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  1. Nice to see a new member! What is parkour like? I don't really know what aerial silks and poi spinning is, but I've always wanted to do parkour.
  2. Besides lifting weights and walking and running more, I'm going to take a First-Aid//CPR/AED this upcoming semester, and I'm going to try and volunteer like crazy this semester, and also get onto a sports team or play some sort of physical games. Now that I am losing weight and building strength, I want to see what new things I can do with my body's changes. I'm already am able to do something of a half-pull-up without too much stress on my arms. It's more like me pulling my body up slightly and doing a sort of swing. I'm also am almost able to do a proper push-up on command. I'm currently majoring in Engineering Technology, but I really don't like the college I'm in (more of it's lifestyle, rather than the faculty), and I'm really struggling with Eng. Tech. I am learning, however, that I prefer to be recognized by others, and that I want people to take me seriously just by looking at me, and I really feel most appreciated when helping others. Therefor, I've been thinking I'm better suited for a job that pays well, let's me do something more physical but still requires smarts, and is universally respected. So, if Eng. Tech. doesn't work out, or if I can't find a job in it right away, I'm thinking of being a Firefighter, or a Search and Rescue worker, or something along those lines. The only downside of the Firefighter thing, is that I really want to travel, or even live outside of the US, and being a Firefighter doesn't really help with that, from what I've heard. My dream job would be something like a "SARs Engineer/Technician", where I would both go onto the field, make some areas safer, and help get people to safety, as well as help manage the rescue equipment, and even repair and pilot drones (one of the main things that interest me about ET, and where those skills may come into use), and use them to scout ahead through dangerous areas in search of people in need of help. If I had more faith in the government, and felt much more positive about the idea of staying in the US, I would probably join the military and try to do SARs work there. That being said, I still have the utmost respect for most people in the military. I admire their strength and bravery, and willing to put their life on the line for something they believe in.
  3. To be honest, I was expecting to get nagged, and was kind of hoping for it. I made that post while I was really frustrated, but I'm not now. And here's the part that I hate where I kind of start to feel like I'm being an attention whore. To be honest, I guess I'm kind of sensitive, and I'm used to people (other than my family) ignoring me when I try to contact them or connect with them, or when I'm talking to them about myself or something personal, or even business related, so I've kind of gotten myself to the point where I expect people to say things to me, and if they don't say anything to me when I expect them to, I easily get offended, and I'm beginning to get tired of being nice about it. I know it's not personal, most of the time. At least not on here and most other forums. Sometimes people really just don't know what to say, or expect someone else to say something, or are just busy.To be honest, I have gotten much more help, response, and consideration here in the Nerd Fitness community than I do in most groups, communities, classes and teams in college and when looking for work, which makes me glad that I switched to this instead of BodyBuidling.com, so I'm thankful for that. I will try to be more active on the forums again. Afterall, I have to get to know people and let them know me. It's worth noting that I still do care enough about myself to keep going. I have not stopped.
  4. Well, I never did find a good stretching routine for after I lift weights with Starting Strength, and I totally forgot about glute bridges. I can't honestly say that I'm going to walk around everywhere clenching my butt cheeks, but I will do glute bridges and "fire my glutes" while sitting down more often. Update: It feels weird and oddly challenging clenching my butt up out of my seat, but I'm gonna keep at it. Especially since I sit a lot, right now. I notice that when I do, my stomach comes in a bit, and all of my lower back touches the back of my chair. Is that the correct way of doing it?
  5. And just like that, nobody cares. Phew! At least I still care! I will only be coming back here for advice about specific things I absolutely cannot find via searching..
  6. Well, I want to see a doctor, but I have no health insurance, and right now, I have no money to get health insurance with, or to pay to see a doctor with. I would get a job, but where I am at, no one will hire me. I'm a "dependent", so "technically" my parents are supposed to get health insurance for me, but for some reason, they're not in a hurry or effort to get it for me, and I'm not sure if they can. Not being able to see a doctor anytime soon is part of the reason I've been trying to improve my own health recently, since I'm not going to be getting any medical help anytime soon in my life. I can try to get help by joining this group in my college for low-income and minority students, but I ain't got my hopes up for them to let me join. It's almost enough to make me want to just drop out of college, get a job, and get myself situated, and THEN finish college. Well, today, I only got about 5 hours of sleep. Last night, I went to sleep at about 10:40 PM, and I found myself awake at 3:30 PM, and unable to go back to sleep. So I rolled around and hoped to go back to sleep, but then decided to just get breakfast, skip gym and do body weight exercises later today, and try to go back to sleep at about 6:00 AM or 7:30 AM. But THEN, my baby sister got up, mom had to go to work, and my dad's still asleep. I tried to take a nap before she left, but got woke up about 15 minutes later. So NOW, I've got to babysit my baby sister until dad wakes up, by the time I can go out and do exercises, it's either going to be extremely hot, or extremely stormy, most likely watch my baby sister again while my dad takes care of some house work, all while either trying to stay up until 10:30 ~ 11:00 PM (and it's the weekend, so my family's going to be up REALLY late), or trying to just squeeze in a nap at some point, forget exercising today, and just sleep for as long as I can so that I stay awake until everyone goes asleep, which will put me at 2:00 - 3:00 AM again, which doesn't work during the week because I have to be up no later than 7:00 AM to catch a ride to the gym with my mom. Goddamn, I need my driver's license. I don't mean to rant, and I love my family, but it's a bit stressful trying to stay on track with them, and I've already been having a hard time sticking to a routine lately, and this is just one of those days where I feel like giving up and going back to being a night owl until I go back to college, but if I give up now, I most likely won't start back my routine when I go back to college, I will just be stuck in a rut, and no one will care but me. Also, I've felt like I've had just the worst shin splint ever, lately, and it won't go away.
  7. Lately, I've been getting lazy with counting my calories, which is bad, for me. Counting calories every time I eat helps me keep the amount of food that I'm eating every day in perspective, but it's also a pain in the ass, sometimes. The MyFitnessPal app on my phone doesn't always cooperate like I want it to, and I can't always scan everything, so I end up manually typing everything in, which is tedious as all heck. Plus, on my phone, it doesn't remember the foods that i enter in, so I have to do it all over again every time. DX Also, there are the "mystery" calories, as I call them: Calories that i can't count because they come from foods that someone else prepared, so I have no idea what's in them, or how much of it I should be eating. As a result, I usually eat less at dinner time, and if I'm still hungry a few hours after dinner, or find that I haven't even broke the 1,500 calorie mark yet for the calories that I COULD count, I'll eat a little something extra. Lately, I've kind of stopped giving much care about counting calories. It seems hard enough just to focus on sleeping right and walking, and I'm already am pretty proud of myself for having made it this far with strength training as it is, and I want to continue it, and it will be easier to control my diet when I can more easily control my life what and when I eat, as well as have an easier time keeping myself busy, which will be when I go back to college. I tend to eat when I'm bored and idle, and am just standing around in the kitchen or sitting in my mom's workplace. When I had a dorm room, I rarely had any food in my room, as I mostly ate at the cafeteria, and I could always find something to do, so avoiding eating just because I feel like it and can while at home has taken a fair bit of will on my part. I've also been slacking off at the gym, but that's not entirely my fault. I've been feeling a bit drained lately, and I don't know if it's because of lack of rest (I've been making sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep regularly), me not eating right lately, or my body fighting off some sickness that I got (which I can't tell because I haven't felt really sick lately). I will say that, I did try tobacco recently and accidentally swallowed the juice. It made me feel lightheaded, then dizzy, then a little nauseous and lightheaded, and then I slept it off, or so I thought. Safe to say, I'm never chewing tobacco again. Just the thought of the taste of it makes me feel a little grossed out. The last time I went to the gym, I felt tired, unfocused, and not really prepared or excited to do squats. I still hit all of my workouts, but afterwards, I didn't feel psyched, and I didn't feel like doing much else: Not even walking/running intervals. I didn't do warrior lunges (which I kind of hate), kettleball swings (which I'm not sure if I'm doing right, I need to check), nor jumpin' jacks (which I question the usefulness of with only 1 set of 30). I'm not saying everything is going wrong, I believe I am at least still on track with my weightlifting goals, if nothing else. I just feel like I'm slipping out of my routine, and I'm most concerned about losing weight for appearance purposes, and it's kind of hard to maintain a proper, consistent diet at home sometimes. Oh, also, I'm feeling a bit of a soreness in my upper, middle back, and I keep getting this sensation like a bug is biting the top of my shoulder. Now being out in the country, the shoulder thing really could just be a bug bite, and my back is most likely sore from my workouts, but I tend to get a bit paranoid whenever any soreness doesn't feel like a sort of burning soreness.
  8. Shhhhiiiieeeeet, let me be a novice for LIFE. Thank you for the chart. I believe I will be hitting my 31st day of weightlifting pretty soon.
  9. I like this for your goals and attitude, and that reference to Billy Idol. I wish you luck!
  10. Also, this will be real quick, and I will most likely post this on my battle log later, but here's been my day so far: As of today, my stats are: Deadlift: 130 lbs Bench Press: 80 lbs Squats: 90 lbs Power Cleans: 80 lbs OHP: 70 lbs Just for my reference. When I went to the gym today, I felt oddly tired. I thought I slept well enough, but I'm not sure about how I ate yesterday. My dad wanted me to stay with my grandmother and help her and spray the house for ticks that noon, so I had breakfast (which I don't normally do anymore) and missed lunch. By the time I got home, I was so hungry and thirsty (I didn't want to take food and water from my grandmother, and there was a growling white dog in front of the fridge), I ate 3-4 fingers full of sour cream & onion potato chips in my fingers before finally waiting for dinner to be ready and eating some sausage, greens, and potatoes. After that, I made me and my family some peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and ate one. Besides 2 protein shakes, that's all I remember. Anyways, I felt out of it at the gym today. I almost wondered if I should do squats, but I did them. I still feel fatigued, though. I haven't even done any other exercises today, not even the treadmill, but if it isn't too hot, I might see if I can do some walking or intervals outside in the afternoon.
  11. Eh. I think I'm just letting myself get distracted from what's important. Also, I guess I keep falling into the mentality and common belief that muscle comes mostly from lifting weights, and that people who looks skinny and weak and saggy (skinny-fat) look like that because they don't lift weights...which is true, but not because they only have a normal amount of muscle, but because they lost muscle due to malnutrition, or lack of weight training to maintain the muscle they naturally have while losing weight, or something. I think I'm getting confused on the genetics part of it, but I think that with my build, and my strength training, and my diet, that if I lose a lot of excess fat, I will NOT look skinny-fat. I will NOT have a sagging stomach and granny titties. And what matters most, the most important thing to me, is not getting huge intimidating muscles, but to have as much functional strength and weight as possible. I just want to LOOK strong for aesthetics and respect, but I will be much happier with how I look if I lose weight either way, and there are other ways I can garner respect from people in the meantime.
  12. So...I'd take it that means it's going to be at least two years of regular training to reach my strength goals, especially if I'm planning on dropping a lot of weight, assuming that everything goes perfectly. Well, what about building muscle? When would it be best to do that and what would be the best method? It's really starting to sound like it really would be easier and quicker to just lose weight and reveal the muscle that's already there and to continue focusing on slowly building strength, than to try and hurry to build muscle, just like what Tanuki said...and kind of like what this other guy I met said.
  13. Dude...just by assuming that I"m gonna weigh 200 lbs some day, those numbers go into the 400s. So, Assuming I'm gonna weigh 200 lbs some day: Deadlift: 400 lbs Squats: 350 lbs Bench: 200 lbs OHP: 150 lbs How strong is that? Just hitting 200 on deadlifting, squatting, and benching sounds pretty strong to me. I think I'm forgetting about what Tanuki said before. I should just keep going, and see how strong I can get. I still want to build muscle at some point, though. Still, those goals not only sound impressive, but reasonable, except for hitting certain lifts earlier than others. I start thinking about hitting these strength goals, and I start getting impatient, and start thinking about progressing with my squats and deadlifts by 10s instead of 5s, but I also get paranoid that I might break something by trying to keep at that pace. I would have to imagine that I would need PLENTY of protein and at least 8 hours of sleep MINIMUM every night to recover from that quick enough to do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  14. mm. Those ARE expensive...I'm trying to save at least $100 just in case I have to get more weights or find another gym. I'm currently on a summer student program at a gym in a nearby city, but it ends on August 1st, which is just roughly 3 weeks before I go back to school. Knightwatch, will the assistance versions of the squats and OHP help me regain control of the bar if my arms begin to fail? Because that's my top concern when lifting to failure. I've got my weightlifting goal now, but I'm not sure if it's realistic: I want to be able to: Deadlift 300 lbs Bench Press 200 lbs OHP 150 ~ 200 lbs Squat 200 lbs Power Clean 200 lbs Or achieve some equivalent goal with a different program. I'm not sure how long I will be sticking with SS. Once I hit those bench marks, I will begin working with those weights to failure to both maintain my ability to lift those weights, and to build muscle.
  15. True that! I still like deadlifting just a little more, though. It's my favorite. Nothing gets my testosterone going more than squatting down and picking up a shitton of weight. So, to note today's progress because I left my book at home today: Squats: 3x5 of 85 lbs: +5 increase! Deadlift: 1x5 of 130 lbs: +5 increase! OHP: 2x5, 1x4 of 70 lbs: +5 increase! Burned 382 calories on the treadmill I've also noticed that trying to warm up with lesser weights tires my arms out before hitting the real ones, when doing OHPs. I take it that I need more rest in between each set when it comes to OHP...like 3-5 minutes.
  16. Oh, well, guess what? Today, I managed to overhead press 70 lbs! It wasn't easy, and took all of my concentration and will, but I did it. I used all of the techniques Rippetoe said to use the best I could, and I managed to get 2x5 and 1x4. I also managed to squat 85 lbs without falling back/over! I did 3x5, but I felt like I didn't go deep enough or like I felt anything, so I did another 2x5 to try and get a parallel squat. I did reach one point where I felt a struggle to push up with the weight, and I felt a shock of nervous energy shoot through me, and sprung back up before I went beyond the event horizon. I also deadlifted 130 lbs, so that's a +5 increase on that. I'm still worried that I'm not building strength in my legs with squats like I'm supposed to be, but then again, my legs did start off stronger than my arms because of my bodyweight, and I DO have to work squats every workout, which means 3x a week...fuck, why is that? Are there any other leg exercises I could do or use alongside SS?
  17. I didn't word what I said right earlier, and it's a bit inappropriate. Me personally, I think that "larger" women are quite beautiful, and who ever says otherwise, it's just their opinion. If they say it as an insult, it's just them being an ass about their opinion. And if you happen to get thin in the process of building strength, or losing weight and becoming more athletic or overall healthier, so be it! You'll just be attractive in a different way.
  18. Oh! Neat! Also, I think I will try the pedometer, if I can decide which one to get.
  19. I still don't know where "way over" is, but thanks. The picture made me chuckle a bit. I still hate socializing through Facebook, though. It feels really impersonal, it's hard to get anyone to respond, I don't find it fun hearing about people's personal lives via text while I'm on the outside, and honestly, I hate not getting a response, especially after waiting for over a week. I know, that's ugly of me, and there could be several reasons besides "you invaded my space and I find that creepy" or "I'm not interested in talking to you anymore" for someone to not respond to messages anymore, but I feel like if someone is a real good acquaintance or even a friend, or at least is a tiny bit interested in staying in touch with me, they would at LEAST respond when I message them a little sooner than two weeks. In short, I told her that I hope she is doing well, that I might have to delete my Facebook page for family and professional reasons, which is true, and I gave her my new number, since I changed phones, and then I set my Facebook account to be deleted in 14 days, and I still didn't get a response via text message. Whether if she thinks I'm trying to make a sympathy play, or just doesn't care, doesn't matter. The only people who were on my friends list anyways were either acquaintances that I rarely see and who rarely talk to me, fake friends who just want to use me as a resource, old friends who stopped talking to me, and family, which I can always call or see in person and talk to, and usually hear from through my parents, anyways. My new policy is that if you really are interested in getting to know me or trying to develope a friendship with me or anything, you won't have a problem with, and most likely will, text me or call me. If you just want to contact me for business, call me or email me. If you just want to use me, fuck off. Even if I am over-reacting a bit, I still don't miss the idea of having a Facebook page, and I still want people to treat me with more respect.
  20. I guess I am. I feel a few habits deteriorating.
  21. I too like curvy and plump women!
  22. I can honestly say that at 280 lbs, and having been lifting weight for probably 2 weeks now with steady growth, I still can't do more than one push-up, so that impresses me.
  23. Weight loss (more like fat loss, and it would preferably be down to 200 lbs, but I would be happy to just reach 260 lbs or 250 lbs), muscle development (nothing too huge or important), speed, and mobility (for things like parkour and sports). I only really care about getting my strength up to a certain level so that I can handle something like firefighting and lifting myself up, over, and around things, also so I will have a good base, or, you know...starting strength.
  24. I wonder if I should have tried 5x5, except for the fact that I can't do dips, although I'm sure most people can't when starting out. I wonder what's going to take up my interest more after I finish SS? I'm leaning more towards something like CrossFit (I hate to call it that), simply because of what they're focused on. Can you build muscle with CrossFit? I will mention one other thing: This guy at the gym I've been going to, a trainer named Blake, said that what I would have to do with squats, is basically practice going as low as possible with the bar, and progressively develop my flexibility. Then, I can take on heavier weights when squatting. He also setup some weird contraption for himself, where he connected two resistance bands to a barbell to aid him in parallel squats. He said he has trouble with those for some reason, especially since he's used to going all the way to the floor during his time as an Olympic weightlifter.
  25. Well, I've been doing intervals on a treadmill. It generates a good sweat, and helps burn calories. Usually, I will walk at an incline of 3.0% - 7.0%, and then on the low inclines, turn it down a little and in the last 30 seconds, turn the speed up to 6.0 mph. I was afraid that my legs and thighs would be too sore for it, but it actually felt like it helped loosen them up a bit after squatting. I even managed to get up to 6.5 mph. I got it up to 7.0 mph, but it started to feel like it was almost going to take my feet from under me, so I quickly turned it back down. About 20 minutes of this supposedly burned roughly 256 calories. If I did these intervals for an hour, I would have burned roughly 500 cal. ~ 800 cal., depending on how frequently I went up to 6.0 mph. I feel like I'm still gonna prefer normal running, at the end of the day. It's just more natural and more safe. You know what? I think I'm gonna learn how to third-world squat...it sounds like it might imply something bad, but that's what it's called: http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1856085 I'm gonna practice it everyday.
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