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  1. Summary Week 1 #1 - I stuck to my goal for the day most of the week and definitely didn't go over if I consider the weekly budget. However, the scale didn't move. I think there is a real chance my deficit is more along the lines of 200-300 calories now, which together with some fluctuations would explain why nothing is happening really. So I am considering what to do. At least this morning I kind of prefer the idea of a shorter (12 weeks or so) and a bit stricter calorie deficit with maintenance breaks in between. Maybe I'll give it a shot this coming week. #2 - I stuc
  2. Oh no, I cannot put into words how disappointed I am that Darcy isn't a dragon. But I will try: I am very, very disappointed. I hope there is another version with dragon Darcy, though. Or some weird fan fiction somewhere on the internet. I will have a look at the recommendation though, thank you!
  3. I don't know, I think the dragons might count. 😅 Also I'm quite interested in everything. It doesn't have to be classic literature. Maybe I'll try some of that. I'll be honest. What I really want to do is work more on my upper body strength. But my shoulder still hurts too much, so it is out of the question currently. (I'll lose all my progress. Stupid shoulder. 😅) But I do like the idea of just walking a bit more. Thank you! I'm not quite sure if you can call it a style choice if you literally cannot help yourself. But if I don't improve I will cons
  4. Friday May 14th #1 - Stuck to my calorie goal. The scale doesn't want to acknowledge my efforts, though. I kind of want to speak to its manager. My plan was originally to reconsider my calorie intake after this week, but maybe I'll just put it off till next week? I'm not sure yet. Or hope that a wonder will happen when I weigh in tomorrow before I write the conclusion for week 1. #2 - No run scheduled. This makes me feel so lazy. I'm considering to add some other kind of work out. #3 - I stretched this morning. And while I did so in the bright morning sun, I
  5. What can I say, I am a top-notch communicator! Also more bad music jokes are always welcome. Sometimes I might understand them. If I don't I'll just pretend. 😅 It really is difficult to convey jokes. But you are writing to the person that tried sarcasm on kids! I'm very optimistic (or I just never learn). Once upon a time... Long before I realised how much money I need to survive as an adult, I started studying literature for a hot moment. So that's definitely always a welcome topic. I'm quite interested. I didn't really focus on anything from that time, but
  6. (They know everything though. Family members get recommendations for things I look for online. Just realised that means I should probably be more careful with what I go shopping for online. 😅)
  7. Thanks Shello! That is actually a good middle-of-the -road approach. Maybe I'll try it again some time. (Also congrats on getting pizza that was too small to face plant. Sometimes that's the best option on these days.) I guess freezer meals are food prepping, but not all food prepping meals can be frozen? 😅
  8. No worries. Me not being funny isn't really your fault. 😅 Not that I don't wish that I could blame it on someone else. I love all the office gifs though. I'll be honest that I was one of the people who took a moment to get over the "but the British version" phase, but now I can appreciate them all. Being willing to look like an idiot for a joke is usually where it starts to get really good. And I think your example also showed me why I'm not quite willing to give up on my jokes there just yet. When someone gets it and plays along it is just so much fun.
  9. That's all you can do really and I'd say making the best choices you can make at the time is still a big win. 💚 It's not like I wouldn't worry myself if that happened to me right now. Every time I pick up something new I want to become a habit (or try to restart something or whatever it is), it worries me when something comes up early on and I have to make exceptions. Even though I know things like that will happen eventually anyway and as long as I get back to it there's no problem. It's probably a mixture of worrying that I'm making excuses and having a lot of experience with not getting bac
  10. I should have known it would be similar for rats. What's sold in shops is ridiculous sometimes. Everything being plastic and not allowing for airflow and ridiculous things like hamster balls aside even. Like it is so hard to get a good hamster wheel. Most of them are too small, so their spine is bent while running. And they run for miles in those things every night. (I know why it's hard. The cages they're selling are too small as well, so they could never fit properly sized hamster wheels.) Or that they are sold as a kid's pet when they are active in the evening/at night and get super angry w
  11. It was just a bad joke, I am sorry. 😅 Bob Ross brought back a lot of awesome memories though. When I was younger his videos were sometimes still on TV at home (maybe they still are). Just at the weirdest times in the middle of the night. So I sometimes watched him when I came home drunk after parties... (I think I even tried a Bob Ross themed challenge once, but it failed like all themes I ever tried.) Having his videos on in the background is an interesting idea though. I will try it. Random Jane Austen quote in the wild. I didn't expect that thi
  12. Every day you don't face plant a pizza is kind of a success anyway. 💚 And it sounds like you had an amazing week despite the frustration! Do you ever finish prepping food and feel like you don't want to eat any of it? The one or two times I did it before I had a fridge full of things I usually like and had to keep myself from getting take away, because I felt really 'meh' about all of it.
  13. So you take your motivation and enjoyment from seeing others suffer? (I do not dislike the idea though. Don't get me wrong. Feeling less alone is quite nice. 😅) Thursday May 13th #1 - Stuck to my goal. I do still wonder if I should set it a bit lower. Maybe I'll assess it after this week. It used to be ok but I think my activity level has gone down a bit. Definitely won't work if I keep up with my awful food choices though. 😅 #2 - Went out for a run. It was the first good one in a while. Although it got a bit crowded. Maybe I need to
  14. Oh fellow Canadian! Hello! 😄 Different province, though. I think we're currently pretending it's not all that bad. Sounds like a super busy weekend. I hope at least the accident won't be too much of a headache. Those things always happen when you're in the wrong headspace for dealing with it. (I'd absolutely see how much it's going to cost first though.)
  15. Not that it's going to help you in any way when you're feeling kind of low in the moment, but I think being able to keep up these routines despite that is something to be really proud of. I hope you are.
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