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  1. So Rebellion, I've decided that I want to begin practicing how to draw, and to begin doing some story writing, but I feel like I need to read some more so that I can make sure I have a concrete understanding of how a good world-building book and a good adventure story should flow. That, and I just want to read a good adventure story. I want to read a book, but I also want to read a web comic with good writing so that I can possibly learn a bit about drawing as well. I'd consider playing an adventure game, but the laptop I have right now isn't very good, and I feel like a point-and-
  2. Well, it's not so much that I don't think I can get strong off bodyweight exercises. Honestly, even though it contradicts what I said earlier, I don't find them boring at all. I just have a hard time getting started on them. I think I figured out what I am missing, and that's a good warm-up or cardio before. It's like, if I jump straight into doing bodyweight exercises without warming up, I have no energy. The only time I remember having energy to go through with hard exercises without stop is when I was already moving really fast and hard, and when I'm angry. So, maybe I lack adrenaline when
  3. So I have not posted in a long time, but just to give an update as to what's been going on, I've gone to Colorado to do conservation work for the summer, mainly doing trail building and repair, fence work, and potentially disaster relief, as well as some other odd jobs. I'm at a higher elevation than in West Tennessee, and my current elevation is 7,083 ft. The biggest difference I noticed is that I seem to get winded easily when walking up hills, and there's a lot of them in some places. Anyways, due to limited funds and being on hitches for 9 days straight, I've pretty much decide
  4. OK, so as a new addition to my workout routine, I'm going to try training with a medicine ball. I used to think they were gimmicky things, but having thought about it, they seem like a fun and different way to exercise. At the same time...there's a ton of different forms for them. I'm going to use them to practice my grip training. What do you guys think?
  5. If you mean have most of my excess weight be in muscle, then yes, I totally agree. The military seems to be more concerned with whether or not you can handle your own weight and body, rather than how heavy you are. I'm going to do bodyweight exercises over the summer due to lacking equipment, but for now, I'm thinking about going back to barbell training, while being cautious with the squats. However, I am interested in experimenting with medicine ball exercises, as well. I don't expect to get really strong from them, I don't even see medicine balls as being good for bu
  6. I just got oddly frustrated, but I'm gonna stick to it. I just get paranoid I'm not doing any good if I'm not sore in the morning, and I was expecting it, but from what I've researched, soreness is not an indicator of progress.
  7. OK, so I've been doing full-body workouts with dumbbells, and I've managed to hit 30 lbs in full dumbbell weight on my press and curls, but I don't look or feel like I've lost any weight. My muscles are getting bigger. Although my arms still look fat on the surface, I see more muscle definition when I flex. That being said, I still can't do a push-up, nor can I do a pull-up. If I weigh 208 lbs and can only hit 5-6 reps on inverted push-ups, should I bother with bodyweight exercises? The last time I weighed, I was 208 lbs. I want to get down to 160 lbs some day, but I re
  8. @Rocker3722, I do cycle intervals for 15-30 minutes to warm up. I took a yoga class, but I don't remember how to do any of the movements, but maybe i can find something online. I might try your workout routine, Grandkai_NL. Is that what you're doing?
  9. OK, so I wanted to stop being that guy who lurks the forums and keeps asking questions instead of doing things, so I picked up and am currently following a dumbbell training routine. I am also learning how to swim, which I now really enjoy! I got this one from some site called Muscle & Strength: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/dumbbell-only-home-or-gym-fullbody-workout.html So far, I enjoy most of the exercises, but I am a bit concerned about whether or not if I'm pushing myself too hard and too often. I workout on a 3-day split on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and on Mon
  10. I tried the apartment route before. It wasn't worth the drama. Someday I will need an apartment, but for now, until I am 100% done with college and have a good-paying job, it's a no-go. I would go to bed early, but I have night classes. Really the only reason I have to go to bed early is for ROTC Bootcamp, which I only do because I feel the need to physically challenge myself and prove that I don't give up and something-something...Besides that, it goes against my schedule completely, and I'd rather drop it and do training by myself. That way, I have more lee-way in terms of sleep, and can t
  11. I thought that, according to NeatStrength, push-ups were good for building and maintaining strength. So, what I'm getting is, leave out sit-ups entirely, leave out push-ups for now (until I can do a single, solid, basic, non-inclined push-up and intermediate bodyweight training), Begin doing bodyweight rows, and continue to practice my arm-hangs, jump-pullups, bodyweight rows (with rings), and everything else. I also need to spend more time getting in cardio before working out, and from what I've been told and have experienced, I need to drink more water, eat better, and do more cardio,
  12. Basically, I'm staying in a dormitory, and everything's loud. Not just all the time loud, but the kind that startles you and keeps you awake. The doors are heavy, and people seem to love slamming doors. The problem is, I need to get to sleep early so I can get up at 5:00 AM to begin my workout routines. I can't find earplugs strong enough, but I got an idea: What if I used ear muffs with the earplugs? So now I'm looking for earmuffs. I'm just having a hard time making sure I get the right pair. The ones that look comfy are advertised for keeping the cold off the ears, not sound reduction,
  13. OK, now that I am back in college for the new semester, I have more time and space to exercise. I'm even planning to take a few PE classes. Mainly swimming, at least. However, I've run into another issue with exercising on a consistent basis in college, and that's the cold. I need a full-body dumbbell workout, and I need to practice situps, squats, and push-ups. I've been thinking of trying this one and replacing the squats and deadlifts with bodyweight squats until I can hit 30 reps in b-squats: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/dumbbell-only-home-or-gym-fullbody-workout.html It'
  14. Edit: Um, how do I get the spoiler tag to work? I know I usually ramble on, so I wanted to make it where people have the option of reading the details or just viewing the overview of my missions. Mental Training: Train memory, train reflexes, brush up on math, overcome fears Practice yo-yoing (Reflexes) Read memory book (Memory) Practice math (Math) Practice typing and grammar (English) Practice harmonica (math perception?) Make time for homework (Career) Stay true to your morality and philosophy (Character) Me not being interested in math and drafting and other technical and sciency thing
  15. So, I don't have a pull-up bar or low-hanging branch at home, but I do have dumbbells. What are some good exercises with dumbbells to substitute pull-ups and arm hangs? And while I'm at it, what are some that substitute push-ups, if possible? And how the heck do I do Hindu push-ups?
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