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  1. Our morning 7 miles got us into Golden Gate Park before sunrise which is enchanting -- highly recommend going if can, though I guess if you're there after sunset it might be similar too. I was under my calorie goal yesterday by almost 800 calories (aka what I burned on the run) which is NO good -- gonna have to start upping my food game. Today's run was 1500 calories ... oof Enjoy the heck out of Fool Moon -- just so good!
  2. Morning 4 miler went well -- got rained on but that was nice. I did listen and respond even if it was "yeah I've got nothing on that" so I call that a win Finished up Legacy of Mud - not a book I think I'll revisit but a solid read none the less. I've picked back up The Dresden Files with Fool Moon which is probably my favorite as I've always enjoyed werewolf lore / fiction.
  3. Alright so first season ... er quarter of 2022 will be the Season of Marathon Goal 1 - Keep Training This is simple as keeping to the current training plan and doing all the runs. We are at the end of Week 7 of 18 and have a 14 miler tomorrow. Week 8 starts on the 3rd and is 4-7-4 mid week and 15 on Saturday the 15 ... oh the fun! Goal 2 - FOOD Training means more than just running, it also means nutrition. So I'm going to try to be within 300 calories of my target going forward ... fingers crossed! Goal 3 - Listen and Respond I've gotten into a bad habit of not responding to my wife while running if I don't have a thing to add/insert/etc ... so I need to stop that Goal 4 - Read I just got the new Dresden Files book and want to start rereading that series but need to finish Legacy of Mud first ... so I will attempt to READ every night before bed rather than checking the interwebs
  4. Still pondering -- themes are tough to figure y'all Current Joy is at the top for me ... we'll see how I feel later today!
  5. I mean I see people running these things with their kids in strollers so you do you -- just keep the bird on a leash
  6. I value me myself and my wife - but that's not useful to the question I suppose. To me the idea of a season of theme is about open/closing ones self to things -- so a Theme of Joy is about trying to find joy in your day to day and a Theme of Exploration could be anything from trying a new food spot to doing a day trip once a month. Yeah it is tough to beat ole Wile E. Coyote - Super Genius ... well unless you are the Road Runner of course
  7. I'm searching for a Theme no no not a silly topic theme for this challenge but a theME ... I'll just let CPG Grey explain as it is his idea afterall So here I am - I've got the Oakland Marathon on March 20, 2022 - so that's consuming the first quarter of the new year (plus or minus a week) I even picked up a couple of fancy journals the lower one with the stickers is my currently journal So THEME what will be mine for 2022? A Year of Joy A Year of Self A Year of Exploration so many options! I shall ponder and update this as I come to a conclusion
  8. Currently training for the Oakland Marathon
  9. I had to shift to doing work on my company laptop - so I'm not on the forum much ... sorry Goal 1 - RUNNING! This was a success - sometimes we had to pivot due to smoke or not feeling well but we did manage to get 3 runs in a week all over 3 miles Goal 2 STRETCH BIG failure here -- we got yoga mats but never started the habit of pre-bedtime yoga... will kick this to the next challenge Goal 3 Training Plan Picked this pretty early, so yay! Goal 4 Savings Money went into the saving like clock work ... or whatever is a timely happening. 3/4 ain't bad.
  10. Oh I made a thing! As I mention I'm working thru Mecha Hack so I made my own sheet. While not perfect, should do the trick. Now to figure out how to turn a image into a form fillable pdf without any Adobe tools!
  11. We knocked out a 3 miler this morning, and you couldn't have asked for much better weather wise - 55°F with clouds Spent some time yesterday looking at marathon plans and think we're going to do the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan as it is an 18 week plan. We are near the base miles suggested - so we will be working toward getting in longer weekend runs and hopefully not over training First of the month means bills around here - so that was done yesterday. Tossed money into the savings account which sadly is only earning 0.4% interest, probably should look around for something with a better rate... I'll toss that on the to-do list. Let's see what else ... pondering tossing my ICRPG one-off group (aka my D&D group when the current DM is out of town) into a game of The Mecha Hack. I backed the Mission Manual kickstarter to get both books in print so reading and absorbing the system has been a constant in my non-work non-running happenings happy tuesday nerds!
  12. OH the fun of working up a training calendar
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