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  1. Stepped on the scale this morning to see 283.5lbs (128.6kg for you metric folks) which made me feel horrible. So I looked back to 2020 and saw that I was at 285.8lb (129.6kg) at about this time then. So over the course of the pandemic I've managed to keep off a little over 2lbs (0.9kg) .... Granted my LOW weight over the past year was about 274lb (124.3kg) - so a mixed bag for sure plus I'm no where near my low low weight of 215lb (97.5kg) from back in Feb 2014, but 7 years is a long time and honestly I'm not working out like I did back then. moving on! Enjoyed two walks y
  2. No run or walk today as I had to be out the door at 7am for work ... nothing like a 2hr 45min drive to a site to reduce your morning activity time.
  3. Yesterday was a 5 miler into the Pan Handle which had a light fog over it - very cool spot (literally and figuratively) The booze count was a tough high as we celebrated my wife's coming birthday with a few friends (all with at least 1 vaccine shot) today we walked and enjoyed the mid morning sun and just the world around us. Friends yesterday, a few pings today - a good start.
  4. I'm still here, still putting in the work. Just time to redouble the efforts and keep moving forward. Not going to lie I'm not thrilled with my own lack of interactions of late so I'll be focusing on that with the new challenge. Running remains my main activity cause I've love it. quest 1 - going the distance Didn't get to double digits in the last two challenges but will keep pushing. Running is a high point of my day 90% of the time, so getting to run more is a good thing. quest 2 - limit the booze Still keeping this going - I've been doing a bit t
  5. Weekend update Got in a good 7.25 mile run on Sunday - into the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park which was delightful Enjoyed a lovely beer - Apple Falls Far from the Bruery as well. Some unexpected but welcomed social distance hangouts with friends
  6. Sounds like a solid title for my biography
  7. Knocked out 4 miles in the soggy San Francisco drizzle Last night's drink was shared bottle of Strawberry Shorty from CellarMaker with the wife - was a lovely tart wheat beer No game last night due to one of the players having a work commitment pop up
  8. Got in a 3 mile run this morning 5x body weight work yesterday a lovely dram of Freeland Bourbon out of Portland yesterday and a can of Pago Pago Cookie Stout tonight Tonight was a one-shot Altered State game with my D&D group as the DM had to miss tonight's sessions. Everything went well, and we had a great time!
  9. Nutrition yeast is tasty on popcorn Oh and this tasty quinoa taco meat recipe uses it too
  10. 7 miles this morning No body weight cause if 7 miles this morning Not a week night so ... yeah Got D&D Wednesday then ICRPG on Thursday
  11. Tonight's Altered State Game went well - everyone had fun in the one shot ... it was a VR loop for their main character's bonds my GM prep for the session of you're interested
  12. Forgot - I whipped up tokens for my players' substitute characters left token - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1VRoY right token - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5Ye3P Hopefully it goes well...
  13. We did a slow 3 miles this morning - still good to get it done... my legs are wrecked from walking up some SERIOUS hills yesterday I'm 3-0 on my pushup/squat/sit up work ... have a bad feeling about the whole thing but I'm gonna try on drink last night, Ah Fudge! from The Bruery which was basically dessert Got my Altered State game tonight - we are down one player so I'm running a one off which is titled VR Round and Round in my notes
  14. yeah that is something I'm not looking forward too I'm usually drinking over 4 liters of water per day
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