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  1. You're just trying to guilt me into liking Aubergines. Emotional blackmail won't work.
  2. I'm intrigued by heart rate monitoring and running. It's not something I need to think about for myself at my level but it's good to learn about it. I also totally missed that it was your birthday. Belated wishes!
  3. Great stuff! Gym music is the worst. I hate runner beans and aubergines. There are more veg I hate than like.
  4. I wish I had access to a dehydrator. Deer jerky sounds fab!
  5. Thanks! My eldest is 17 and I have no chance with him. He did do the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and did a 50km walk and enjoyed it but he wouldn't do it again unless forced to. My little man is doing Junior Parkrun at the weekend so he's on track. I know, aim high though!It was timed 5km tonight at running club. I didn't really feel like a run but went anyway. My brother is trying for the London 2016 marathon. He runs a bit but not marathon standard. He used to do triathlons years ago but has let his fitness go a lot. He came along and asked me to pace him. He tends to bolt out quickly and run out of steam so wants to a more consistent pace. We ran together and I managed 33:24. My Garmin claims this as a 5km PB. I thought my PB was 33:22 but this was a race chip time, my Garmin made that race 33:26 and 4.99km. So I am claiming tonight as a PB. It's all a bit of a debate but my previous was on a nice flat route on a dry daytime. Tonight was dark and raining and i was hampered by the fallen leaves. Do I class this as my new PB? I don't know now. I suppose I should aim for a bit lower to be sure. It's definitely the closest I've got. daily summary: 5km run Week so far: 13km, one strength training session, one running skills session.
  6. I love a good list. Focuses the mind. Hope your thumb and adoptive brother are ok.
  7. I hate aubergine, but that actually looks ok! Nice to see a couple working together.
  8. Makes sense now, your English seemed too colloquial to be French!
  9. I'm fairly certain that updating your thread does not count.
  10. I don't want one, I want ten! I decided not to run last night but I'm going for a run today instead. I didn't want to push it as I'd worked hard at the gym. I was expecting to ache today but I'm ok. DOMS tomorrow then!
  11. It's the Bake Off Squirrel you need to watch out for.
  12. Are you French or a foreigner on French soil? I'm so nosey! I went to Menorca when I was on holiday, I'd only been running a few weeks then so the photos were often to help me get my breath back too!
  13. Hi Trawlerman. Are you sure you're eating enough? I know calorie deficit is important but that sounds far too low. I'm a 140lb middle aged woman and I lose weight on 1800 - 2000 cals a day. It's slow. I've lost 20lb in six months, but gone down at least two dress sizes. I don't feel like I'm missing out on food though because I'm not dieting or restricting too much. Well done on you running and strength work.
  14. Those look amazing! Plantain are really easy and cheap to get hold off around here. Chill nachos are my favourite!
  15. I used to worry what people thought. I am soooooo vain but that's reducing! Six months ago, I wouldn't leave the house without makeup, and I mean a full face. Now I have photos of me all over Facebook, with a bright red face, no make up, sweating, bingo wings on show etc. I don't care. Like Koaladle says, Swifty knows best.
  16. Great goals, it good to mix it up a bit. Did you have a little play on the equipment at the playground?
  17. I'm sorry you're going through at phase at the moment. I hope it soon passes. Your goals look great and not too taxing for you at the moment. Good luck!
  18. I'm only drinking water from week one onwards. I've been almost there but I will get to 100% water. Could someone add it to the spreadsheet for me please? I can't access it from my iPad.
  19. Weather is really wet today, but we still had a good turn out at the beginners group. I ran at the back supporting an older lady, I think she's about 60 but I didn't ask! This is the day time group who are on week 8 due to school holidays so it was only 20 minutes. We ran 2km. I could've walked faster but she's doing it and that's amazing IMO. I then had half an hour off before meeting my PT at the gym. He worked me hard today. Increasing my box squat sets and adding weight to my deadlifts, he's also taken weights off the assisted pull ups, aiming for non assisted pull ups by Christmas. I did leg press drop sets today starting at 100kg and dropping to60kg. 60kg was my maximum a month ago! I'm debating doing a proper run tonight too. I'll see how I feel. I don't feel that this morning run was a proper one. Daily summary: ran 2km, one strength training session Week so far: 8km, one strength training session, one running skills session
  20. It's great that it's been spotted early! I was about 10 I think but had a significant curve by then. I'm not sure how bad my curve got, because I never paid attention at clinic, but it was 2-3 degrees from requiring surgery at worst. Fortunately my brace kept it in check. Please do let her see this, or maybe read out selected highlights! I think a lot of people get scared and think that they can't do things. I was really motivated by the helpers at my beginners course. I remind the newbies that I'm only 3 months ahead of them. It's the best! We are always the ones having a giggle at events. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we're encouraged to compare ourselves to our own results not each others. It's super supportive. I moaned on Facebook last week about a bad run. I had at least 20 responses from club friends in about 10 minutes! We pay £2 per session (except if you're a helper like me, I don't pay for any sessions). The coach owns the business so it's her wage I suppose. She's paying for my courses though. She does teach us new techniques and runs the training sessions. We are a road running group so she meticulously plans out our routes so it's spot on 5km, 7km or whatever. That takes some doing!
  21. Thank you. I think I have just banged on about running so much they do it to shut me up. I tried to get more specific in my running goals. Previous 6WCs have been less specific, such as 3 runs per week, which were fine for where I was then but I'm not improving. My running club is only a year old, so we are all relatively new to running. We are split into Beginners and Improvers. Beginners are doing a modified C25k so there's a new group every 3 months. They build up to half An hour for the first 10 weeks then weeks 11 & 12 are aiming to push their distance in that half an hour. The group runs 5 times a week and people can go as many times as they like. It's on a pay per run basis. Each session has between 10 and 30 people. After 12 weeks, the beginners move up to Improvers. It very mixed ability. I'm at the bottom end for speed but top end for distance. Most people just do the skills sessions and the weekly 5km run. Only about 10 of us do the longer runs. There's probably about 50 of us in Improvers but not everyone attends every session. I think there were about 25 of us last night. The plan is for me to take on some beginners sessions and one to one beginners to free up our coach to take on more Improvers sessions, I think. She'll continue to take on the faster one to ones and I'll take the overweight middle aged women who need a confidence boost to start. I think the coach is hoping that, as I was an overweight middle aged woman when I started running, I should be a good motivator!
  22. Reminds me of the Parks and Recreation scene at the ice rink. This is my first winter as a runner too. I'm not sure if we will have snow, as we haven't for the past two years. It's wet Autumn leaves that are my nemesis at the moment. I'm looking forward to reading more.
  23. That's awesome! It's great that your wife has helped you build a gym. I hadn't heard of Mount Ranier â˜ºï¸ But I'm English. What other mountains have you got on your list?
  24. When I was running on my holiday I took loads of photos. It's such a great thing to do if you run somewhere scenic. Had you thought about a blog instead? Good luck.
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