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  1. I'd love to more lifting but I have no one to spot me. I'm only little and I worry about moving up to heavier weights. That's why I have a PT. I did think about asking a random at the gym to spot but I can't return the favour as its all big chaps (big upper body, tiny legs sort). My PT is really good as pushing me but knowing my limits. I had another session on Friday and he had me doing super sets for an hour. I was exhausted at the end. I was doing 12 inch box jumps which I really struggle with because I'm afraid of falling, I have really bad coordination. There's a 24 inch box so competitive me is aiming for that. I haven't had another decent run. I did a couple of miles of Friday evening. Not as far as I would've liked but life got in the way and it was all the time I had. I planned to run yesterday but Parkrun was too early so I thought I would go later in the afternoon. However eldest son decided that he wanted to move bedrooms around so I spent the day lifting furniture instead. Time for me to get selfish about my marathon training. Then in the evening I went to see The Revenant. Really enjoyed it, great acting and stunning scenery. The bear deserves the Oscar, where was her nomination? I'm running 10km later today but we have about two inches of snow so England has stopped. There will be no food at the supermarket with panic buying. The hill outside my house will be black ice because of all the BMWs and people trying to get up it in first gear. I have no time for people who don't learn how to cope with a tiny bit of snow. Deciding between my my trail shoes and regular pair of road shoes at the moment. I might do a little run before hand to see which is best.
  2. Doing well! I hope you feel better soon. It's taken me ages to get back into it after my chest infection.
  3. I nearly went to Parkrun but decided against it. I couldn't motivate myself to get ready. Are you snow covered yet?
  4. I really need to look into heart rate training. It's something that I felt was too advance for me a new runner but now I'm looking at bigger distances I should probably see if it's something I can work with.
  5. It's taken me days to catch up with everyone's threads. I'm really sorry about your coworker. I hope you're feeling better today. Almost the weekend. Mentioning Talking Heads, I have bought this print for my hubby for his birthday
  6. Glad that you're feeling a bit better. Infections are no fun.
  7. your challenge is is cook three meals a week NOT cook three times a week. You've done that. Well done with your walks. A break from routine is ok if you know where to compensate.
  8. Week 2 so far. On Monday, I had a day off proper running as I'd run well at the weekend. I did run with the beginners group again though. My youngest and I did a yoga session together at home. He loves doing yoga but not the downward dog apparently! I ran 10km on Tuesday morning. It was a good run again, despite being freezing outside. I'm feeling a bit more confident now. Being ill really knocked my confidence, I didn't realise how much. I ran at about the same pace as Sunday evening. I also led the beginners group on Tuesday evening. Wednesday I ran with the beginners group twice but didn't do any proper running. I did go to the gym and had a session with my trainer. I did a full set of deadlifts lifting my own body weight. That's much heavier than I've lifted before. I also pb'ed my squats weight. Very pleased with all that. On Tuesday I found out that I have got a place in the Great North Run, which is the world's largest HM. I am beyond excited! I didn't want to book lots of races for the second half of the year but this one is iconic. I've also set up my character, I think. I put in my previous challenges as I've worked hard for them. I'm not going back! Some how I accidentally deleted half my signature when I added the link to it. I still have quite got the hang of this technology lark.
  9. I have never heard of jicama. I bet they don't sell it in Tesco.
  10. I've not read it, I just googled it and it doesn't look like my kind thing. I think my husband would like it though.
  11. You are doing so well! I'm really impressed that you could recognised the emotional side and deal with it. I recognise my emotional eating but I don't deal with it. Keep on doing it. â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸
  12. Woohoo! I got a place in the Great a North Run (September 11th). I'm just looking at hotels now. I can decided whether to stay near the start or finish.
  13. I'd better do a quick round up of week 1. Goal 1. I managed a 5km and two runs of 8km each. Not as much as I should be doing according to my training plan but I'm much better than I was this time last week. My run last night was great. I ran with a friend at running who is doing the HM with me. He's much faster and more experienced than me but he ran at my speed as he hasn't run any distance for years. We ran a negative split and chatted all the way around. It was the first run I've done for weeks where I felt good afterwards. Goal 2. I only managed two sessions at the gym. I did no yoga, despite buying a yoga mat on Saturday. Goal 3. Over 7000 steps everyday except one. I totalled over 90000 for the week. Level Up My Life: tablets taken 6 days out of 7. That's a huge improvement. I'm really upset today though. I bloody loved David Bowie. My third (?) challenge was Labyrinth based. So sad. I don't remember being this upset when anyone famous died. I've seen him in concert 3 times and I went to the Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum a few years ago. I've been watching his videos on MTV all day. I'm going to watch some of his films later. I like The Prestige, so I'm hoping that's on a streaming service.
  14. I have no time aspirations for the HM or marathon, so it's just getting the miles on at the moment. I did have a plan but I'm already behind schedule by a week. I'd factored two weeks margin for illness but used that up already! My running group leader has written me a plan so I'm hoping to be able to get back on track by next week.
  15. Just to keep my friend 18ck happy, so far I've booked... March 13th Silverstone HM May 2nd Milton Keynes Marathon July 17th Great Newham 10km I entered the ballot for the Great North Run today so fingers crossed for that. I've got some a few others planned but not yet booked.
  16. I ended up staying in my office working all day yesterday to avoid the cold. Just me and my fan heater. I only managed 1500 steps yesterday. Way above that already today but will update properly later.
  17. I ended up staying in my office working all day yesterday to avoid the cold. Just me and my fan heater. I only managed 1500 steps yesterday. Way above that already today but will update properly later.
  18. I ended up staying in my office working all day yesterday to avoid the cold. Just me and my fan heater. I only managed 1500 steps yesterday. Way above that already today but will update properly later.
  19. I will add my races to the calendar. It MK marathon and I'm doing Silverstone HM in March. My running group leader is going to pace me for the HM. She thinks I should go for 2:15 but my 10km best is only 1:05 so I think that's ambitious. My boiler was fixed today so I'm not so cold now!
  20. I'm doing Milton Keynes. It's meant to be quite and easy run as it's flat. I wanted to come out your way for the DLP HM in September but it'll be too pricey I'm only up to 12km at the moment but I can do that comfortably. I should be further on but I've had the best part of 3 weeks off so I'm behind schedule Thanks for the tip on gifs. I'm still failing to add one. I wonder if because I use an iPad?
  21. That's the thing! I was planning on resting today but my boiler has broken so I might go out for a run to keep warm.
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