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  1. i've been sick for a week now and wifey was sick for a week before that so i've been quite quiet here. we managed to do our max reps to find out where we are on strength levels. i'm surprised that bench has stayed so good while squat and deadlift dropped so drastically. however i kinda knew i'd be far from what it used to be. currently my maxes are around here bench press 95kg squat 150kg deadlift 150kg power clean and press 75kg these are mainlifts we will be focusing from now on. I've found that i enjoy the freedom of mixing my lifts a lot. swapping the variations every three weeks keeps my training schedule fresh and interesting and i'm enjoying training more than ever. i'm currently in process of building a training regime that starts in january as i feel like flu is gone in weekend.
  2. today we begin lifting number ones. also, more cardio. can't tell what's it going to be like. haven't been lifting singles for almost 7 or 8 months. and my cardio is too far behind so we'll do more of it now. and probably more of it in the future if i can force myself to do it
  3. I'll throw in my output. i'm a martial artist turned into a powerlifter bodybuilder sort of. i'm 5'4 or 164 cm and i'm around 185lbs/84kg. i used to be a flyweight at my smallest. size hasn't caused any problems but stiffness due to lack of stretches and muscle maintenance and lack of stamina because i skip my aerobic training often are problems. if we look at heavyweight martial artists, brock lesnar in UFC was superfast because he was a wrestler who turned into a massive monster. then if we look at mariusz pudzianovski, he is slow and lacks technique because he was a mass monster and he fights on the world class level with less training experience than me. he isn't good wrestler but he won a judo heavyweight olympic medalist in wrestling with no training just because he is probably one of the strongest men ever to walk this earth. size doesn't make you slow, lack of training does. and most of the big guys aren't martial artists. and if you want to look like any of the guys who got their pics shared in this thread, it's most probably going to take PED's...
  4. yesterday we introduced a warm up complexes into our workouts. three or four moves on minimal weights/bodyweight for high reps to get the blood flowing and get that much needed practise to movements and mobility. We proceeded to move pull ups into every warm up complex so our back workout became a sumo deadlift and good mornings. it felt decent. however i bought a lever action weightlifting belt and i think i'm going to ditch it. sumo deadlift 135kgx4 (never deadlifted that much on neutral grip without straps. never sumodeadlifted that much) good mornings 4x8x 80kg ( i just pumped up because i don't feel confident about putting heavy weights into this. due to my poor hip mobility the movement is quite small and feels a bit odd even though i follow it through mirror and have a guy giving me feedback all the time. based on the feel i could probably hit something like 120-140kg into my back but i'll take it easy.
  5. this is more reasonable goal than mine (becoming a god), and well reachable. but if you have a real life too, i'd suggest tuning some parts of that spreadsheet down, and some upwards, just to conserve energy for right things. other than that, welcome to rebellion! I think i've seen the jason bourne goal here a several times for obvious reasons. who wouldn't want to be that cool?
  6. so this is probably a sort of comeback post. I was bit unable to work out for last six months. most of my workouts were rare as you can see. and not even very efficient. i took a while off and set out new directions. So what have i been up to? two months ago i started in a sort of a trade school, on a two year long class of getting a construction specialty degree. apparently i'll be out in january. I passed year long theory lessons by just taking the tests. now i need to give out work samples and about half of them are already done. I've also been working part time as furniture installer. which i enjoy a lot. work isn't that amazing and feels like waste of talent but i get to work with my best friend which helps a lot. I've also returned to the gym! about four weeks ago we started training more or less in sort of a strongman workouts. based on last week my current lifts are squat 135kgx5 deadlift 135x5 bench press 85x5 strict press 60x5 our workouts are pretty bare and simple now and i'll write samples we use in this phase day 1/shoulders behind the neck overhead press overhead press w/fatbar one hand overhead press with dumbbell day 2/back Sumo deadlift good morning pull ups day 3/bench press bench press floorpress dumbbell press day 4/legs zercher squat front squat squat on top of this we've done some dashes and some other training. we switch the moves and intensity every three weeks. this makes training much more interesting as it doesn't get as repetitive as bodybuilding type workouts do. but basically all our lifts are main lifts or variations of them. this way there is less "learning" in the workouts we do. we also do stretching and mobility training in side but it hasn't gotten as much attention as i want it to. I'M BACK!
  7. Alive again! After a long hiatus i've returned to the gym with new ideas!

  8. In last month, i've kinda lost touch with weightlifting. I don't the kick out of it anymore. In last two weeks, i went to the gym once. After getting into heated argument with my homegym owner, i moved to more commercial gym and i hate the place. Guys who wear tank tops with motivational quotes and snapbacks and have no clue what they're doing. Girls in microshorts and short tops that go there to show themselves out. So much people, madonna playing on the background. I tried just pulling the hood deeper on and focusing on the music in earphones but everytime i look down and see the brown parquette, i want to scream. I hate the place... There is one place i might try if i can gather up my horrible monetary situation... But now i don't know.
  9. So. I moved back to volume type training. Currently my training is shared into five workouts that are still finding their form. I moved from powersquat to harder version in hopes of better hypertrophy. By moving knees over the toes i got a lot harder lift on legs and less activation on back. Also i changed my way of doing delts by dropping weights and using a tiring tactic and based on the feel, it works. Yesterdays workout was about like this Squats 12x70kg 12x80kg 12x90kg 10x110kg I kept the rests around 45 seconds Leg extensions 20x48kg 15x55kg 15x55kg 15x55kg 9x55kg 6x55kg All of those were done with 45 second rests and thighs were kept streched the whole rest period. Back delt raises 25x6kgx5 4kg untill failure x2 Lateral raises 5x20-25 with 4 kg. Very isolated. Works like charm Seated military press on a lever machine Again i try to isolate it as much as i can onto lateral delts and rear delts. When changing angle of my chest and placing elbows more behind, i achieve it although on the cost of moved mass. 25x10kg 16x10kg 11x10kg This as a whole is my current tuesday. I'll add another workout tomorrow.
  10. Fifth workout this week. I'm slowly remembering how to train. I'm still lagging in strength and stamina but these slowly start feeling like workouts again...
  11. Is the back bad? Nevertheless, you did great!
  12. I keep dragging myself to the gym. But it's hard
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