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  1. Week 1 Days 6 & 7 My plan was to go for a run before I had to be at the hospital for 11 am on Friday. Thursday night I had a voicemail to say come in for 9am. One of the machines was broken so they would be only be doing half of the tests . That threw me mentally so I didn't go for a run on Friday morning. I went for the other tests and had it done (twice, the catheter was not inserted correctly first time) but the procedure had to be abandoned because the computer failed to record the results and kept freezing. Frustrated and upset are just of the words I used. I have got to go back when all the equipment is working for the investigations. Meanwhile I am no nearer to a diagnosis or any treatment. On Saturday I wanted to do family things so I didn't run or cross train. I wasn't emotionally up for it. We we decided to do a bit of geocaching and Pokemon hunting. We were better at the Pokemon hunting than the geocaching. We went down to the local river and found none of the three caches we looked for, although we had better success on the way home and found two. They were both extra small ones so no gifts to swap, just the log to sign. My ten year old loved it but the husband didn't have the patience to look. Water has been easy to do again. It's only really a problem if the weather isn't so warm. Goal 1: 3/4 runs complete Goal 2: 1/2 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 7/7 water consumed Week 1: 11/13 Not as successful as I had hoped, but I lost last Sunday to illness and had a day in hospital so I won't be too hard on myself. It's better that I missed the activities then tried to cram them into the other days and overtax myself. I have made a schedule for Week 2 so I should be back on track.
  2. "Dad, get off the rings and push me!"
  3. Having a partner in crime always helps. I hope you can find a way to fit it all in together.
  4. Nice stuff! I went geocaching for the first time yesterday. Great fun.
  5. That would be great. I love Edinburgh. It's a lovely place to visit. I haven't been for about 15 years though. All I need is an infinite amount of cash and I can travel.
  6. I think if you get an extra hour in each night it would make the world of difference. Husband and I go to bed about 10:15-30 we just lie down and chat (about pointless stuff most of the time) for about half an hour. It's quite relaxing though and we are spending quality time together.
  7. Personally, I find that devising a plan for someone else is quite motivating. Can you find a way to link your individual goals into the same plan? My husband runs a little bit, so his long runs are my shorter runs. We can run together on those days but our goals are different.
  8. Well done! You obviously needed that bit of rest.
  9. Hats off to anyone who can do anything in that kind of heat!
  10. It where you run up and down hills at tempo pace for a fixed period of time (we did 3 minutes) followed by a recovery run (we did 2 minutes) and repeat as necessary. I quite like doing hills of any sort in training. Week 1 Day 5 The intention was to get up early as it was the first day of the school holidays. I didn't go out to run until 10am and the temperature was in the 90's already. This is not what Brits are used to. I had planned to run 8 miles but only ran 5.5 very slow miles, I even had to throw in a walking break. I wasn't really in the mood for a run when I started anyway but I tried to go for it. I had to remind myself that I had been ill a few days ago and that the weather was not the norm so 5.5 miles was still decent. I had booked onto Pilates again in the evening, and was going to hit the gym too. My DOMS from Tuesday have gone. Unfortunately I forgot to make childcare arrangements so that plan went out of the window. My husband was out doing a 3.5 mile race in London last night. It's only his second proper race and he ran it in 36 minutes. He said it was really congested in places. He saved up for a last half mile sprint finish but it was all single file so he had to jog the last part! He was not a happy man! He has a really good natural pacing ability, always slowest mile first, increasing speed until the final 500 m and then he bombs it in. I'm very jealous. Water, bang on track. Im due to have some investigative procedures at the hospital on Friday so I don't know how I will be for the rest of the week. I only have an easy 3 mile run planned and I can swim as a cross training session so I maybe ok. I'll take it easy and see how I am. Goal 1: 3/4 runs complete Goal 2: 1/2 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 5/7 water consumed
  11. Do you get enough sleep? It doesn't look like much to me, especially if you sometimes get interrupted by Izzy waking. it looks like a very blessed home though.
  12. I think six hours is a good time for a first time marathoner, that's what I'm going to aim for. I'm sure I can walk it six hours! international marathoning is a good plan living in Europe as there as so many great cities to visit. I might make it my new hobby.
  13. Running in the heat is killing me here. It's been in the 90's for this past week, we are lucky to get to mid 70's Usually. Just out of curiosity, are you doing one set of push ups to failure each day or are you just doing a set amount?
  14. Week 1 Day 4 Our British level heatwave continues which meant that all the beginners at my running group cried off last night. It ended up with 4 of the experienced runners, who are recovering from injury, turning up. We had a discussion and decided to run for 30 minutes at our own paces and meet at the end. That was unexpected faster than I expected run. I did have ridiculous DOMS in my calves from Tuesday epic cross train and Kenyan Hills so I didn't cross train. Water was nice and easy to do today. I only struggle to drink when it's cooler weather. My eldest son took me out for lunch yesterday. As usual I ordered water with meal, however I swallowed my food the wrong way and I had finished my drink. I had to take a swig of my sons drink, he had a Coke. I realised how much the drink masks the flavour of food. For over forty years I have been drinking flavoured drinks with meals. Having a month or two of only drinking water has made me realise the difference! Goal 1: 2/4 runs complete Goal 2: 1/2 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 4/7 water consumed
  15. Theophilus is right. You need to look at everything as a small goal. Not buying the drink in Subway is a success, not a small success. Take the money that you would have spent on it and put it in a pot. Tell your kids that in four weeks you will have a nice trip out, movies, park, zoo, whatever. The more money you save, the better your day out will be. Either that or buy yourself something amazing.
  16. Well done! And top marks for putting your wife first!
  17. Acro yoga sounds like fun, but I struggle with balance on regular yoga. I have no chance of doing that without serious injury! I understand understand the masculine and feminine part in that way (so fiancé and fiancée makes sense) but why are inanimate things and gender less things given a gender? That I can't comprehend.
  18. If I'm really busy, I literally plan my life hour by hour. It's the only way I cope.
  19. Haha! I was thinking, why not just get a Garmin? I am sure we used to have mini challenges but I never did them. Maybe no-one did.
  20. Cologne looks good. My friend is running Berlin in September. I'd like to get an international marathon or half done at some point in the next few years. It's just so costly with the travel. I'm looking at hotels for the London marathon next year, so expensive!
  21. Well done. I know I have had a good run when my legs are the things giving up. Giving up because I'm tired or breathless makes me feel like I am not doing it properly.
  22. Don't get disheartened. You know you can do it. Can you drink diet soda instead of a sugary one? A bit of a compromise. or drink half the can and through the rest away. Not financially sound but you will halve your consumption.
  23. I love a spread sheet. When I die and they go through my laptop, it will be file after file of spreadsheets. Most of them pointless.
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