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  1. I'm the most boring person when it comes to planning dinners. I rotate through maybe 16 options, at best with some seasonal changes... But coming up with those when you change something (like watching your cholesterol) is such a pain. Definitely a worthy goal for the coming week. Probably not for everyone but for meals I still really like having my recipes on cards - like actual physical copies - and whenever I have to plan for grocery shopping, I just get the box with my recipe cards out, pick X amount that look decent and pin them to the fridge till next time. I always really disliked planning my meals and this helped me a lot... I know it probably won't help much with finding recipes in the first place. Good luck for the new week!
  2. Sounds like you had a very good week, despite everything going on. Also you're my non-snacking idol. That you can do it while writing your thesis is still a mystery to me, but I am thoroughly impressed.
  3. That's basically a perfect week 0! I'd absolutely do progress photos. If you continue at this pace even in these relatively short challenges the progress will be amazing!
  4. Oh? Sourdough based on all that waiting time? That's so much fun. But I'm always really bad at time management and end up having to bake at crazy. Which is ok IF I cleaned my oven well enough, so I don't set off the fire alarm and wake all my neighbours... But I'm never really sure. Also you can still all the MOVEMENT in week 1. I'm rooting for you.
  5. Sounds very good. Like everything food related here. But since I always think of Banh Mi when I hear pork tenderloin, I still wanted to leave a recommendation here. Also just asking for a friend: Is this just a thread for dad-tips or also for dad jokes?
  6. Saturday May 8th #1 - I was about 50 cals over my allotment. Not too bad, but I do think it mostly happened because I slipped back into my old habit a bit and tracked after I ate. I find it quite hard to get back into tracking before I eat and planning my meals better, but there's no doubt I'm much more successful when I do. #2 - The migraine was holding me back still. (At least I hope I'm not just making excuses now.) #3 - I did my stretching in the evening again. Being busy does help a bit with cutting down the snacking at night. Maybe stretching isn't all bad. Recap Week 0 #1 - I did go over on some individual days, but it all balanced out over the week. So in that regard no complaints. I did only lose half a pound. Now I tried to cut back to something that I thought would allow me to lose about a pound a week. I think I'll wait with adjustments though. Might just be fluctuations and I'm more in camp... eat as much as possible for as long as you can. #2 - This week was a real flop when it came to running. Spoiler: I did go out today. So not all hope is lost for week 1. #3 - I learned how much I dislike stretching. But if it really keeps me from snacking so much at night, there is a real chance I might change my mind about it. (It might be a better option than my regular good night cup of coffee at 10pm. You never know.)
  7. Thank you! Sadistic is the right way to put it. But at least it's supposed to stay quite nice for a while and not just the one day I cannot be bothered to go out. At least procrastination is a real challenge for me still, that's true. I guess I'll just see how it goes. Seeing an estimation for how many miles it might have been is crazy though. (Realistically it's probably a bit less though. I'm not exactly tall. ) I'm also really happy you're still around for these challenges and I get to read what you've been up to.
  8. I'm sorry. Sounds like a really hard time with everything else going on. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the time you have left with them. And I hope you don't worry too much about things other than them and your thesis being on the backburner for a while. Having to change priorities for a while is so normal and if anything, it's probably good practice considering how often it happens.
  9. I find once you had your own space, it is really hard to give that up again. But then there's so many benefits of living with others as well. Especially in the last year or two. So there's always at least some upsides. (Finding something positive in decluttering is really hard though. I mean it's great once you're done. But doing it... doesn't "spark joy" for me. I wish it did. )
  10. That looks like such a nice place to hike. It's also always so interesting to see at what different stages of development the vegetation is in different parts of the world. (In my area we're currently in the "allergy apocalypse" stage. )
  11. Friday May 7th #1 - I don't know what I did, but for the first time in about a year I had a migraine. Including nausea and all that, so I had no problem staying in my calorie range. I even made up for the first day this week when I overate a bit. #2 - The migraine happened before the run. So there was no run yet again. (Week 0 has been a real running failure all around. Let's hope for a better week 1.) You better believe I at least did my 10.000 steps though. Dying along the way. I really meant it when I said I'm weird with streaks. In theory that could be great for running eventually. Maybe. In practice I'm not a good enough runner (yet anyway) to go on a daily run. Like not even a short one. My legs would kill me. #3 - Stretching worked out ok. I looked up a new routine again. Maybe changing it up often will help with the boredom as well. Also I truly like Rookie's idea of using it as a distraction from snacking. Another thing I tried for my shoulder exercises is just doing them randomly during the day and not with the stretching. Breaking it up a bit really does make it feel less cumbersome. The migraine isn't quite over yet and because the world has this awful sense of humour, it is sunny today (for the first time in forever), while I'm still super sensitive to light. (Reminds me, I'm curious about the new Resident Evil... Maybe I'll have a look at some reviews.)
  12. That's a big part of it. And probably just habit, too. Just like I used to always eat when I got back home from work, whether I was actually really hungry or not. Somehow those bad habits always sneak in way faster than the good ones, though. I'd bet I can keep up not snacking in the evening for a few weeks now and it will get easier as time passes, then I make some exception for a birthday or whatever it is this time, and I'm back to square one if I don't make sure it really only is that one exception. I love your idea of stretching as a distraction from my snacks though. If I stretched every time I wanted to snack I'll be a contortionist in a few months.
  13. Maybe you could count it as watering the new grass.
  14. If it's anything like it was here last year, you should definitely look for reservation policies. Somehow everyone went camping. (Not including me, because no reservation was made. ) Also love all the plants. They seem to be doing so well. Also love all the talk about the challenges of socialising again after the pandemic. By the time I'll get a vaccine the best I can hope for is probably a level of social awkwardness that will make for funny stories later rather than driving everyone away.
  15. Confession time... Since I'm not truly willing to share that with most people, but just have to tell someone. I watched a youtube video yesterday and... when I saw her try a peanut butter pickle sandwich I was intrigued. (Strictly speaking, peanut butter, mayo and pickles.) Now I always claim that I don't like peanut butter, which is kind of a lie anyway, because I love Thai peanut sauce etc. But I had to try it. And it was kind of good?! Maybe because I like almost anything pickled? Still, it feels wrong and I wanted to confess my sins. So here we are.
  16. Good luck with that! Don't forget that you wouldn't have made it to this stage if you didn't have what it takes to do the job! It's absolutely a win either way. Also love that your workouts are on the lists of positives. When there's so much going on that you can't even really influence that much yourself, sometimes it's just really good to get in some wins in areas that you can influence.
  17. Nothing even close to this, because all my knee problems didn't get even close to the need for surgery (yet), BUT while all the physio recommended exercises really helped, nothing had such an "immediate" impact on my knee as weight loss did this past year. Especially, when exercise is hard anyway because of pain and it seems like there's not much else you can do about it. I'll admit though that "immediate" is not exactly the right way to put it. Nothing immediate about losing weight.
  18. Hope writing everything down helped you enough to wind down and go to sleep. I started reading again, too. I noticed not being in front of a screen really helps me fall asleep faster. I didn't even know this was possible. Isn't there some sort of upper limit to the fees you can accrue? Or did you just burn down a part of the library?
  19. I think that is part of what I worry about. And why for now I think I'll just keep going. Maybe increase the steps a tiny bit just to see if it helps with the procrastination part. I tend to be quite all or nothing with these things, too. So I absolutely see how this could have happened to me as well. I mean it's just one glass right... Sometimes it does worry me a bit when I get weirdly obsessive with these things. But the alternative of being super sedentary for sure isn't the best option either. Oddly enough, I so often read about people struggling with this when tracking their food, and there I didn't experience it that much. I do track basically every day, but I never really had a problem with guesstimating or being over my limit some days, etc. When it comes to anything fitness I struggle with a more balanced approach a lot, though. The mind can be such a difficult thing. For sure the hardest part about changing your lifestyle. I heard about it ages ago and then forgot. Maybe that is a good thing to start on the side to keep me going when I inevitably break my streak either way. Thank you for the great idea! Normally it would have already happened with a travel day or something along those lines, but -surprisingly- there have been zero of these recently.
  20. Thursday May 6th #1 - Stuck to my goal - which I chose pretty arbitrarily, so I do wonder sometimes if it will do anything at all. But I guess I can always adjust after some time. Cutting out some extra snacks is still hard. (Not because I'm hungry really, it's not like you'd ever catch me eating veggies at night.) #2 - So, the run... It was really supposed to happen. It was raining a bit, but I tried to hype myself up for it anyway, thinking about how much more quiet it would be and all that... and then it started pouring. And I made an excuse for why getting wet would be the worst thing to happen to me ever and I have to stay at home. It will be a bit more difficult, but I hope I can squeeze in the run today instead. #3 - Since I had originally planned to go on a run and stretch after that, I did everything much later than usual and it wasn't bad either. Not sure yet if I prefer this version of stretching in the evening while watching TV to distract myself, or getting it done in the morning and feeling smug about it.
  21. It's not like I ever actively plan to get new clutter. Clutter just happens. I really like the idea with adding some more detail to the flowers. Although it does look like it is a really awkward task on a bigger canvas like this... I"m sure it'll turn out great though. (Don't know if your wrists will understand that it's worth the sacrifice, though. )
  22. That sounds terrible. I hope you'll be better again. (Ideally of course without having to pay some insane deductible. Depending on where you are in the world health care costs can just be so crazy.)
  23. Migraines are the worst, I hope it stays far, far away. It's amazing you still managed to make the best of the day. (Also I had never heard of huevos con migas and it sounds amazing and I want it. Now.)
  24. Always curious to see how fellow respawners are doing. I guess it does depend on the reason. I sometimes get this myself because I can get quite anxious about being late to my appointments etc. So for me just making a good plan with specific times and allowing for a bit extra helps. (So I'd probably try it out on a day without too much going on, check how long it exactly takes me and go from there.) Otherwise it sometimes just might take me a few times of being uncomfortable and doing it anyway, just to get over it. Eventually it does get easier. But to get a good idea you probably need to figure out why you feel like you cannot do anything before your appointments are done.
  25. That is a good point. I've been trying to do that as well recently... except maybe for eating a bit more protein on days I exercise. Or some carbs in a meal before I exercise. Before I started counting calories I'd absolutely have treats after exercising that were probably double the amount of calories that I potentially burned.
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