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  1. [week 4 challenge goes here]
  2. Week Zero update Monday was SL - Squats at 90lbs, Overhead Press at 65lbs and deadlift at 135lbs ... deadlift was TOUGH! Tuesday - 3 mile run ... 10m45s-11min pace
  3. Nomad Jay as Primeval said by all means post away! btw I'm putting up the mini today so please have a look, hopefully it'll be fun!
  4. Quest 1 - RUN Plotting to do a half in the fall and now I need to get that to happen! A - 12 runs B - 11-9 runs F - less than 9 runs Quest 2 - POWER THROUGH! Just finished my first month of doing Strong Lifts ... I'm gonna keep pushing it! A - 12 SL workouts B - 11-9 SL Workouts F - less than 9 Life Quest - SUIT UP I've been putting off getting clothes that fit my flabbier form ... time to dress well rather than Buy 2 pieces of new clothing!
  5. [week 3 challenge goes here]
  6. [week 2 challenge goes here]
  7. [week 1 challenge goes here]
  8. The scouts of Nerd Fitness have set up a rough camp on outskirts of the savage lands. This area is filled now with demons, devils, orcs, goblins, mystical beasts, and other creatures after the outbreak late in the year last. You've just come from the more hospitable land to the North. Camp is not quiet as people seem to be coming and going quickly. A few fellow scouts you know wave to you, before you are stopped by a lean elf who looks you over, "I believe you should go see the scout leader, he said to send you his way as soon as you came into camp." Not one to leave the scout leader waiting you head over to the largest tent in the camp. You are let in by the guards there, and inside ... An older half-ork stands near the rear of the tent talking with a dragon like creature, both are speaking in hushed tones. As you enter he looks up and waves the dragon which slips out of the back flap of the tent. The guild leader moves with a sense of haste to you and greets you, "May the gods of the land find you well." He motions you over to a map sitting at a nearby table. "We've gotten word from a few scouts that the Black Legion Orcs are on the move. They were part of the group that aided the demon assault the Ranger Hall last season. Unfortunate the reports are spotty and we need better intelligence than that before we can send in the Rangers to mop up." He points an area you'd guess is several days travel from the encampment. "I believe based on what we know that the orcs are here, it is through the Eglast Forest, once an elf held land but with the events of last winter I'm not sure any elves are left. I need you to be my eyes and locate the Black Legion."
  9. What is this? I know I've been gone a bit ... but huh?
  10. That is pretty flipping epic!
  11. Welcome to the Scouts Camp! Welcome lords and ladies! A new year means a new campsite to rest our feet, pull up a log and sit a while! Come! Let us talk of the challenges to come and those that have passed.