed a 2.5 miles run with my running group last night. It was very slow though as I ran with an older lady who hasn't been running long. I don't like leaving people at the back of the group. A run is a run though. Water was ok today. I didn't measure again and I don't think I got two litres in but I don't feel dehydrated. Goal 1: 6/8 runs complete Goal 2: 4/4 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 9/14 water consumed I got a new date for my rescheduled investigations. Not until the end of August unfortunately. They did have earlier dates but I am on holiday. Typically. Long run is scheduled for today. I have downloaded some podcasts which I have never done before. Mainly comedy podcasts to see if that is better for me to run to than music or nothing. I will report back!
  13. Week 2 Day 3 It's really quiet on these boards but I will keep on posting regardless, like some sort of loon. I worked in the morning and after lunch took my youngest swimming. I'm not a big fan of swimming but did swim 600m. The pool is only 20m long and was quite busy. I alternated between a fast (for me) length and a slow length. The little man only swam 100m and spent the rest of the time doing handstands, somersaults and balancing on floats. I didn't actually hate the swimming as much as I usually do but I forgot my shampoo so my hair was a big tangled messed of bleached blonde when I got home and it took about an hour to sort out. That's when I remembered why I don't like swimming. I ran 3 easy miles yesterday evening too. I've got to run 10 miles tomorrow and I can't decide where to go. I hate running a loop from my house. I much prefer a point to point, usually getting my husband to drop me off 10 miles, or whatever, from home, so I just run home. I think I have done every decent route from home to death. He's not around tomorrow so today I will plan something new. Im not sure how much water but it wasn't enough because I woke up this morning feeling dehydrated. I can count 1 litre and a glass of water but that's it. Try harder today. Goal 1: 5/8 runs complete Goal 2: 3/4 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 9/14 water consumed
  14. Keep it up! its really quiet on these boards this challenge, isn't it?
  15. I lead beginners running courses based on C25k. At least 50% of the people who join have tried running by themselves and failed. They only get to grips with it when they run with the group or with me as I help to pace they. They all start off to fast. i would also say recommend that you check your footwear. I lift sometimes (not enjoying it at the moment so given up for a bit). I could not lift safely in my running shoes. My running shoes are too springy and closed. I prefer a looser, flatter firmer shoe when lifting, like a Converse. Maybe what's right for one part of crossfit, isn't right for another. I assume you can't change shoes in crossfit so maybe you need to learn to run in proper running shoes and just adapt for cross fit.
  16. Are you sure you haven't gone from 12 min miles to 10 minute miles? That would make much more sense. That would mean you ran a 5km in 31 minutes? Speed comes with regular running, mix up the pace you run, do intervals and hill reps. I've been running just over a year anod do very little speed work, preferring longer slow runs. However I have still got my times down, just because my technique and endurance has improved. Practice makes perfect (or better)
  17. I think that mornings are easier heat wise but I am useless at getting up.
  18. That's so cool! My little boy is learning the guitar so I might get him to use soundcloud. He'd love to do that.
  19. Keep going lovely. You are doing really well.
  20. Well done. I hope back to work day went well.
  21. Well done Erick! You are doing really well.
  22. whoop whoop. That's a good week.
  23. Thanks. I'm pleased with it really, I think. Week 2 Day 1 After a big barbecue lunch I forced myself to go to running club and ran an easy 4.5 miles as per my training plan. It was really muggy but I ran with a girl who is a bit slower than me so it wasn't too uncomfortable. I didn't do anything else because I was too full after the barbecue. I did drink all of my water though. Week 2 Day 2 I was determined to stick to schedule as the children aren't at school at the moment and I find it really difficult to fit everything in. Today is a non running day so I decided to go to Pilates today. It was a session called Trigger Point Pilates and it was brilliant. I felt so stretched out. I was at least two inches taller when I left the class. It was a cover teacher running the class, but she is having a permanent course starting in September so I will definitely be going to those each week. Water easily done. Goal 1: 4/8 runs complete Goal 2: 2/4 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 9/14 water consumed
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