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  1. A month off is not too long to get back in the swing of things. Good luck.
  2. My boys watch RWBY but there's so much anime in my house it all blurs into one. Looking forward to following your awesomeness.
  3. This is me. I'm not very well co-ordinated. I will never be a glamorous yoga lady. I'm the red faced one falling over! I've been out for a little run tonight but it's not part of my training so doesn't count. It was a nice run though as I've not run properly for a while. I ran last night but I only managed a mile because my chest was really tight. Stupid chest infection. I also ran with the beginners group tonight. It was a great turn out for the first session. I love helping the beginners groups. My marathon training plan for tomorrow is for a slow 9 mile run. I'm not sure I can manage that at the moment but I'm going to try in the morning. I've also prepared a huge chicken salad to eat afterwards so I've got no excuses to visit McDonald's on the way home. I took my medications today and I've walked 11330 steps. So all good there. I promise something more exciting tomorrow.
  4. I ran 282 miles in 2015. It's only just over ten marathons which is nothing! I only started in June so there was were a lot of very short runs. It's all change in 2016. Big things are happening my friends.
  5. Just posted it! I did it this morning and the server messed up somewhere and said the site was offline. I had to re write it!
  6. Hello fellow Scouts! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I had a ridiculous chest infection which is still hanging around unfortunately. Anyway my scouting plans for 2016 involve a half marathon in March, a marathon in May and a 10k at the London Olympic Village finishing in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in July. That's all I've got booked at the moment but I'll book more as I go along. So the plan is Goal 1. Run three times per week as per my marathon training plan This is a long slow run on Tuesdays, fast 5km on Thursday and a steady 7-8km on a Sunday. The long slow runs are currently at just under 12km and I will be increasing this each week, with a shorter run every 4-5th week to rest. I also run with the beginners group as a leader a couple of nights a week, and some skills sessions on a Monday evening. These will be in addition to the three training plan runs. Goal 2. Yoga or cross training three times per week I will focus on improve my core strength which should help my running. I will either go to the gym and follow a program set by my PT or do a session at home from the Yoga Studio app. Goal 3. Walk 7000 steps daily I'm not very good at walking anywhere. I'm happy to run it or I go in the car. I got a Garmin Vivofit at Christmas so I will walk 7000 steps per day, in excess of any running steps. Level Up my Life. Take my anti-hypertensive drugs daily Fairly self explanatory. I don't take my meds because I forget. It's one tiny tasteless tablet each day. I think my brain refuses to accept that I have high blood pressure as I do not sit in any of the high risk groups. Hopefully having it as a goal on here will prompt me. No fancy gifs or anything at the moment. I promise to be more entertaining as we go through the 4WC.
  7. You've got plenty of time to build the base. Good luck. I was bought some colouring books for Christmas. I've had great fun with them.
  8. Good luck! It's great to have your wife as support.
  9. I'm already that weirdo that orders soft drinks in the pub. Iced tea though? That is such an American weird thing! Haha. Good luck!
  10. What kind of meditation do you do? Do you use a program or just kind of switch yourself off? Good luck!
  11. I love reading c25k threads! Good luck with your 4WC!
  12. I am so sorry for your wife's problems. It must be super hard for your family. You goals are super simple but very targeted. That is awesome. Good luck!
  13. Welcome to the scouts. The nerdiest of all nerd fitness camps as we share out name with Scout Walkers. Good luck with your 4WC.
  14. Loving the theme Syren. Good luck with your 4WC.
  15. I'm often tempted to write a blog but then I remember how bad I am at keeping up to date on my challenge thread! Good luck with your 4WC.
  16. Looking forward to keeping up with your 4WC Strickland! Good luck.
  17. My final points total is based on 92% success rate on goals 1 & 2 and 100% on goal 3. Stamina 2.76 Strength 2.76 Wisdom 1.84 Constitution 0.92 Charisma 0.92 Dexterity 5
  18. Last day round up. Slight knee strain so I've run a little bit less this week and last week. Trying to rest it up. Tonight I was in charge of my running group. It was a long run session so not too taxing for me! I set the group off after warm up and then took a short cut to meet them half way. One of the group was new to the route so I ran with her for the final 2km. Then I led the cool down. It was so much run and I got paid for it! Week 1&2: Distance 43.63, 4 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions, 5km PB Week 3: Distance 15.45 km, 2 strength training session, 1 running skills session Week 4: Distance 21.91km, 1 strength training sessions, 1 running skills session, 5km and 10km PB Week 5: Distance 12.8km, 2 strength training sessions, 2 running skills session Week 6: Distance 17.5km, 2 strength training sessions, 1 running skills Total: 111.29km, 11 strength training sessions, 7 running skills, 5 km and 10km PB.
  19. I would love to go to New Orleans. There's so little diversity in England in comparison to the States, we have lots of old shit that people love. Does nothing for me. I hope your injury gets fixed soon.
  20. I'm so naughty! I do it every challenge. Post really well for the first two weeks and then forget about it! Sorry. Anyway, all has been going well. Week 3. I was on track for a good week until my long run on Sunday when hip felt a bit dodgy. Knowing I had a 10km race the week after I decided to stop my run. Disappointing not to have my 20km total for week but I didn't want to push my luck. Week 4. I had my regular runs and skill sessions, I just did them more slowly than usually. There wasn't anything wrong with my hip, just a one off hip blip. I missed my second strength session as I woke up on the Friday with a raging temperature. I was so worried as I had the 10km race on Sunday, however I woke up on the Saturday feeling fine. The human body is strange isn't it? Sunday was race day and about 40 people from my running group had entered. Most ran the 5km but a few of us did the 10km. I didn't know how it would go, I was a little worried my hip might hurt if I went to hard. My plan was just to run at a comfortable speed and not look at my Garmin. The 10km was two laps so as I was coming up to the end of my first lap, I checked my Garmin and saw that I was possibly on track for a 5km PB, I sped up and managed to knock 10seconds off my PB (32:05). I continued on the second lap but felt myself flagging on kilometre 8, however there was NO WAY I was giving up, so I pushed harder. I ending up running it in 1:05:40, 38 seconds faster than two weeks before! Whoop whoop! Week 5 so far. Really enjoying my strength training. I'm noticing a huge difference in my figure, I have these little biceps now rather than flabby upper arms. I'm now increasing my weight on all the main lifts. I feel like such a badass when I'm lifting! Running is going ok this week, I missed my timed 5km run, but I wanted to take it easy this week anyway. Our skills session was hill sprints, which is my favourite so I gave that a bit of welly. I'll run on Sunday so I'll probably only do about 12-13km this week. I will make this up next week though because I have got to start my marathon training, that's right readers, MARATHON! May 2nd 2016 I am running a marathon. Tuesday will be my long run day and I will stick to just 7km on Sundays. Tomorrow I'm on a training course so that I can facilitate my own running groups, I'm really nervous but excited too. I'll pop back and let you know how it goes! Week 1&2: Distance 43.63, 4 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions, 5km PB Week 3: Distance 15.45 km, 2 strength training session, 1 running skills session Week 4: Distance 21.91km, 1 strength training sessions, 1 running skills session, 5km and 10km PB Week 5: Distance 5.73 km, 2 strength training sessions, 1 running skills session
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