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  1. Wednesday May 26th #1 – Running day, so I ate a bit more as I had planned and at least for now that really helped me. Now could I have spent those extra calories on something more useful? Probably. Will I do so next time? Hm... #2 – I really didn't want to go out for a run. Not sure if I ever mentioned it here, but I do have cholinergic urticaria which is just a fancy way of saying I get hives when my body temperature goes up. So in a way I have an allergic reaction to exercise (also to hot showers, hot weather, etc. but let's focus on exercise). Does that sound like a good excuse? Eventually I still went for that run, though. Probably because I wanted to eat more. #3 – Did stretch after my run.
  2. Oh it's so interesting to read feedback from someone who successfully uses the feature. Thank you for going into detail! 💚 I don't use a watch that has that feature, so I have no insight of my own and so far have only met two or three people who actually use it (even if they have one of the watches that does provide that data) and those said the accuracy wasn't all that great for them. Stress at work was a bad example, I wasn't thinking in terms of the types of stressors, but rather of it being unavoidable in my case. I like the idea of using it more for management, though. And sometimes it just might be nice to know why you're having a hard time with things that normally are easy.
  3. Thank you! Maybe I'll note down some of the results here. There usually isn't much of a grey area, it's either quite good or hilariously bad.
  4. You did the important stuff! You shouldn't be disappointed! Especially if you're not having the best day that absolutely can be counted as a win. Also maybe change how you loaf around a couple of times and you can add working on your posture to the list. 😄 (And thank you for the daily inspiration. If you want to hear about truly useless overthinking: I sometimes look at quotes, just for myself, no purpose really... and wonder if they are attributed to the right person and where to check. Because apparently I need proper citation just for fun. It makes no sense.)
  5. For me it wasn't Starbucks, but I MYSELF made coffee that was 99% milk and other things. With a tiny hint of coffee. If you know you have habits like that, changing those really can get you a long way without making it too complicated. By the sounds of it perfect for how much else you've got going on. I think it's an awesome idea. 💚 Also love the new challenge goals in general. I always admire it when people set creative goals, but for me it sucks all the fun out of it. Especially if it's something you do to relax. Hope all the changes will work well for you!
  6. As convenient as a lot of online application stuff can be, that must be the most painful part. 😐 Thanks for uploading all your things. Please enter everything again. It seems to be based on heart rate variability (while at rest) to gauge how stressed you are, which can be a decent enough marker as far as I know. I am a bit curious how well they work. But then I also don't know what to do with the knowledge that I am stressed at work... 😅
  7. Tuesday May 25th #1 – I stuck to my lower goal for the first time today. Adjusted the portion as planned (more veggies, less of my poorly planned meals). And experimented with some food like substances for breakfast. 😅 (Oat fiber in everything.) I only made it to 85g of protein. So I have to plan a bit better there maybe. Or maybe add a protein shake at some point during the day instead of one of my less than ideal snacks. #2 – No run today. I have on scheduled tomorrow. We'll see if the rain will sweep me away and I can swim instead. Also didn't do anything else, so that was a bit of a fail. #3 – I did stretch after my run, though. Still focusing a bit on my calves.
  8. Written by the creator of cult favourite Kneading Each Other, the first (and only) sourdough-themed rom-com. By the end of this challenge you'll need to add a new page to your CV.
  9. Monday May 24th #1 – Getting started with doing some lower calorie days was a bit rough to be honest. But it is mostly poor planning. I did most of the shopping for dinner this coming week before I decided to do this and some meals are just a bit too high in calories for the lower calorie days. Most dinners tend to be around 600-700 calories. (I tend to eat two meals a day and one or two smaller snacks, so this always worked out ok.) But today it made planning my other meals really difficult. I did ok until the evening and then went a bit over when I was still hungry and ate a bit more than planned. I think the easiest way to fix it for now will be to prep some more salads/veggies on the side and eat a smaller portion. For next week I'll plan better. #2 – No running scheduled, but even though the weather was a bit crap I went for two walks today. So I'm quite happy with that. #3 – Since yesterday's run my calves felt really tight, despite stretching. So I focused a bit more on those today, it does feel better. But it also made me wonder if there's some strength exercises I maybe should do... or if my form has been a bit shit recently. (Without someone to point it out, it is always easy to slip back into bad habits.)
  10. Thank you Snarky. 💚 I think I just make the running sound harder than it is, because I'm not that great of a runner to begin with. 😂
  11. The flowers look great. 💚 I hope they'll survive those people with their tarps. And that your elbow gets better. At least the rain is cooperating.
  12. I'm not sure if it will feel like this for you, but I am pretty sure I couldn't have done this all on the side while I'm about to finish... any kind of big project really. So I hope you're still proud of all the effort you put in working on your health goals (or however we can call what we're doing here). 💚
  13. While I wasn't quite serious about the question, I really feel the struggle. Socialising never came natural to me and while I got a lot better at it, I had to actively "learn" everything and now it sometimes feels like I am just pretending to be one of those humans. 😅
  14. I hope you'll feel better tomorrow. Don't be too hard on yourself. Some things just take time. 💚
  15. Summary Week 2 #1 – This week was a bit harder. A mixture of PMS binging and just plain old failure. I decided to try to have a lower goal for non-running days in the next week and a higher calorie goal for days I am running. I'll see how that goes. Maybe it'll allow me to cut back a bit more without struggling too much. I won't count Saturday's weigh in I think, we'll see how good that decision was. However, after eating take away the day before my weight was up by several pounds and I cannot really tell how much progress I made (or didn't make after this amazing week). #2 – I did all my runs, but thanks to seasonal allergies this has been a bit harder than before as well. I don't really enjoy running on the treadmill though, so that's not really an alternative. Guess I'll just deal with it and pretend it's my version of high altitude training. #3 – Sticking to a daily stretching routine is getting easier. Sometimes it's really short to be honest, but I think doing it regularly will be more effective in the long run than coming up with some super complicated routine I do once a month because I just can't be bothered. Sunday May 23rd #1 – The higher calorie day (to no one's surprise) worked out just fine. Now I only need to cut back tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. (I start to think having a run on day one of this week wasn't a good idea.) #2 – Did the run as scheduled. Tried to breathe while running. Didn't perform all that well in either category, but I finished the session. #3 – Did the stretching. Not a flexible person yet.
  16. I have a question... Is talking about myself a lot a valid choice of topics? As in someone brings up their favourite sport and with an elegant transition, such as "I really don't care for sports.", I start talking about something that interests me and then hold a very long monologue about it. Also just as a addition to local customs of forcing food on you: Russian grandmas will first tell you that you gained weight and then force feed you. At least I hope it's not just a family tradition.
  17. I guess it depends a lot on how big the garden is. Whenever I had to do anything like this I usually opted for just using a spade. I don't like the idea of having a lot of power tools around that can only do that one task but that I have to store. That said, if it is a lot and would really help you, maybe also have a look around if you can rent the tool? We do have a few rental places around, so I'd probably opt for that. And then doing the upkeep just with a spade.
  18. Friday May 21st #1 - I knew the day would be a bit off (a family member's cake day) and had planned to eat at maintenance. And I did. Not amazing, but all things considered I am not unhappy. Also cake is almost always worth it. Almost. #2 - I did go for a run. Before I had the cake. Otherwise it would have been more of a roll. My allergies are making life real hard right now, though. Why do I need to be able to breathe just to run anyway? #3 - Stretched after the run and had a nice close look at all the pollen responsible for my suffering. The ground was covered in that awful stuff. 😭 Saturday May 22nd #1 - Does anyone else almost get a hangover when they eat pretty salty/fatty foods the day before? I assume it's just dehydration? Is it my advanced age? It kept me from overeating today though. So I reached this goal. #2 - No run scheduled. But I went for a longish walk. Altogether about 14km. #3 - I tried stretching but it made me feel more nauseous so most of it was me rolling from one side to the other and whining about how unfair it all is.
  19. So more of a friendly spanking than a more traditional paddling when someone strays from the path? I'll try to remember that and stop myself from having a late night dessert then.
  20. So what happens here? Accountability things? Does that include punishment?
  21. Fasting inspiration right there. I kind of have a loose IF schedule, just because it fits fairly well to how I eat anyway, but every time I try to draw it out a bit I find it quite difficult. So you just doing that all the time is super impressive. 💚
  22. Spooky! So happy you randomly decided to come back, too! 😊 Especially when you're not feeling too well and focusing is difficult, 1h of course work sounds like a great start. You can do the things!
  23. I couldn't agree more with that. (And basically any type of bread.) Also great work Shello! There's a cake day in the family today and I'll try to follow your example and behave decently well.
  24. Wednesday May 19th #1 - Went a bit over again. The run yesterday for sure didn't help and it is something I more often experience on days I run, but turns out it was also just a bit earlier than expected PMSing. That is something I should work on as well, though. In those two or three days I literally eat anything I can get my paws on. And more. Even when I'm full. #2 - No run scheduled. #3 - I did another stretching routine in the morning. It is kind of a nice way to get ready for the day, especially if it is a bit more of the active mobility work rather than static stretches. I do also start to appreciate stretching after sitting at my laptop for hours though. It might have to do with my questionable posture. Thursday May 20th #1 - I am finally on track again! 🙃 Although I did my best to sabotage myself. Why does my brain go from "let's try and stay in our calorie range for the day" to "let's also make horchata". And make scallion pancakes for dinner of course. (Best recipe I found so far. She goes into details, from the protein content of the flour needed to using some boiling water when mixing the dough and letting it rest over night. It's perfect.) #2 - No run scheduled today. But I did dust the adjustable dumbbells and looked at them for a moment. (I might have even picked one up while dusting.) I think the run would really have helped my mood, though. Maybe I should be a bit more spontaneous with it, but I've been trying to avoid busy hours. #3 - Foam rolling again.
  25. You weren't supposed to notice! I didn't know there was anyone doing quality control... It's not my fault I swear! It was past me! I think I might try it. Even if the little extra might end up just helping with quitting a bit earlier rather than just saying "fuck it, I'm already over my goal anyway". Also it is very generous of you to call what I am doing at the moment fitness and I thank you for that. 😄
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