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  1. Welcome! I relocated you to the current challenge area
  2. Welcome aboard! I do love some kettlebells ... I did until I got a Garmin. I still use their site to make/check routes oh oh don't forget to engage the glutes while running, you should be used to it from kb swings
  3. Sorry I had to get the sampler but it is much cooler here in San Francisco than where most of y'all are
  4. So having enjoyed Zombies, Run! previously I have to inquire are you using the sprint option? If so how's it going?
  5. check check - any scouts around? Everyone's out running, swimming, or biking the ... that's cool. I've been off doing back to back marathon training myself. It takes up a LOT of time. Ran Oakland back in March at a 5hr 55 min 54sec, and I ran the San Francisco Marathon this past Sunday in 5hr 29min 07sec. I'm rather happy to have shaved 26min 47 seconds off my previous time. Any who - not sure what's next, think I'll be hanging up my marathon shoes and get back to shorter distances.
  6. Wednesday's 5 mile run went well ... Thursday's 3 mile ended just short due to my stumbling over a curb and banging up my knee on the sidewalk ... ugh Nothing broken, save skin, thankfully. Still a touch tender and definitely sore but that'll pass.
  7. We knocked out a 3 miler this morning which was good - 11m30s pace , probably could've run faster but also wanting to make sure we have it in the tank for later in the week runs -- 5 miles tomorrow and 3 on Thursday. Tried to bake some broccoli rabe last night and FAILED miserably as it tasted mostly burnt ... but still we tried. Book wise I've swapped to a RPG book (Sci Punk) as Dresden isn't doing it for me currently. I'm sure I'll return to the urban fantasy Chicago soon just not right yet.
  8. 9 mile on Saturday was interesting as we got out later than usual -- forgot how much more intense it can be to run in full sun, might have to start running with a hat or something The Present is going alright, definitely tough to put down the black mirror but am trying which means it'll get easier and easier
  9. Last night's MotW session went well -- the players had a clear path forward and went after the mystery! We will be rolling over into the next session with this mystery so it'll likely be (4) 2hr sessions which isn't HORRIBLE for our first attempt at MotW Ran 5 miles this morning - pace was 11m30s which isn't too bad. I've a feeling we'll be getting faster with another round of marathon training.
  10. Just a checking in. Had a quip but it got eaten by the interwebs
  11. We push into the second quarter of 2022 with the Theme of the Present! I hear you saying "But but S5 what does that mean?" For me Theme of The Present is about being more in the moment, spending less time on my phone, trying to connect with things around me vs though interweb -- though the web is also real just a touch too addicting. alright that is all carry on!
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