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  1. Strickland5

    Strickland5 Looks Forward to 2019

    The last challenge of the year ... I'm still kicking. I'm looking to tomorrow and the days after that... hoping for the best! As we wrap up 2018 I'm heading London for a much needed vacation - so expect photos on instagram if you follow me there I'll be wrapping up my current D&D arc with a BANG I'm sure - nothing like a Abyssal Invasion to get the players interested! Between now and 2019 I'll be working on maintenance which means running 20ish miles a week plus a kettlebells to build muscles/drop weight I'm going to write another D&D adventure - still working on the topic/idea We've talked the 2019 plan - half-marathon in Feb and marathon in July
  2. Strickland5

    Scouts Camp 2018 : Welcome to the Jungle

    Welcome to the Scouts Camp! Ever on the move, our camp has relocated from the mountains into the wilds of the jungle farther down the river of NerdFitnessLandia What we will find as we explore this year? What mysteries lie out in the world beyond our camp? Welcome to 2018 ... here's to the future!