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  1. I can never stick to a theme. I wish I could, I like all the other challenges with proper themes a lot. But I absolutely love adding random gifs to anything. So don't hold back. (I wish I could use gifs in normal conversation, too. ) I'm very happy to find another friend of anything pickled. I don't think I ever specifically had pickled turnips... is it similar to pickled daikon? I need to buy turnips I guess. But I also see you're still not fully convinced of the sandwich idea, so here is video proof that I am not the only crazy person. Are you implying that all the people who have blogs and all that dedicated to the art of tartine bread are really just baking sourdough bread? I cannot believe Chad would play up the difference between his bread and all the other ones out there to sell a couple books. (Not saying they're not good though. It's not like I know.)
  2. Success! Love all those low maintenance plants. I hope they'll grow well in the spot you chose. Also be careful with the bees. (Do you have an epipen just in case?)
  3. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into it already. Especially if the remote job works out that does sound like a pretty good set up. That doesn't necessarily mean it will all go over without any issues. But there are things you just cannot plan for. Maybe a lot of it does come down to how well you deal with some additional uncertainty... I hope you and your family will come to a decision you will all be happy with, though. (As much as you can make everyone happy anyway.)
  4. Monday May 10th #1 - Success! Not snacking so much is getting easier. I started sketching a bit yesterday night to distract myself. I often spend the night with video games or similar do similar things and those absolutely do not keep me from snacking. Maybe I need to change it up for a while to make it even easier for myself. Sketching absolutely is an option. #2 - No run scheduled. #3 - I tried out doing some stretches here and there and breaking it up. I did like it, but I think if I want to keep this up I need to get some sort of routine into it. At the end of the day I didn't really know if I had done everything I wanted to do.
  5. Thank you so much. I'm always surprised how common they seem to be when you bring it up. The most shocking one was a colleague who went to work even when she had migraines. Maybe she had them so often she had to do it? I don't know how though. I cannot function when I have a migraine. I wonder if the ratio was slightly off. I still want to try it though. (And yes, I'd absolutely eat a pickled red onion sandwich. ) Thank you for eating mayo for science though! Pickled red onions make a real difference to any dish and are amazing. It's like the difference between sourdough bread and tartine. You should try it. Maybe with something less controversial. Like on a taco. I'm convinced and want to try it. I do like cottage cheese though, so not much convincing was necessary. If anyone dares to laugh again make them a peanut butter pickle sandwich to shut them up. Something a bit like this also comes up in the video!!! I wondered about it for a moment when I first saw it. But she also stresses the use of Kraft (or equally fake) cheese and... I wonder if it is mostly added creaminess and the fat enhancing other flavours? Hm. It might have to also go on the list.
  6. There's no better comparison. My plants right next to humidifiers and grow lights start wilting when they get watered two hours too late or it's two degrees to cold. Two steps out of the house and there's plants somehow growing in concrete of all things. Nothing ever makes sense. Hope you can yoga your back into compliance though.
  7. That's so interesting. There's way to many details though. I'd get impatient and fling it across the room after two minutes. I'm really curious how it'll turn out though. And as someone with more breaks in their 'fitness journey' than there is an actual fitness journey... Don't look too much at your old records. It won't change anything about where you are right now anyway. There's things I don't like doing anymore, just because I know how much time it would take me to get back to where I was and how annoyed I am at myself for quitting...
  8. You are making this super hard on yourself, aren't you. Glass and metal... I'm really curious how it'll turn out though. (And I hope Daisy had an amazing birthday, the photos were so cute.) Also hope you'll feel better again tomorrow. And maybe get to do something just for yourself. Not just for friends, or the bride, or work, or whomever. There's probably people here who know much more about this, but when you notice you're feeling low it's probably much better to deal with it earlier rather than wait till it's even worse.
  9. I always want to batch cook, but I never go through with it. I hope you're proud of actually getting it done. (Also after not admitting to myself that I just had no ideas what cuties are and it wouldn't magically make sense to me either, I finally looked it up. )
  10. Nothing really unique, but I I moved around a bit and maybe it'll help a bit. Though I never moved with my whole family and I can see how that does change things a lot. Part of it for me was that I didn't want to wonder what would have happened if I moved, but I was all alone back when I moved first. So it doesn't really compare. It would have been really easy to just pack up and go back if it hadn't turned out how I wanted it to. Right now all of my family lives back home (different continent), except for my husband. Unlike in your situation though, I did live abroad before and always really enjoyed it. It was just never quite so far. And that's already where one of the main changes thanks to the pandemic comes in. I always felt like no matter how annoying it is because of the long flight, I could always go back home if I really had to. But now all of a sudden I was in a situation where I couldn't have gone. I expected it could get difficult or quite expensive some times. Not even having the option didn't really cross my mind. So recently it does worry me a bit more than it used to before. It's always in the back of my mind to some degree. When it comes to friends, I'm really bad at keeping in touch with people anyway, but hardly sharing any day to day experiences makes it extra hard. There's a lot of people I hardly talk to anymore. At the same time, unlike the times I was abroad for my studies and similar things, I find it much harder to meet new people. As in: I have to actively try. I knew that would happen, it doesn't bother me that much. I think it's good to be aware of how you will deal with that though. But the most important point I'd say (and I think having moved far away before helped me here) is to have the right expectations. Probably could have just written this. You're in a different place, sure, but it only has so much influence on your daily life really. You're still the same person, you'll still have a lot of the same problems and the same boring daily chores... It's not magic in any way.
  11. What do you mean... gross? (The sandwich was pretty good, btw. I didn't try it without the mayo though. Also I might have been overly careful and the amount of mayo used might have been hardly noticeable.)
  12. Thank you for explaining it to me. I always feel strange about these random programs telling me how to eat, even though I have obviously done a very mediocre job of it myself. I really like your approach to it though.
  13. Oh was it the video where I found the pickle peanut butter sandwich? Or peanut butter pickle sandwich... Does it depend on the ratio? Hm.
  14. That's so romantic. Would you need Chad to sign off on that? I mean he did start the bakery with his wife** so maybe it deviates far enough... If not you could always just pick another bread related term in a fancy foreign language. Smørrebrød? (** If it does end up being a porn you could probably include the wife as well. Or is that too much?)
  15. As an extremely creative person, I would like to suggest an animated movie... maybe staring a rodent. I think the original bakery is based in San Francisco, but maybe for the movie it could be Paris...
  16. It does sound like a very successful week 0! I also really like your mindset about making choices about what is a priority that week. Sometimes that's just how it is and you have to make the best of it. (Also because I'm curious, is the red/green food ratio a noom thing? Or is it a personal goal?)
  17. I still have to make a new batch, so please do report! I am very curious. And thank you for all the positivity! Migraines are the worst. Although I agree that your new version at least sounds better than the old. I still hope you'll be spared for the near future at least. Mine got a lot less frequent once I got my jaw clenching/teeth grinding at night under control (at least more so than I used to). When it happens I usually just stay in a dark room and try not to move, though. One of my worst migraine related memories is probably having to go to a doctor to get a note for work and sitting in the waiting room with sunglasses (of course it was a sunny day), watering eyes and feeling like I'm about to die. Every step to get into that office hurt. And then a mom with some screaming kids came in. Not their fault, I am aware, but it was almost like the world was trying to figure out how to make this just a bit more miserable...
  18. Sunday May 9th #1 - Stuck to my calorie goal. Every time I try to do the write up for this point I realise why you have to come up with some crazy food rules to sell books about diets. It's just not very exciting otherwise. #2 - I did go on a very mediocre run and I am very happy I did. I'm thinking about repeating another run from my plan though. Just because the break was so long. Maybe I'll just do it. No real reason to hurry through it, it's not like I have any plans. #3 - I did a reenactment of the stretching routine I never probably did as a kid during Phys. Ed. in school. It was the most half-assed stretching routine of this challenge (so far). Maybe I'll give myself a participation award. It's not really deserved though.
  19. That's the kind of reaction I expected! Thank you for that. I almost thought my view of the world was all wrong. I have to say pickles work with everything though. I wonder how pickled red onions would work out... Also love the way you reinterpreted my migraine messing up week 0. I prefer your version to be honest. (I also really hope it's the only one. Trying to figure out what triggered them is such a pain.) Caffein has no control over me. Or maybe I just never sleep well and I don't know, because I have nothing really to compare it to.
  20. From what I read about him yesterday, you're absolutely right! It just uses a starter with more yeast and less lactic acid bacteria. But either way, his Tartine bakery and book and whatever else there is seem to have quite the cult following. Despite potentially questionable branding choices. So maybe after writing this we should be careful in the vicinity of artisan bakeries for a moment. (It also makes me wonder if there's still the chance to repackage the Italian lievito/pasta madre - a low hydration starter - and form an all new cult...)
  21. Don't hold it against me. I'm very basic. Although that reminds me of a friend who tells me about a specific kind of flour she uses that grows on these three fields somewhere in rural France... and I end it with "So it's whole grain rye?" But I should absolutely broaden my horizons. I tend to stick to the same three-ish or so German recipes I know from my mom. (All with varying degrees of rye. So there's... just a whole lot of variation really. It's hard to put into words how different they are.) Anything amazing you'd recommend to read? Edit: It's very late, so I made up a whole new type flour just for this. Unless no one ever saw it. Then I'll pretend this never happened.
  22. That's the way to go. The scale is a fickle friend. If you stuck to your plan it will work out eventually I'm sure. Unless you work with made up numbers like I do.
  23. As good a plan as any. But I think you can also always change your goals or have fewer or whatever keeps you going. That's coming from a challenge quitter though. Not sure if it is sound advice. Anyway, here to follow.
  24. I always thought I'd be a "proper grown-up" once I hit 30 and here I am. Anyway, this was very insightful and true. Also I'm very glad you feel better. Good way to start the new week!!!!
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