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  1. Yay moisture wicking shirt options!
  2. Week 1 Day 4 (21/01/06) Q1 Morning walk and a late in the day walk to get off the internet for a bit Q2 stress from the day meant too much doomscrolling not enough working out Q3 no real snacking today ... cause yeah Q4 More Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser as a bit of escape'ism
  3. Week 1 Day 3 (21/01/05) Q1 Had a good 4 miler down to the Embarcadero and back Q2 --- Q3 apples and oranges yum yum Q4 no reading, just crashed post Altered State game as I couldn't brain
  4. Week 1 Day2 (21/01/04) Q1 Just a morning walk Q2 Going to be honest- did NOTHING here... ah nothing like a bit of failing right out of the gate ... alright back onto the horse on wedneday! Q3 swapped out the sweets for an afternoon apple - yum yum yum Q4 Read through ICRPG as I've got a game on Tuesday
  5. Currently I'm on one of the dozen or so Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser books I got on amazon a while back for pennies ... I might not finish American Nations and go to At Home by Bill Byrson, Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield, or LikeWar by PW Singer ... cause I'm a glutton for real life punishsment. I know I know - my goal is to put the phone down around 745-8pm and read till around 9, we'll see how that goes.
  6. Week 1 Day1 (21/01/03) Q1 We knocked out a nice 5 mile through the Panhandle in some lovely fog. Q2 Going to give this a try as it fits into the style of run / body weight I'm looking to do Q3 Last bit of christmas pie has been nommed and we are going to avoid getting anymore Q4 Read some of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and it was good.
  7. Week 0 Day 6 & 7 (21/01/01 & 02) Q1 No running as the wife wasn't feeling up to it Q2 WIP continues Q3 Pie was delicious - raspberry with a chocolate crust ... yum yum yum Q4 No reading last night - mostly just passed out - fingers crossed for tonight!
  8. Week 0 Day 5 (20/12/31) Q1 Nice 5 mile morning Q2 routine quest continues! Q3 Um we got pie for New Year's Eve .... Q4 No reading but that's okay
  9. Week 0 Day 4 (20/12/30) Q1 A short morning walk to keep the legs happy Q2 Still searching for a good routine Q3 Went with an apple instead of a cookie - so that's a start ... right? Q4 Just a bit before bed - need to put down the phone and pick up the book!
  10. here - looks like @18ck was having issues -
  11. I get a notification that say "(person) cannot receive messages" when I tried to ping 18ck, but my message to Tanktimus went through without issue Could this be a discord thing?
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