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  1. It's the worst when you try to cook something and it doesn't taste as good as you'd hoped.
  2. I'm English, we don't cope with more than an inch of snow.
  3. I've only seen the pilot of Man in the High Castle. The rest of the season is on my to do list. I'm just catching up with season two of Fargo at the moment. I don't think I've watched Red Dwarf since it was on originally.
  4. Today has been a much better day. Hooray! *Insert some sort of awesome celebration gif here when I learn how to do it* I ran with the beginners twice today and supervised the improvers group, I ran about 5km altogether today. All runs felt ok, my breathing seems to be improving and my legs are coping better today. I must be doing the right thing. I also had a session at the gym today. I hadn't been for a fortnight so I was worried how I would manage but I equalled my best squats and increased the weight on my bench press. I did feel short of breath during some of it but managed to do all of it. I think it was the best strength session I could have expected. I've managed to walk over 15500 steps today too. Tomorrow is a running rest day but I'll do some yoga.
  5. I've never been able to switch off when I try to meditate. I might have a look for some apps.
  6. Newham is 10km so not too far. I think I'm going to start doing a bit of stewarding this year. I'll volunteer at Parkrun first to get a bit of a feel for being a non runner!
  7. Glad you're here! I wondered where you'd got to. Have you got any race plans for this year? I'm heading your way for the Great Newham Run in July.
  8. Great goals. I look forward to reading more.
  9. You have to be a bit selfish sometimes. Good luck!
  10. I hate Indian File runs. It's my least favourite of all the training stuff.
  11. One of my friends who aims to write daily will write down why she hasn't written anything productive. She might write "I was too tired to write tonight because I was too busy at work. I love my job but the time pressure is unbelievable." She says it stimulates her to write even when she thinks she doesn't want to.
  12. Chlorine water is gross. Can you drink tap water where you live?
  13. That's some great goals. Fingers crossed for an injury free year.
  14. Nice goals! Keeping it real.
  15. Thanks. I should've done a long run today, but I only managed 5km as my chest was a bit tight. I'll hopefully manage to get my longer run in later this week. I'm hoping that the shorter runs I'm doing each day will build me back up. I will class today as my 5km run of this week. I also ran with the beginners group again tonight at my running club. No strength training today but I have completed 12904 steps today and remembered to take my blood pressure tablets. All good so far. I'm just waiting for the new levelling up system to get sorted.
  16. I'm confused by this character creation stuff.
  17. That's a great article. Thanks Strickland.
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