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  1. Honestly, there's just something about your avatar that makes me want to read a book. Where is it from?
  2. Oh, what does Jasmine tea taste like?
  3. Leego

    TV traps

    You know what I hate? Pre-prepared foods. And I don't mean like leftovers or when the chef at my school prepares sandwiches and salads, puts them in a plastic container, and sits them on the shelf (although it's surprisingly trap-ish as well, with each sandwich having over 500 calories and there being 2 in a package), I mean TV dinners. They combine all of the things I do NOT want with my food. They: 1: Have ridiculous preparation instructions that 90% of the time I don't follow, because it doesn't matter how I prepare it, it's not going to stop it from being swampy and tasting mediocre but at the same time be oddly addicting, which leads me to... 2: Taste mediocre, but still oddly addicting. 3: Are filled with all kinds of crap that you don't need (or so I've heard somewhere). 4: Are almost never filling, but have a calorie count of over 500, and that's just with one serving. Usually, one package/container/bottle/whatever is: 5: Actually two servings in disguise. I'm gonna start calling these Ninja Calories or Troll Calories. Hell, the whole thing is a troll. But I can see these being useful in a survival situation, maybe. Or a place where fresh food is not easily available.
  4. > > U What were YOU thinking of?
  5. Only when I get French press, water filter, and whatever else money, first. I can stick with tap water for now. I would like to try Arabica bean coffee and Good Earth Tea, though. And no, I'm not hooked on Folgers. It's just what my family has always used, and that's what they gave me. I don't usually carry Almond milk. I tried it once. It was pretty good-tasting, but then got gross after using it a lot because my milk was tasting like a rich peanut. But I haven't tried adding it to coffee before. I might try that.
  6. Yeah, I actually used to use water flavorers, but my school stopped selling them, and I ran out on the ones I had. I'll have to look some place else for those, they're a neat, useful little thing. I'll just take straight tap instead of spending an extra $50+ on a filter that costs $20 a month to maintain, for now. It's really just my bathroom water that tastes and feels musty and filmy. It's interesting that bottled water is less pure and tastes worse (sometimes) than faucet water with a filter. Today, I tried coffee with just creamer. I feel like it would just be healthier to use a little sugar, than to use creamer, but I'm out of sugar right now, and I'm taking y'all's challenge and trying to see how long I can go before using a 1/4 cup of sugar in something. The creamer kept the coffee from getting bitter, and helped it tastes ever-so-slightly sweeter, but that's about it. It actually made the coffee taste a little...boring. I'd imagine I would enjoy coffee more if I just use a little sugar in it. I actually kind of miss the strong taste of black coffee with a little sugar in it now. I need to make note to try black coffee with just a little sugar. I guess I'm just so used to coffee being a sweet, almost desert-like drink, that it's off-putting to try and drink it as the strong, slightly bitter beverage that it's meant. Also, I've seen "gourmet" coffee grounds that supposedly already have a slight French vanilla flavoring to it. Are those just as good as normal coffee grounds, or is it just as bad as using creamer?
  7. OK, coffee without cream and sugar is something I think I'm gonna have to wean myself off of. I might invest in a French Press some time soon. Maybe i"ll ask for one for Christmas. I'd rather just avoid Kool-Aid altogether, even though I have tons of the stuff. With sugar, it tastes artificial and sweet. Without sugar, it tastes artificial and bitter. But coffee and tea? Those taste real, when done right. Drinking straight, plain faucet water is something I'm going to have to ease into as well. I don't know why the idea of just drinking water feels so bad to me. I already just drink water with snacks and deserts for when I don't feel like spending extra money or time on a drink for such a small, short meal. Same issue with tea. To me, unsweetened tea is not the worst thing I've ever tasted, but it's pretty damn bitter. A gallon of sweet tea has pretty low calories per serving, and I'm not going to drink it with every meal. Especially if it's 80 calories a cup, but still, it could add up if I'm not careful. Also, I use Folgers brand coffee. The more I think about it, the more it seems wrong if you have to sweeten your beverage to make it drinkable. I read from an article that Eight o' Clock and Chock Full o' Deez Nuts are pretty good choices.
  8. I love coffee. I don't like being dependent on it for energy in the morning, and I'm not, and I don't like drinking it too late at night, and I don't, but damn, if I don't love the taste of it with a good, hearty meal or with some toast and eggs. I've been trying decaf as an alternative to drinking coffee without getting too hyper, but I'm not sure if decaf is any better. I tried seeing if coffee has any calories, and it doesn't. I do use creamer, but with proper use and no abuse, it's only 35 calories. It's the use of sugar that concerns me some, though. My other alternatives are to buy tea from the store, buy juice from the store, or drink instant-made Kool-Aid, which I'm kind of tired of, and from what I've read on the containers, potentially has more calories than a cup of coffee with sugar and creamer. But I prefer to stick with Kool-Aid and coffee because they're the only drinks in my house that I like, and can easily make in a matter of minutes with nothing but already plentiful ingredients, and some faucet water, which helps me save money, and I'm kind of getting tired of Kool-Aid because it tastes so sweet and artificial. It doesn't go well with every meal I eat. Is it so wrong to like coffee with cream and sugar? I only have 1-2 cups every day anyways.
  9. Lol, OK. That's what I wanted to hear. I'm gonna try it soon, once I can get the ingredients for it. I think I'm going to try what MasterOfCows told me, and use two tbsp of Thousand Island next time, as well. 130 calories for two tbsps doesn't sound bad. I'm also thinking of using the mason jar method of making salad, as well: It just seems potentially more convenient.
  10. Eh. Olive oil and vinegar? I prefer 1,000 Island, ranch, and honey mustard, but those usually are like 200-300 calories. Is that normal?
  11. So, I decided to try a salad bowl from my school today. It wasn't the best salad I ever had, but it was only 382 calories, supposedly, and not only was it pretty good, but it actually made me feel full, and one bowl = one serving, if I understand correctly. Of course, my choice in dressing probably cranked it up to 622 calories. Ouch. I've got to be more careful in my choice of dressing. But what I realized is that, I don't exactly hate salads. I used to think salads were kind of bullshit nonsense stuff people eat when they try to be more healthy to feel healthy, but honestly, I feel quite sated right now, and if it wasn't for the dressing, it would have only (supposedly) been 382 calories for 347 grams, and it was a good source of vegetables of all kinds, as well as protein. Tomatoes aren't as gross when they're mixed with other things. So, I am thinking of making salads, if it means having a filling and decent-lasting meal that gives me everything my body needs with low calories, being able to carry my meal with me more easily, and if it's easy to prepare. So then I decided to google Cracked Salad. I was originally trying to find a Cracked.com article on salads, maybe a salad joke, but instead, I came across this: http://www.madebythechef.com/kisir-bulgur-cracked-wheat-salad-recipe/ To me, this looks and sounds delicious, but it doesn't seem like the kind of salad I would expect to be "healthy". Just something about how it looks reminds me of something else. I know some people around here believe in avoiding grains, but personally, I find it hard to stay away from grains. I don't have anything against grains. I think a little bit of the right kind of grain goes along nicely with the right kind of protein and vegetable. So, if not this salad, I want to know, are there salads out there that are filling, healthy, and good-tasting that are 500 calories or less? What's your favorite low-calorie dressing?
  12. Good news, everyone! I/my body kind of remembers how to do proper low squats! And they don't hurt my knees! Meanwhile, my right knee still aches after sitting for too long or walking under load for too long. And it occasionally makes a popping sound when I stand up.
  13. Thank you, Macha! It's really tempting to just enlist next summer, but I have to first work on losing weight over the next several months, and that's not including possibly having to get surgery for any knee issue I may have IF I have to have surgery. I'd say, if I can't get down to 168 lbs by fall of next year, I'll just finish up some degree and try to go for an officer position.
  14. I talked to a Coast Guard recruiter, an Air Force recruiter, and a Marines recruiter, and they all said the same thing: Everything about me sounds great except for my weight. The Coast Guard recruiter told me it is a good idea to finish up my degree and graduate first, but didn't want me to enlist and enter the Delayed Entry Program yet because I might be in the middle of a semester when they decide to ship me off. They have some college program, but I think he said either I didn't qualify for the Officer college program, or it's too late in the game for it to do me any good. The Air Force guy just sort of sent me on my way, but then again, they have an ROTC group on campus, and I could always sign up for their bootcamp course next semester. The Marines guy said that they host group fitness classes somewhere in the city that I stay in, but I don't have a consistent way of getting to them with me having no car. He said he would text me the details of it...he never did.
  15. Disturbingly close. I'm not sure if I can convince myself to declare undecided again, although I suppose that's basically what I am. Still, It's tempting to just do my own thing. I really want to just leave this place behind for at least a year. I'm close to getting a degree in Journalism, funny enough, and I really enjoyed journalist work, but I see it more as something I would do on my free time on the side, as a Freelance Journalist, and I'm still not convinced that it's something I can live off of. It's real temping to just take some classes that are interesting to me next semester, get into shape, and see if I can just take a break and join the Coast Guard next summer: Something I am very interested in and passionate about.
  16. Great! Awesome! I mostly wanted to just learn a stretch for after workouts, but I am interested in increasing flexibility. Ill check those out. Starting today, I have about 10 months and 4 1/2 days to get down from 240 lbs to 168 lbs. Assuming I lose 2 lbs a week, that's 8 lbs a month. So in a perfect world, I could lose 80 lbs in 10 months, getting as low as 160 lbs, but that's not counting any issues or snags in the future.
  17. Yeah, it does! I'm not too sure about the daily workout thing, though. If possible, I'm going to try a kettlebell workout that sticks to the 3 day split pattern I'm used to. I feel like I've asked this before, but what stretches do you do or recommend for bodyweight training or kettlebell work? I had a stretching routine before, but I can't remember what it was, and it seems like there are several ways to stretch. It would be neat if you also had some kind of stretching progression guide to go along with your bodyweight training progression guide, as well. Often times when I try to stretch, I kind of feel like I'm not sure what I'm doing.
  18. That thing looks beast. It looks expensive, but beast. Well, I did try some bodyweight exercises that I saw on your website yesterday. It was kind of pitiful how poorly it went. I managed to do 1 set of 18 squats, but on the second set, I only had enough energy to do 8 more squats. I tried to find a place on the field track to do inverted rows, but I couldn't find a good position that let me get low, and I felt afraid that my arms wouldn't be able to hold me. I did flexed arm hangs, but I could barely flex my arms, and I forgot chalk, so my hands were burning. I managed to hold it for 20 seconds the first time, but only 8 seconds the second time. I tried inverted push-ups on a riggidy old wooden bench, but I felt my right hand hurt after I put pressure on it the wrong way. A leftover from a hand injury. I didn't let the pain stop me, though. It's frustrating, because before, I could do bodyweight exercises so easily, even if it was just the beginner stuff. Now I'm stumbling through the beginner stuff because of old injuries and, or at least I think, I lost the strength and form I gained learned from barbell training. This Friday, if not tomorrow, I'm going to pack my weightlifting shoes and try the kettlebell exercises at my school's rec center, and see if that's more manageable for me.
  19. Yeah. I was thinking of trying the whole Simple & Sinister routine. I just wish there was an overview of the movements and routine, and the equipment I need for it, before I decide to go order the book.
  20. Yeah. It's just, It's not that I don't enjoy running. I DO enjoy running when I feel lightweight or like I am literally running from or towards, or for something. I run when I get frustrated, I run when I get anxious, when I get angry, when I'm excited, euphoric, etc. But when I don't feel those types of ways, and the weather or surroundings aren't to my liking, it just feels like a chore that drains me. I loved running in the morning time during my last Spring semester and it was freezing cold outside because running warmed me up, and I didn't sweat as much. NOW, during this summer heat, oh my God. I don't know what's changed about the treadmill, but for some reason, I just don't like it anymore. I guess I'll try kettlebell swings or kettlebell training at some point, if there's some way to incorporate it into bodyweight training. Maybe I'll try Simple & Sinister. How expensive is it to do kettlebell training at home? I also hear that I need someone to teach it to me for it to work right. I guess I'll ask this in the Kettlebell thread.
  21. Yeah, I figured 100 squats a day is not a good idea. It's just something I came across when I was googling for some squat something. I have to be able to run at least a mile as a military requirement, but I'm not even close to my weight goal yet. So I don't think I should worry too much about running right now, but later on, I will.
  22. Something simpler than before. Right now, I just want to focus on: Losing weight Improving posture Maintaining some level of strength Improving flexibility In that order from most important to least important. I'm doing bodyweight training, this time around, because I feel the progression fits my goals and condition better, and it's easier to do with my current lifestyle. Instead of counting what reps and weights I can reach each time and trying to push myself to lift more weight (which is how I hurt my knee). I will just keep doing the same exercises until all parts of my body are at the same level, and I can hit 3 sets of 20-30 reps with ease. That's doing things like: Push-ups, pull-ups, bodyweight squats, and something else I'm forgetting right now.
  23. I want to know, because I'm not really enjoying it all that much anymore. Last summer, before I hurt, I enjoyed running on a treadmill enough. I would just plug some earbuds into my ears, listen to music, and fantasy while alternating between walking, jogging, running, and sprinting for 1-2 hours. Now when I try to do this on a treadmill, I feel myself getting bored or anxious about the amount of time I've been on, and for some reason, I feel heavier than in the past. Even though I lost (supposedly) 40 lbs. Like my feet drag a little when running on a treadmill, which doesn't feel safe at all. Granted, I haven't been resting well lately, and I still have a sinus infection. I also kind of already do a fair bit of walking and bike riding during the day when on campus. Last semester, I would get up at 5:00 AM in the morning, and do interval training around the field track, and I plan on doing that again this semester...it just seemed more enjoyable when it was cold outside, and not many people around. Now, it's like I got to share the track with a running class (that I didn't join because at the time it felt silly paying $500 to join a class where I run), and I can't run around campus because I have to keep my backpack close to me, but if I run with my backpack on and it happens to have a lot of books, I put myself at risk of overloading my knees again. Or at least that's what I'm paranoid about. It also messes with my form to run with a backpack. So I've been looking for ways to burn calories in the morning besides running. I could just continue to bike ride. It gets pretty exhausting when going uphill a lot and going all around campus, but I've heard and read that biking doesn't have the same impact on the body and generate the same calorie burn as running. But I hear boxing does. So I might practice boxing in my apartment. Also, is 100 squats a day really a good idea?
  24. So for the remainder of this month and next month: MWF: Bike ride, bodyweight train, stretches. TR: Boxing, stretches I also need to brush up on Steve's suggestions of incorporating primal movements and squat practices into everyday life. I don't know about a standing desk, though. I saw a professor with one in his office, and they look neat, and I can store my bike under one, but how expensive do they go?
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