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  1. It honestly doesn't hurt at all, just stings a little in the shower and when the bandage gets moved. I'm gonna try to run tonight and see how it feels.
  2. 6:48! That's something of a miracle lol

  3. I was not paying attention when I got off a friends motorcycle day before yesterday and tagged my leg on the exhaust pipe. It only touched it for maybe a second but that was more than long enough to get a second degree burn. Should I completely quit running until it heals or can I run with a bandage wrapped around it? Or even with the bandage off to let it breathe while I run? I'm also getting the P90X3 dvd set in sometime this week and I want to start it asap but again, I don't want to further injure my leg if it can be avoided. Advice, tips, anything at all is welcome
  4. So I finally just bit the bullet. so to speak, and bought the P90X3 DVD set, it's supposed to come in Wednesday so MY challenge will officially start then. I can't even really run right now anyway since I tagged my leg on the exhaust pipe of a friends motorcycle and got a 2nd degree burn from that so I'm waiting for it to heal. Sucks but I'm really excited for this DVD set to come in. Has anyone else done P90X3?
  5. A question for people that already have the DDP set, does it have captions? That's really the only thing holding me back from ordering it because with as much enthusiasm as I'm seeing from this thread it must be really good and I really want to get it but with my hearing I kind of need the captions.
  6. I apologize if I am frustrating people, I have a bad habit of making 100 percent certain of what it is I'm supposed to do before I do something lol. I do really appreciate the responses and the help!
  7. Ok, I understand that to lose weight I need to have a caloric deficient in what I'm taking in towards what I'm burning. I understand that, because I'm already IN a caloric deficient. Right now I'm losing weight almost weekly, my continued questions have been to find a series of exercises to help me burn MORE. I know that my diet is a big part of it, but surely there's SOME circuit, some specific calorie burning exercise, SOMETHING that's been proven to burn fat faster than simply eating better. My diet is largely under control right now, the only thing I still need to fix is my caffeine and sugar intake, everything else I've cut back on and I'm steadily losing weight because of that. SO what I'm looking for is some kind of aerobic, anaerobic, interval, body weight, whatever exercise that will boost what I'm currently doing right now. I plan to drop the small amount of flab I have left and slowly add more muscle. What would be the best way to do that. I know that diet is a big part of it I realize that but it can't be everything.
  8. Knocked another 10 seconds off my mile, 7:03 HELL YES!

    1. Estrix


      That's awesome!

    2. Strickland5
    3. Raincloak


      zoom zoom zoom! Well done.

  9. Ok so obviously I'm a noob at this so thanks for clarifying that for me. Currently at 170 lbs I have maybe 5-7% body fat left to lose before I get to around 10%. So I guess the question becomes, what would be the most efficient of those exercises listed in the first post to push me towards the goal of losing that last 5-7%? Thanks for helping me out with the terms and everything!
  10. Hey all, so I'm trying to build my exercise plan for my first six week challenge and I'm going around in all the boards looking for mostly core building exercises, endurance exercises, exercises meant mostly to tone and solidify rather than bulk up on muscle. My question is this, do the beginner's body weight routine, advanced routine, interval training, and tabata method build muscle or are they exactly what I'm looking for? Thanks everyone have a great day!
  11. For right now I think I'll buy that book and just plank while reading it and occasionally try the poses for several days until I can memorize them, thanks for your help!
  12. OK so seeing as how most of my life up to this point has involved unfulfilled goals I thought the name of this topic was pretty on par lol. To begin: Hey everyone! This is my first time doing any real fitness challenge for any true length. I'm 21, currently I weigh 172 lbs and I want to get that down to around 160 or below. My current long term goal for the year is to either lose 20 pounds and tone or to accept some general pounds of muscle added. I'm personally OK with either I just hope I can stay leaner and more speed oriented instead of bulking. I've posted everything else about myself on my profile so head on over if you're that interested lol. This post is still a work in progress as I build my workout schedule for the next 6 weeks and will definitely be added to and made more focused the close to the start of the challenge we get. Here's to succeeding in your goals! My Main Quest: I want to tone my core and increase my flexibility. Goals to Achieve Main Quest: 1. Practice Yoga everyday. - Currently planning on buying a thick yoga mat for my hardwood floors when I get paid Wednesday. - Trying to find captioned videos/articles detailing exactly how to get into Yoga poses. - Buying a 28 day Yoga exercise book. 2. Run every other day. - Currently my time for a mile seems to be 7:14 however I want to increase that to around 6 minutes flat by the end of the challenge. - I want to try running for longer distances, hoping for a 5k length run by the end of the 6 weeks. Which means on two of my running days every week I plan on running a little longer than the usual mile. 3. Cut my sugar intake down to one mountain dew a day(If you knew my addiction you'd know that's pretty drastic). - Mountain Dew is a guilty pleasure of mine. I drink it almost as much as I drink water so yeah, this will probably be my defining goal on whether this challenge really works or not. - I'm also a sweets fan, not like bags and bags a day but enough that I want to cut down on it. Motivation: I have no intention of living my life sitting on a couch growing unhealthy and fat. I will try to update this every other day once the challenge starts.
  13. I know there's tons of videos out there for beginner's yoga, however I have a small problem of being Hard of Hearing lol. So if anyone knows of any Captioned videos or actual articles with pictures of the poses and descriptions that would be super helpful. Thanks!
  14. Rai

    I. Need. Abs.

    Hey thanks! I'll probably end up doing that Elbow/Leg plank at the end, my wrists aren't too good and even doing a small amount of push-ups causes them to hurt so that last one seems like a good option to me. Also do sit-ups not run the risk of injuring your back/neck? I heard something a while back to that effect so I've never really done them since...
  15. Beat my previous mile time of 7:20 last night. Shaved six seconds off for 7:14! WOOOOT!

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