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  1. Oh wow, just found your thread Ensi. <3 I'll definitely stay for more awesomeness. I haven't really painted in a while though. Just did some sketches to practice. The newer posts in your blog are all amazing.
  2. Hey, just thought I chime in because I died my hair a lot as a teen. I don't really have coarse hair though, rather fine hair that breaks easily and is a darker brown shade. For typing hair I think forums like this one are great... even if you don't plan on ever having that long hair. They usually have sections where they recommend products as well. I think a lot can actually be done just by changing your routine a bit. (I have pretty dry hair and I used to wash it way too often, so just stopping this helped a lot.) And now to the part of bleaching hair... I didn't get
  3. Sorry that the comment is so late, I just read that boy scout cooking story and ... argh. I never understood why on earth someone would half-ass something they do VOLUNTARILY. It just don't get it. Hope your knees are feeling better soon and the dentist won't be too mean to you.
  4. I forgot to follow you. Or it is the forums fault. Let's just blame it on that. Did I miss many new euphemisms?
  5. Hey guys! Quick summary of last week. I am on track with my food diary and the exercise. I didn't get a caloric deficit on Saturday (too much of that darn cake we bought), but I knew it would likely be that way before. I did track everything we ate as well as I could though (mean restaurants without info on this). However, I did fail this weekend in regards to my posting at least once a day here goal. I have lost track of all of your threads too. So I plan to go off now and do just that. Thank you! It was great. Not much Uncharted. While I love
  6. So far this week was great. (Although I didn't post on my own thread yesterday, I did post on the forum though. I'll have to reconsider if that counts or not.) Today might be a bit more difficult. A birthday. Not my own but it definitely makes that food tracking quest harder. Welcome! Sometimes I am. I try to stick to it, some accountability is never bad. And thanks. <3 But then this place seems to be filled with awesome people. I just finished it. Definitely love it. I hope you and your girlfriend will enjoy it jus
  7. I didn't do amazing the last couple of days either. In my budget but not the best. I should have prepped more as well. Prepping really is that amazing. I don't know why I never factor in how lazy I am when it's late and I would have to cook from scratch. Because I am definitely lazy. The struggle is real indeed. If your neck is hurtig there is always still leg day. But glad to hear you're doing fine.
  8. Yes!!!! Good theme!!!!! Do it Ensi! (Also this is a very good reason. I hope the move will be ok. For a move you know. I don't think anyone really likes them. :D)
  9. Oh no. Hope it will be alright. I do hate dentists with a passion. Although mine was actually quite nice I guess. I couldn't appreciate it because of the setting.
  10. At least you both have a morning routine. I should work on this... Or I'll just procrastinate as always.
  11. How are you doing dear overlord? Sounds like your new trainer is ready to torture you though... so I'm sure it's all going well.
  12. Wow you do make it sound like a cult. Although I like slings in a way. Or prefer them over people using their buggies to push me out of the way. And the more they buy the better for you right? So I can just fully support this! Your sling and carrier should totally match your manicure every day. Good you slept so well too. <3
  13. Could be the hang over after your bread party.... (Am I way too late for that btw? I'd love to attend a bread party.)
  14. Omg so many steps. You're acing this one for sure. And don't worry too much about that week of vacation with your parents. I know losing a streak isn't nice, but then it is just one week.... I hope you'll enjoy it. <3
  15. I agree with everyone else. Being in a position where you can actually go for something that interests you despite them not paying to well in that specific company or position is a great opportunity. (At least if the actual positions later pay well enough, I do value my free time too. ) But yeah, there might always be a time when you'd have to pick something based on the pay and don't have that option, so I think I'd give it a shot while I can...
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