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  1. Make elongation is brilliant. I'm using that. Rest days are important, you don't need to have a mojo everyday!
  2. Doing well! 100 jumping jacks sounds like a killer to me!
  3. I'm not convinced!I wasn't quite sure how Monday would pan out but I managed a workout at the gym, I only managed to better my assisted pull ups. Everything was the same. I also managed a run on Monday at our skills session. We did a meet and retreat run, so it was fairly gentle fortunately. I had yesterday as a rest today. Today I ran with one of the beginner's groups. It was their last week so we ran for 30 minutes. I was with the tail runner so only ran a short distance. Timed 5km tomorrow night, I will give a shot but I don't expect to PB. I've also got another gym session in the afternoon. On the back of my 10km success I have entered a HM. It's at Silverstone, the Grand Prix circuit next March. I'm very excited'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Week 1&2: Distance 43.63, 4 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions, 5km PB Week 3: Distance 7.04km, 1 strength training session, 1 running skills session
  4. It's not in our nature to rest is it? I think that's society's fault. I find it harder to rest than exercise. I have to allocate rest days or doesn't happen. Well done on recovering well enough to go back in strong. That's a win for you!
  5. You're both doing brilliantly on the challenge. Especially the running this weekend because it's been terrible weather although, as you say, it adds to the badassery. Cauliflower rice is a bit grim. I can manage it if I have a mouthful with sauce or a piece of meat too. You are far more dedicated than I could be. Good luck for week 3.
  6. Apart from the accident that sounds like good week. Best of luck for week 3!
  7. Good evening all. Today was my first 10km race and it was super windy over here today. i was dreading running in the wind as I've never done it. The race track was a car rack track so it was very open, although it was a wide Tarmac road so nice underfoot. I started near the back and let the faster competitors go ahead but I did start to overtake a few people early on before the pack spread out. My first 5km went brilliantly. I PB'ed my 5km again! 32:15, another 26 seconds off. My garmin showed that I've PB'ed my fastest mile too (9:48 min/mile). The course was two laps, but the second lap seemed so much longer. I didn't get a negative split as I'd pushed to hard early on. I had planned on the 10km taking me between 70-75 minutes but I ended up with 66:18, so 34:03 for the second half. Not bad considering I've never run 10km before! I've got another 10km in two weeks, sub 66? I'm also looking at half marathon for next year now. I'm thinking of the Silverstone HM in March for starters. Also, I had a great PT session on Friday. It's definitely helping my running. I texted my PT today to let him know how I got on. He said I'd made his weekend and that I should be proud. It's been an awesome second week! Bring on week 3! Week 1: Distance 22.43km, 2 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions Week 2: Distance 21.2km, 2 strength training session
  8. Well done on all those achievements. Avoiding the beer, going for coffee as well as the working out and running. Its all a battle sometimes.
  9. I finally got around to catching up with your week! You have been a busy girl!
  10. That's awesome! Can we get to see to you doing some Parkour in the next YouTube clip?
  11. It was timed 5 km at group last night. We did a staggered start instead of all starting together. I was in in the first (slower) group as we were split into faster or slower than 31 minutes.Despite being told to take it easy, I just ran at a fast but comfortable pace. I didn't even look at my Garmin for the first half, but when I did I realised that I was going much faster than usual. So I decided to aim for PB. Which I did and there was no wondering this time. I didn't hit the 33:15 as Tinkerer suggested, I managed to knock 43 seconds from my PB and ran 5km in 32:41. My running coach jokingly said she's never giving me advice again but what a way to disobey her instructions! I also ran with beginners on Wednesday and had a strength training session. I've got another strength training session today. I'm sure it's these sessions that are helping my running. My legs must be stronger and helping me go faster. After that it's a rest until Sunday's 10km. I'm really excited about that now! I've just realised that I have missed the running skills session this week as we did a final 30 minute run with the beginners instead. I would do a session by myself but with the race on Sunday I shouldn't. I will leave it this week as I did two last week. Week 1: Distance 22.43km, 2 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions Week 2: Distance 11.2km, 1 strength training session
  12. Thanks everyone! My coach grabbed me at running group last night and planned my week for me. I hadn't thought too much about what I was doing. So I did a 30 minute slow run with the beginners group, then I've got 25 minutes with the other group on Wednesday and 5km on Thursday along with two strength session on Wednesday and Friday. So that gives me two rest days, today and Saturday. Week 1: Distance 22.43km, 2 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions Week 2: Distance 3.5km
  13. Whoop whoop! I went for my long run tonight. The route was planned as a 6km, 7km or 13km. I'd planned to do 7km as a start and then push a bit further if I felt ok. I've never run further than 8km though. I started off well so ran the 7km route, I felt ok so did an extra block so ran 9.43km in total. I felt good at the end and could have gone further but the fast group were finishing their 13km. It took 1hour and 9 mins and I got a negative split!!!! I want to do the 10km race in one hour ten minutes next weekend so I'm pleased with that. It's been an awesome week. Weekly summary: Distance run 22.43km, two strength training sessions, two running skills sessions
  14. Great writing! 10000 words so far is a great achievement! Nice challenge too. Have you been on 1200 calls a day since 2009? I couldnt survive on that little, especially when lifting!
  15. Having been a nurse for years, that's really interesting. When a person died and we had to lay them out, they were definitely human, but when you're dissecting for research or education, when does that stop being the case? If it does stop. I love philosophy like this. There was a lady on the radio this week discussing perception of colour. We all know that leaves are green and the sky is blue, but do we all see green as green and blue as blue? Would my green leaf look like a blue leaf to you and a yellow leaf to someone else, we just call it green because that what's we've been taught.
  16. I've done the dog exercise in Pilates class. It looks and sounds easy but it takes a lot of balance and coordination. But I can trip over air so it maybe harder for me.
  17. I keep track of my running distance too. I like to keep track of my average distance each week and then increase it each month. It's totally nerdy, right? The meal planning website looks good. I usually plan my meals each week but everything goes to pot if I forget my list at the supermarket.
  18. You're caning this challenge! Well done on dropping a dress size! I want to drop one more size but it's a struggle.
  19. We hired a cinema for my eldest's eleventh birthday, took his whole class and watched Spirited Away. Only two children cried at the pig scene. My husband has a nice little collection of SG films, they are great for families.
  20. Do you swim in full on KISS make up? That would be amazing. I'm in awe of swimmers, it such hard work. I think it's because I have such poor technique and it's too cold. Well done on avoiding coffee shops.
  21. I bastardised the plantain nachos idea and used sweet potatoes instead. Yum!
  22. I think I'm going to look at it as I've equalled my 5k PB. So, as Tinkerer says, I'm just going to need to confirm it by shaving another 5-10 seconds off. I've got over 5 weeks to do it. It shows that it's possible though. 18ck -I don't wear headphones when running, I find them off putting and run better without them so I've stopped listening to music when I run. I counted my steps last night which helped because I concentrating on those rather than my breathing so it was bit more natural and came more easily. I had my second strength training of the week with my PT yesterday. He's so nice. He texted me on Thursday evening to see how sore I was (I wasn't) so he knew how hard to work me yesterday. I'm spending every bit of spare cash I have on him but it's nice to know that it's not just the session time I pay for. I know he's planning the sessions properly. We focused on heavier weights and less reps. More weights off the assisted pull ups too, I'm on half the weight I was a month ago. I've told him that I need unassisted pull ups by Christmas! He thinks it doable without compromising other things that he has planned. Last night I attended the Run Assistants course, so I'm qualified to run warm up and training sessions under the supervision of my group leader. it was great fun and I'm hoping that it's a good foundation for the LiRF course. I can't wait to run some sessions at the group! Some of the things were things we already do at our group but some were new. We tried teaching and facilitating exercise with the others, so we spent about an hour actually doing different running skills so I'm counting it as another skills sessions. Rest day today and then a long run tomorrow. The route I have planned is between 8 and 9 km. Daily Summary: one strength training session, one strength training session Week so far: 13km run, 2 strength training sessions, 2 running skills sessions
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