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  1. Week 1 Day 1 Today hasn't gone as planned. I was due to do a 10km race at the Olympic Stadium but I still didn't feel well enough. I was tempted to start the race and see how it went but it was a two hour journey there, a lunchtime start and it's the hottest day of the year so far. Sensible head told me to rest today and not push it so I can be well enough for my GNR training which is my priority. I stayed at home, had a lie in and followed my running groups progress online. Being ill has made me appreciate the friendships that I have made in my group. I posted on Facebook that I wouldn't be attending and wished them all luck. I received lots of messages and texts from people in the group with get well soon messages. One of the girls even picked me up a goody bag from the race. She thought I deserved it as I'd paid. I don't think I do as didn't run it! It was a lovely gesture on her part though. On track with my water. I will drink it all by bed time. Goal 1: 0/4 runs complete Goal 2: 0/2 cross training sessions complete Goal 3: 0.5/7 water consumed
  2. Seems like a good change. Easy to document. No point in making it unacheivable before you start.
  3. That's a good plan. I should've done it too but it's a bit late now.
  4. Can't argue with that plan. Good luck Syren.
  5. Good luck! That's a pretty full on challenge!
  6. Oh dear. At least you got more than the seven hours you wanted.
  7. Hello Hydran,. Welcome. Great goals, but please expand! We are a nosy bunch. Can you already swim but are having lessons to improve you technique or are you a complete beginner?
  8. Leftovers are great. Buy enough ingredients so that there definitely will be leftovers, job done!
  9. Red pandas and Ron Swanson. Best thread ever!
  10. Rest days count! They are just as important especially as you have been ill.
  11. That sounds really rewarding. I hardly read much at all these days. I have piles of books to take on holiday though!
  12. I love leading my groups! I have come along a bit, haven't I? I thought I'd look back and see where I was a year ago. From a post on 14 July 2015, my first 6WC. "The run was great tonight because after the first 10 minute run I did not want to stop. I wanted to carry on, I felt fine. My breathing was very comfortable and I even started to build up my pace. If I'd been alone I would've continued to run but I don't think that would be right in the group. After the walking part I found it harder to get my rhythm. That's promising for next week though as I'll be running for 20 minutes" I had run for 10 minutes, walked for 4 and then run for 10 as part of a beginners group. How happy was I? I just checked Garmin Connect and my pace 13:09 min/mile for the first 10 and 12:50 min/mile for the second 10! Oh my God, I was so pleased with myself. Back then, I wouldn't have believed that I could run a half marathon at a much faster pace than that when I was injured! Its a good job this challenge hasnt started yet. My interstitial cystitis (if that is what it is) has flared up so I don't know if I will be well enough to run on Sunday. I won't be happy if I can't run. I have done 270 steps today. All of them between my bathroom and my bed. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  13. That's amazing. I wish you all the luck in world. My eldest goes to university in the Autumn. He gets a Government loan for the fees and a small amount for living expenses but that won't cover half his accommodation so we will have to fund it ourselves. So expensive.
  14. Well done on your day. Do you have a long term goal with the LSAT?
  15. Looks like a decent day. Well done. you do go to the library a lot! Do you work in a school or are you studying?
  16. I just downloaded Pokemon Go yesterday. I'm the UK and we don't have it yet so I had to fib a little bit to the App Store. I think you are really sensible to not rely on your job for activity. I used to have a really active job and then changed to an office job,. I really noticed a difference in my overall fitness level. Good luck!
  17. Good luck! With your rewards, is it cumulative? If you got to four will you get the pint, the book, the keychain and a new top? I think you should.
  18. Yuk! That double whammy does not sound good. I hope that you feel better soon. I love your sandals! Orange is currently my favourite colour so I totally approve!
  19. What are twizzlers? Remember your goal was only to track so if you have counted them, then you have done the right thing and are winning. You need the less than perfect days too as a reminder. Good luck with your quest.
  20. Good luck! I finally gave up the sugary and fizzy drinks about two months ago. It's boring as hell drinking water all of the time but I am saving a lot of money and I know it's so much better for my insides. Fast food is my downfall too. I wish you well with that one. I dare not even tackle that one yet.
  21. So this 4WC is about my prep for the Great North Run, the world's largest half marathon. 1. Run four times per week. My plan says that I should run between 3-4.5 miles every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Depending where I am in the plan will determine whether it's an easy, steady or tempo run. On Sundays I should do my long slow run. I will allow myself to alter the days slightly if necessary but will do the four runs. In addition to my training runs I am leading two beginners groups and one intermediate group each week, and I run with a private beginner runner twice per week. These runs are either very slow or very short so I won't include those in my plan. 2. Cross train twice per week. I recently saw a sports therapist who said that the knee pain I had been having was due to weaknesses in my quads and glutes so I will cross train at least twice per week to help strengthen those muscles and my core. I will mix this up a bit. I can do some exercises or some yoga at home, or I can visit my gym and train there or have a swim. 3. Keep hydrated. I have finally given up the Diet Coke! Big achievement for me. I am currently having investigations to see if I have interstitial cystitis so I now only drink water or an occasional pear and blueberry juice as that's the only fluid that doesn't cause a flare. It's boring drinking the water though so I find I only drink it when I feel thirsty, which is when I'm on the way to dehydration. I will aim for two litres a day. I will have a 500ml bottle four times a day, breakfast and through the morning, lunch through the afternoon, during the evening meal and in the evening before bed. I will drink an additional litre the day before a long run or race as I know I perform better if I do this. I am going on holiday to Spain for the final week of the challenge so that's going to really test me! I managed to run on holiday last year but I was only doing twenty minutes at a time then. My long run during that week is 12 miles so that will be tough with the change of climate! My husband is also very unhappy about me running in a foreign unknown place alone. I have checked on google maps and found a 2.5 mile route around where we are staying so I am also going get bored of that route very quickly!
  22. Thank you for the hug Syren! Gratefully accepted. Welcome back too Doe! Hello noxious Gnome! Although I have been away from NF, I haven't let my running fall by the wayside. I'm still running more than ever. I got injured (severely inflamed left meniscus) which hindered my running. I limped through my first HM in March in 2hr 40 minutes and then needed to rest it so couldn't train for my marathon in May. I dropped down to the HM but still wasn't right and that took 2 hrs 46! I rested for 4 weeks which nearly killed me but then ran in the Vitality 10km in London, and got a PB of 1 hour 3 minutes. (I am still slow!). I'm running the Great North Run in September so am training for that. It's going well. I'm going to aim for 2hr 30 there. I am booked in for the Great Newham Run this weekend, a 10km race a undo the Olympic Park and finishing with a lap of the Queen Elizabeth stadium. I'm in two minds about the race. There are pacers there so I might stick with the 60 minute pacers or I might just enjoy the scenery. It's an early start for the journey down and we are going by coach. I don't travel well so I think I'll see how I feel on the day. I'd better get on with my 4wc then!
  23. *sheepishly pokes head around the door to see if she recognises anyone, recognises most people, then closes the door quickly. Takes a deep breath and walks right in. Slams the door behind her with fake confidence and shouts out* Hello Scouts, it's been a while! *now not quite sure what to do after a six month absence*
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