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  1. I never got the hang of masculine and feminine words. What that's about?
  2. I'm only level 8 with 27 in my pokedex, but I've only had it a week and I was in bed for three of those days so I'm not too hard on myself. Dont worry about loving it. It's not the sensible and mature fitness rebellion!
  3. Sick kids throw all plans out the window. I hope she's doing ok now.
  4. Week 1 Day 3 So I was totally back on form. Tuesday should've been a 3 mile steady run. I woke up and decided to have a leg day at the gym. I only spent 30 minutes in the gym, but did barbell squats, leg curls and leg extensions. It was really busy and couldn't get on the other equipment I wanted to use. The air con was rubbish so I went into the studio and went to a Pilates class. The air conditioning was great and after the Pilates class I stayed and did a yoga class too. I definitely need to count that as a cross training session! i was a little bit cheeky and I made my Improvers class do a Kenyan hills session and then a short run. I joined in with them so managed to get my 3 steady miles in that way. Water was easily done today too. I'm definitely going to rejig my schedule for the rest of the week so I get my long run in before my investigations on Friday. Goal 1: 1/4 runs complete Goal 2: 1/2 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 3/7 water consumed
  5. I thinks that I need some swimming lessons like that. My brother gave me a few but we have little patience with each other, he gave me some good pointers though.
  6. Bon chance! I think. School girl French has long since been forgotten.
  7. Colds are evil. You think that they have gone but you put in a little effort and it starts right back up again.
  8. You are planning well. That's the best start you can have. Well done and keep it up.
  9. You are damn right, you've got this!
  10. You are doing really well. Going to the crossfit must've take a bit a of courage so you are definitely winning.
  11. Nice! I still haven't quite got the hang on levelling up my Pokemon. I have to ask the kids.
  12. Nice goals! Good luck! Which marathon are you training for?
  13. Nice age. I tend to get on better with teenagers than younger children. Nice stuff! 4 year olds have so much energy and then they just drop! Well done mini Pavowski!
  14. We currently have an unelected prime minister, as she stood unopposed. Our previous prime minister resigned as he didn't like the results of the (advisory only) Brexit vote and was unprepared to see it through. His campaign to Remain in the EU was poor, the Leave campaign was better and louder, although less truthful. Cameron only called for the EU referendum so he would get elected in at the last General Election. It's been shambolic and I imagine every other country in the world laughs at us. The general public were not well informed enough to make that decision, especially when campaigns were filled with lies and misleading figures. It's also fuelled a level of racism and xenophobia that I have never seen in this country. It's so sad.
  15. That would be hell, indeed. The research ship ended up being named after Sir David Attenborough. Who is a legend but Boaty Mcboatface was clearly a better name.
  16. Week 1 Day 2 Technically Monday's are a rest day for me, but I was torn between catching up or staying on my plan. I decided to stay on plan because playing catch up never works for me as I over do it. So I did rest but I had a private client. She is only running for up to a maximum of five minutes at a time so it was actually a nice way to break myself back in and check that I wasn't broken. Running felt good, despite our record breaking UK temperatures at the moment. I didn't feel worried and it was quite comfortable, although I only ran for 16 minutes in a 24 minute period, and at a slower pace than I usually run. No cross training either because I was busy playing catch up with the housework, gardening and my job! Water all consumed. I did drink more than 2 litres because of the weather! I was constantly filling my water bottle. I plan to get back on track for the rest of the week now. I am having a minor procedure done on Friday though so that may affect what I can do over the weekend. I am tempted to get my long run done on Thursday, just in case I cannot do it over the weekend.
  17. Boaty McBoatface! i don't know if any non Brits will understand. It's when democracy started to fail. Well done, keep it up. It's it 60 miles per week or over the challenge that you are running?
  18. Just to say I completely gave up alcohol last 10 months ago. I wasn't a massive drinker anyway. i can quite happily go out with a group of friends and not drink. I did think I'd always be the one driving but actually people drink less when I'm there because they feel that they have permission not to get completely smashed.
  19. That's tricky. I don't think I'd like someone joining my run! I don't mind running with a friend or with my group though. well done on the first day though.
  20. Hello Queen Coffee. Are we related? congratulations on signing up for the 5km. You've got 8 weeks which is plenty of time to get prepared. It's a good plan to run 3 times a week. Don't up your mileage by more than 10% a week though. An alternative thing you could do, which my brother's way of training and increasing distance, is to run for an extra period of time. Try adding an extra minute on to your usual 1.25 miles. Good luck with your challenge and asking the guy out. Have you got a plan?
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