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  1. It still seems easier to just act anti-social and to keep a hostile/unfriendly demeanor. At least then there's a bit of an "air of mystery" about me, or at least I won't come off as creepy. But now I'm just playing devil's advocate. I'll give the body language thing a try...it just feels so stupid and frustrating that I have to learn how to fake being comfortable and confident when around others, and it seems to become completely useless when it comes to socializing via social media or trying to stay in touch with someone long-distance. I like it more when I'm automatically comfortable around others.
  2. I hate this thread. I'm sorry. I know if it's not something I like then I shouldn't bother reading it or talking about it. Is there a delete button?
  3. This article sounds like the closes thing to what I'm talking about, and I'm gonna follow it's instructions. http://stronglifts.com/lordosis-why-it-causes-lower-back-pain-how-to-fix-it/ My plan is: On off days: 1x15 sec. Warrior Lunges 1x10 Shoulder Dislocators 1x10 Bodyweight Squats On work days: 3x10 Band-aided pull-ups or arm hangs 3x15 sec. Warrior Lunges 3x10 Shoulder Dislocators Workout A or B of SS
  4. Well, I have gotten a body language book that I am planning on reading, but for some reason, it just didn't seem important at the time. I suppose I could just start reading that. Also, I tried going to bed at 9:00 PM, if I remember correctly. I woke up close to 5:00 AM, which is about 8 hours of sleep, but I miscounted when I woke up and thought it was only 7 hours of sleep, so I slept for an extra hour until about 6:00 AM. Now I feel tired again, and even a bit daunted, but you told me that is to be expected, so I'm gonna continue on with it.
  5. Or, if the "nice guy" was legitimately just trying to be friendly, he might just explain that he's not interested like that...but then a creep could just as easily say the same thing as a lie to keep talking. Idk, I agree that a HUGE creep wouldn't care either way, but maybe the ring would keep away MOST normal creeps?
  6. Hm!...I'm not too sure, now. All I know, is that it makes my butt stick out, and it's the result of me spending several years playing games while leaning over to a computer desk. I was kind of hoping someone with medical experience would know. After doing some quick searching, it really sounds like Lower Cross Syndrome, but I will continue to do research on it.
  7. Basically, it's where my lower spine curves outwards, making my butt stick out more than it should.
  8. Well, I was kind of joking about the whole masturbating at the gym thing. I would just do it in a bathroom stall like I did in college. What ARE you thinking I am gonna do? :-s Still, if even THAT ends up being a problem some how (which I don't know how if I'm using a stall), that is a scary risk I will just avoid. The thing about my parents' home is that it's VERY small, and with very little room to move and put things. I have to lift weights outside, and being able to get out and stretch my legs is pretty important to me to keep from getting cabin fever or lost in concerns about college and video games. My bedroom is practically a storage room, and because of the temperatures, and for financial reasons, the only way I can get cool air in my room during the summer time is with the air conditioner in the kitchen, and in the winter time, my parents won't let me close my room up because of how cold it is. Also, there's an old file cabinet blocking it from closing all of the way. So this results in a setup where, at any given moment at any time of the day, doesn't matter if I have the door as closed as I can get it, whether if it's to get clothes or put clothes away, store something or take something out, or just to talk to me (which is fine, with a little heads up or a knock), they tend to just waltz into the bedroom...doesn't matter if lights out or I'm chokin' the chicken or anything. I know the best, long-term solution to the problem, as well as others, is to get a job, a car, and a place of my own. However, to get a job, I need to have a way to get there. To get to the job, I either need a vehicle, or to live close to the job. To get an apartment and a vehicle, I need cash. And to get cash, I need a job. But that's a different story. For now, I can try to explain to my parents that I will need to get my shower earlier so I can get more sleep, and ask them if there's any way I can get that stuff moved so I can close my door, but I don't quite know how to ask them for "private time." As far as the social anxiety goes, it's very frustrating. I had a hard time speaking to people before I went to college, but after my experiences with people at college and after learning the things about society I didn't know prior, I feel even LESS comfortable talking to people now than before, unless it's in a more social setting where I feel connected with others, like at a protest, or in a club/organization, or when volunteering, or when I'm in church. I don't know whether or not if I really want to have friends, or if I want people to leave me alone. When I meet good people, I feel a desire to become better friends with them and keep them in my life, but either they're always too busy, too far away, or they just change on me or stop talking to me for some reason and treat me like I'm an enemy, and I don't know what I did wrong. Was it something I said? Something I didn't say? What? It's part of the reason why I'm starting to not trust, nor like, socializing with guys my age. What's the point in being friendly when one girl or break can change it entirely? And don't get me started about girls, but I will talk about this one person I met that I really like and feel comfortable around (note: *around*), and I can't see her again until next semester, so I have to stay in touch with her over Facebook, which throws me into a totally different social battlefield with it's own set of rules for boundaries, and even though we've messaged each other before and have been to an event together, I don't know if I'm overstepping my boundaries by messaging her again asking her how she's doing. On one hand, to me, it seems friendly and fine, but on the other, from my experiences with other people and hearing their input, it's potentially creepy. And when she doesn't respond, I don't know if it's because I came off wrong, or if it's because she's busy, and she IS very busy. And so on, and so on. And even if I do stay on her good side, she's probably too busy anyways. Honestly, if someone that I have talked to before, and have had a generally good time with, and good conversations with, is suddenly scared by me Facebook messaging them, then I'd rather just back away and stop sweating myself over it. Or she could just not be responding because, you know, busy. And every time I've tried to hang out with a group of people, it's like they were speaking a totally different language. They were talking about partying, and drugs, and sex, and how many people they've banged, and/or video games and animes I've never played or seen, rappers I've never heard of, and I didn't know what that shit was about! But me, trying to be nice and social, I do the best I can to keep up with it, only to end up saying something that makes me stand out like a sore thumb, and leads to someone making some remark. One acquaintance of mine said something that made me feel awkward, but she seems cool and not like she was trying to be mean, so I forgive her. But then, this one time this one guy (and to be fair, he literally said he really just does not give a fuck about people's feelings prior), was talking about some fantasy of being a drug lord in Brazil and needing to blend in or something. I wasn't paying too close of attention to the conversation, accidentally said something about trying to fit in, and then he basically told me that if I tried to blend in, people would notice me because I'm a fat-ass with a distinctive face ("husky"), but no one would care anyways. And then, I tried to think of a smart or funny response, but my mind broke up and went blank, so I didn't say anything. And then everyone kind of just started leaving or talking about something else with their backs turned to me. The next time I saw him, I gave him the middle finger. And one of the old friends who stopped talking to me and didn't bother to remember me, I told him "fuck you." And now I just don't hang out nor get along with anyone in my school's "geek" group! It's funny, because I was expecting the more "nerdy" guys to be the ones I get along with the best, and those were most of the guys I befriended for a short time! I now find it easier and oddly more effective to just not try to socialize with anyone anymore when on campus and to try not to be nice to people, until it isn't. I don't have the heart to blow off people that I'm acquainted with and whom seem good, and being unfriendly is something that just doesn't come naturally to me. So instead of coming off as a hard-ass that everyone knows to leave alone, and instead of coming off as a nice and friendly guy like I used to, I end up coming off as shy and cowardly, which girls seem to perceive as creepy and predator-y, and guys seem to perceive as loser and sucker. It's safe to not say anything when hanging out with a group, but unless I was invited along, it may get awkward (for them) me not saying anything, and if I wanted to sit and do nothing, I'd go back to my room and play video games instead of listening to some people's inner-circle gossip. The only time I feel like being talkative and friendly is when I'm in a club that I know a lot of people in and get along with well. The only time I actually feel recognized and appreciated and welcomed, or like I had something important to say, and felt like being talkative and friendly, is when I'm either in some history or anthropology or some word or reading class, or when I'm helping others, or even doing volunteer work, which is part of the reason why I'm thinking about going down the rescue work path. So I have both positive and negative motives for getting stronger, but I'm getting a little off-topic, now.
  9. So, I've got a big butt. And because of my poor posture over several years from sitting on the side of my bed or leaned over a desk playing video games, I've got something called a "Lower-Cross Syndrome" that makes my butt look even bigger than it already does, and makes it a bit more difficult to get proper form when doing things like squats. What are some exercises that people recommend for solving this issue?
  10. This is part of the reason why I don't bother to talk to girls most of the time, and why I most likely will fall into the trap of intentionally blowing others off when I git gud.
  11. Jesus, I wish you luck. If you do manage to lose 20 lbs by the end of the challenge, please share with us what you did to do it!
  12. Well, OK. I can't help but to feel like I could be doing something else along with SS on the work days, but I'm not sure what, besides bodyweight exercises. What about something that will help build my stamina? I got a heavy bag at home. What if I do a combination of walking, jogging, running, and something with a heavy bag? Also, you pole dance?
  13. Alright, so : Manage my time to where I'm set to do important business stuff and possibly gameplaying during the day Go to sleep earlier Close my bedroom door when sleeping or in need of space Wank off at the gym I'm gonna have to get the path of the door cleared out, first, but I've been thinking about that for awhile. So, do you happen to know how long it will take for my sleep deprivation issue to be solved? I'm assuming it's not something that is not going to be solved after one night of 7-8 hours of sleep. And what about Analysis-Paralysis when it comes to talking to people?
  14. I'm trying to figure out what workout plan to do for the upcoming 6-week challenge. I am already doing Starting Strength every Mon/Wed/Fri each week, and for now, it seems to leave me wanting to do more after I've finished the sets. I want to continue working on my strength training, but I also want something to do on off-days or alongside SS to burn calories, and maybe stretch my muscles in a good way. The beginner bodyweight circuit suggested by Steve seems to give me a good workout and only requires dumbbells. It actually left my legs more sore than SS, so far (I'm 280 lbs and have just finished my first week of SS). So, my idea is that on M/W/F, I will do SS, alongside some form of cardio (bodyweight training or running on a treadmill), and on T/R/S, I will either do bodyweight training, or just running or walking or bike-riding. Is bodyweight training on off-days too much? What are y'alls opinions on the use of treadmills? My goal is to burn at least 500 calories each day. I don't have any particular weightlifting or weight loss goals, because I don't know what would be a realistic goal for a 280 lbs guy who's never done this before. I would like to lose at least 4 lbs after six weeks, but I believe that if I can get my diet under control, I can lose more than that in six weeks.
  15. That girl is all the way in another city, right now, but OK. Either way, I will stick with it. Thanks for the help!
  16. I know my energy levels and mood will improve once I begin to clean up my diet and lose fat, and that exercising is a natural mood-improver, but I was wondering if there is something that would give me more energy, even on off days. Before I began working out, when I was at home, I would always feel tired, lazy, sick, and pretty much dead from the neck-down. It's not surprising when I considered that I spent most of my teenhood at home playing games most of the day. I was homeschooled, so I couldn't really be a part of a sports team, and at the time, I didn't think about my fitness all that much, and didn't think there was much to do outside except chores, getting hot, and getting bit by bugs. When I went to college, I felt a little better, and was excited about being there, so I ran around a lot. Then once I got into my second semester, and the newness wore off, I kind of just, went back to my usual behavior pattern. Also, I have a history of staying up late and cutting hours to get some time to myself to play games and for...*other*, reasons, since the only time someone in my house isn't up is usually between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM. So, I've noticed that when I eat 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of toast, a banana, and drink a protein shake, then when I go to the gym and drink a GNC PUREDGE Complete Amino energy supplement (did I get that right?) 30 minutes prior to running on the treadmill or lifting weights, and then drink a protein shake after the workout, and then go get a cheeseburger and a small fry with water with my mom at lunch time, I've noticed that I actually feel really energized and great afterwards! I actually feel like chasing my baby sister around the yard, and helping my dad with outside house work, and talking to this girl I like. You know! Until I don't. Next, I get tired shortly after coming home in the afternoon. Then I don't feel like doing anything again. Then, on the day I couldn't go to the gym and had to lift weights at home, I followed the same dieting, and I felt great after I worked out! Especially when I walked for a bit and listened to music. But then I went back inside and went back to not doing much of anything but playing games, babysitting, and doing chores. I had energy for a good few hours, but I didn't feel as great for awhile. And then this Saturday, I felt like shit. Mainly because I tried to cut hours (to 6, I think) to give myself time to workout in the morning, but then I spent too much time preparing my food and doing some research and ended up not going out to workout until about noon time, when it was getting really hot and windy, and was about to rain, and my dad wanted help with the garden. I didn't have much time to eat lunch because of the weather and my baby sister, so I tried settling for a protein shake, a banana, and a tablespoon-and-a-half of peanut butter for lunch, but I found myself eating a few potato chips and 3 Oreos at around 2:00 PM because I didn't feel completely satisfied, and I was having a hard time finding a fresh fruit besides bananas, which I was trying not to take too many up from my family. Also, I didn't know when we would be back home from the theatre. So I didn't workout that day, and me and my family ended up going to the movies. I wanted to drink water, but nobody wants to pay for water, not even me. I wanted sweet tea, but they didn't have sweet tea, and my dad was determined to get everyone a drink, so I got a Sierra Mist instead. Then my baby sister got my Sierra Mist instead, and I got a Pepsi, which I have been avoiding since college. So then, I figured we wouldn't have dinner tonight unless it's at the theatre, so I just went and got 4 Whitecastle burgers for my dinner, and then we went home where I ate some sausage, peas and carrots, and some macaroni and cheese. So THEN, this Sunday, I was really feeling like a piece of shit because I've been trying hard to keep a good, steady diet for a week now, and that one Saturday just threw me off entirely. I decided that if I wanted to get some exercise in on Sunday and burn some calories, I would need to get up at 5:30 AM and make exercising the absolute first thing I do in the morning...Which lead to me only giving myself 6 hours of sleep again because I was trying to do some job searching late at night, spent too much time on it, and got frustrated. And some nights, I just seem to have a hard time going to sleep. Usually when it's hot. So I did the beginner bodyweight workout routine for 3 circuits that I saw in one of the main articles by Steve, since it wasn't a weightlifting day. It certainly gave me a workout, and left me sweating, and feeling a bit sore in the legs. And then I walked for about an hour, and then by about 8:30 AM, I went and got a protein shake, two hotdogs with buns and some macaroni and cheese, because it was close to lunch time, there were no clean skillets available, and I had to be ready for church by about 11:00 AM. Before going, I tried that Amiibo stuff again to see if it would work on improving my mood and energy levels. I also made sure to take some Mega Men Energy & Metabolism vitamins like I have been every morning for the last week. Prior and while performing the workouts, I wasn't really feeling my best, but I forced myself and found the energy to do it. Usually when I have energy, I feel like doing something that requires a lot of movement, but it seems like it's when I don't have energy is when I'd rather do something slow and productive like lifting weights, which maybe gives me energy to do bodyweight workouts? After the meal I had after working out, I felt full and tired, and when I got to church, I just felt really excited and happy to see familiar faces and be in such a welcoming atmosphere (unlike college), but now I'm back home from church, and I honestly feel like doing nothing but going to sleep. So, what's going on with me? Is it a combination of not eating right or not sleeping right, or is it something personal? I feel like I know the answer to this, but I always like to get feedback, since I'm not always right. Then again, I think I am more right about myself than even most professionals, but I could be wrong there. Oh, just give me some input! Also, is it bad to use a little bit of whey for flavoring in water and milk? Because I've got some of the best-tasting whey I've ever had, I didn't even think it was going to taste so great!
  17. My idea of being a protector of man is mainly defending the good men and women and myself from the bad ones., and helping them survive nature, but I have had some concern about wildlife and the environment, as well, and have also had an interest in doing some kind of Park Warden job. Mostly in some place like the Rocky Mountains or the Savannas. Park Warden just sounds a bit better than Park Ranger, for some reason. I will admit, Rurik, that some of my motivations as of lately for learning and doing things like parkour are for self-defense purposes. I figured that if, say, a robber or robbers had knives and are (most likely) not athletes, I would be able to escape them by simply moving to a place they can't reach, or at least by outrunning them. Sadly, unless I were to be in some place like Bangkok or maybe Japan, and I'm not, chances are at least 5/10 that the robbers will have guns, which is where things like the Monk path would come in, albeit still risky. But besides all of that, I do love the idea of doing parkour like an Assassin just for the sake of being able to do it, and for exploring the world in a new way. It seems very freeing. I even remember watching a video of someone doing parkour in a forest, and they just seemed so fast and free, I almost...shed a treat. I thank you for doing some number work for me, but I'd rather make sure. One site told me (based off my gender, height, age, and a very overly-simplified activity chart) that I need about 2,696 calories a day to lose 1-2 lbs a week, which will take me to 200 lbs by the end of next year, (more specifically, December 9th, 2016), and if I'm very physically active everyday, a bit over 3,000 calories a day. Only 1-2 lbs a week would have sounded discouraging to the old me, but now that I understand the math, nutrition, weight training and other things behind it, it sounds like a very reasonable goal with a huge result: Eighty pounds gone in just one year. Of course, that's without taking into account my living conditions over the next year. Plus, just the strength I gain over that time and the 10, 20 lbs I DO lose during that time will still make a big difference. And then of course, there are some sites (usually with less details) that tell me I need to eat 1,500 calories, but to me, 1,500 is a bit of a challenge. It's certainly possible, but it's a nuisance. I feel like just one meal with no accurate calorie count can screw me over. 2,500 calories a day plus exercise every day sounds like a much more reasonable goal.
  18. Whoa, whoa, now. I have plenty of leg strength...just not by any measurable or weightlifting standard. It's not really my legs I'm concerned about, it's the getting into proper position and form, and not dropping the weights on myself or trapping myself, but I will take your advice. It kind of sounds like something like CrossFit is what I'm looking for anyways. I just get an odd feeling in the back of my head because CrossFit seems to get a bad rap because of it's commercialization or something, but from what I read, it's a really good form of exercise for someone who's looking for functional strength and weight loss. So, volume levels do help increase strength and muscles? Because I am thinking of taking Tanuki's advice for at least another week and just work on getting stronger, and then focus on increase in volume for explosiveness and stamina. Or is it better to just pick one?
  19. Lol, I don't remember saying you're horrible people! But yeah, I'll try talking to some of them while at the gym. I'm going to start making short term goals, I suppose. They're easier to pin down and track than simply saying "I'm going to lift x pounds by y", and ultimately lead up to the ultimate goal. I am strongly considering joining the six-week challenge. I'm a bit anxious about it, though. But regardless, I need to be ready to commit, and I'm already committed to my fitness goals at this point. I mean...I've invested nearly $500 into it! Also, Vegito, thank you for the imput, and now you have me curious: If not 3x5, then what kind of volume training do you recommend? And even though it was Hell on the guy who trained with you and lost 40 pounds, what was it that he did? Losing 40 pounds in two months sounds insane. I'd be happy just to lose 5 pounds a month, but it would be nice to lose it quicker.
  20. Oh, don't worry. I have several other reasons why I want to get stronger, but it helps to remind me that I'm not just doing this to try and impress someone. If they're someone that is genuine and potentially a good friend, it won't matter if I have muscle showing. I've been doing SS for 2 days now, if you only count the days I've been lifting. Do you count the days that you lift, or do you count every day? I'm counting them all just in case. Day 1: I deadlifted 80 lbs for 1x5. I felt it was a little too easy, so I deadlifted another 1x5, but with 100 lbs, instead, and it went well, from what I can tell. A fun challenge. I bench pressed 56 lbs for 3x5 before realizing it wasn't too different from 60 lbs, or at least it didn't seem that different. So I did an extra 1x5 with 60 lbs. I struggled on the last rep a little bit, but I did it successfully. I squatted 40 lbs for 3x5, but it felt awkward and unsafe maneuvering those weights over my head and onto my back. I'm supposed to slide under it, but the rack at home isn't tall enough. The squats were easy, so I did an extra 2x10, which also seemed to go well and produce some burn, but not any soreness, which is good, right? And then as accessory exercises, I did 40 lbs leg curls laying for 3x5, and sitting for 2x5, then 1x10, and then 1x15. Probably not a good idea. When doing the one laying down, and reaching the end of the 2nd set, I felt some weird tension somewhat underneath and behind my right knee, like what my left leg was having an easy time with, my right was struggling with. Day 2: I rested and did some walking. Day 3: I did 2x5 military presses with 40 lbs, and 1x4 military presses with 60 lbs. I couldn't quite finish that last rep. I did power cleans with 60 lbs for 3x5. Except for the form, I didn't see or feel anything wrong with it, and it was a nice challenge, as well. And then, I did 3x5 squats with 56 lbs, which again, felt awkward, and I don't think I had the form right, but it wasn't that hard, either. As for my diet today and most mornings, I know I had a protein shake of 170 calories (not counting the milk), two eggs for another 170 calories along with two pieces of toast and a slice of American Cheese. For lunch, I had another protein shake (with water, this time) with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I'll have to count up the calories again to be sure, but I really don't enjoy counting calories. It's just really time-consuming, and it's a bit frustrating not being able to quickly and easily tell how many calories I get from everything I eat in a day, but it's not like it's a hard thing to do, and if I have to make sure I consume less calories to lose weight, I'll do it. Especially since I've learned that it's easier than I thought. I've honestly felt really satisfied with having eggs, toast, a protein shake, and a banana in the morning time. It's tasty, it's quick to prepare, it leaves me feeling satisfied, and it's pretty low calorie, or at least it seems that way since it's roughly 500 ~ 700 calories: Roughly 1/3 of my daily calorie need, but I may be wrong. I'll post this in the nutrition section, if I have to, but I'm still not sure what my calorie intake is supposed to be. I've been told that for someone my age (19 turning 20 this July) and size (280), I need 2,500 calories a day, but according to online calculators, I need approximately 1,000 ~ 1,500 calories. And then I heard that if I eat less calories than I need, I'll burn muscle and become anorexic and radda-radda. Also, are there any tips for weighing a bar?
  21. Right now, I'm not entirely sure what my ultimate goal is. I know it is to be a Ranger, but what are some feats that define them? I remember reading a thread about this somewhere, but I can't find it again. I want to say that my weight goal is to get from 280 lbs to at least 260 lbs by mid-August, but I am not sure how realistic that is. I want to say that I have a strength goal of being able to bench press 100 lbs by mid-August, but I'm not sure how realistic that is, either. I know I can bench press 40 lbs 5 reps at home. I can also bench press 60 lbs 5 reps at home. But the bar I have at home is really light, like probably only a pound or two (Sorry if the "pounds" are confusing. I'm from the US), and the bar at the gym I go to feels like it alone weighs at least 40 lbs. So, I'm not entirely sure how much I can really bench. Anyways, I care much more about being faster and stronger, but I also want to get some muscle showing, at least some when I flex, by mid-August. Partially because I accidentally told a woman that I like and am acquainted with that I would lift weights over the summer, so, damn. Now I have to have SOMETHING to show for it. Right now, I am doing Starting Strength, and plan to stick with it for strength-building. I've been doing a circuit of: Workout A: 3x5 squats 3x5 bench presses 1x5 deadlifts Workout B: 3x5 squats 3x5 military presses 3x5 power cleans However, with the exception of the deadlifts (I deadlifted 100 lbs), I didn't really feel like I was doing much with the number of reps and weight that I used for the squats and bench presses. I don't like to go too heavy with the bench presses and deadlifts because I don't have anyone to spot me, most of the time, but with bench pressing 40 lbs and squatting 40 lbs for 3x5, I didn't feel like I got much out of it. I could be wrong, though. Just because I didn't feel sore afterwards, it doesn't mean I didn't do any good.
  22. That is what I said about the game Trove while in it's global chat. A guy replied saying it sounded much like his life, and now that I think about it, it sounds much like my life as well. My name is Warnamon, or at least for now. It was the RP name for my Warden from Lord of the Rings Online. I loved that class. It was the best experience with a class I have ever had in an MMORPG. The Warden It had it all: Strong melee capabilities (although not the hardest hitter), decent tanking (in the hands of a good player who knows how the Warden works), great solo capabilities (one of the best in the game), some useful ranged skills (mostly for debuffing and weakening the enemy before engaging them in melee/CQC), decent mobility and utility skills (like one that made him march faster), a short but still useful stealth skill (not as cheap and easy as the Burglar or Hunter's stealth, but allowed for powerful ambushes), and the biggest, most difficult, and most fun trade-off for it, was that it utilized a combo attack system, called "gambits". For some, it made the class hard to play as solo, and horrible to tank with, but for me, it just made the class several times more fun. Having to think of complex combos on my feet to access the skill I needed for the situation, performing a quick chain of combos to bolster my defenses, build aggro if tanking, and quickly stacking DoTs when going on the offense, being able to bombard my enemies with javelins for a short amount of time before charging them with my spear and unique Warden shield, healing and protecting my allies when they were in need, and generally, blocking, evading, and parrying my way to victory. So, basically, it was kind of like what you might call the Ranger, or exactly like the LoTR equivalent of Leonidas I from 300. Sparta kick and everything. I honestly have not thought about this until I made this thread, but the character actually sounds much like who I want to be in real life: Capable of saving and protecting others, being able to save a life using first aid, being able to hold his own and defend himself and others, and in general just be really strong and really fast, and pretty smart. My Life Right now, I am a college student studying Engineering Technology who just finished his 2nd year of college, and the first semester of Eng. Tech courses. I chose the major because I want to be good with my hands, and be able to repair things and build things, and I also have an interest in robotics and vehicles. Besides that, I also believe that the major will prepare me to think with ingenuity and math skills that can be useful in the work place, at home, out in public, and in the wilderness. Besides that, I really have an interest in doing something like Firefighting or Search and Rescue, because by my logic (which is most likely heavily flawed), at least jobs like SAR not only pay well (or at least should), and not only do they garner more respect than some office job (but I have much respect for people who work in cubicles and offices), but it's also the closest thing to being a real life hero without becoming some vigilante or nut, and the closest I can get to some form of action while helping people without becoming a soldier, or a cop, or a surgeon. I can't see the moral conflict in rescuing people from disasters or bad guys. Also, I don't really like the idea of working some desk job. I like the idea of working on vehicles and machines and robots, but I like the idea of doing field work more. My dream job would be some kind of SARs Technician: Someone who will go into the field to find missing persons and rescue them, while also utilizing drone technology (the good, fun, scouting camera drones. Not the giant flying metal death birds) to search for people in unstable locations, and operating and repairing rescue vehicles and tools, and with the advancements in technology, increased use of drone technology, and the increasing demand for people with specialized skills, I have to believe that a job like this will come into existence soon, if not already. So, I guess you would say that my goal is to become a Ranger, with a secondary class of Assassin or Monk, and a profession of Gadgeteer-ing? Sadly, I have not done too well in the major. I know I can do the work, but I ended up spending most of the semester playing games and trying to avoid people I don't like and don't trust. Having been homeschooled, I wasn't ready for the culture shock that ensued when going to school in a big city, and I still have not fully picked up on social ques, norms, and conventions. something personal has been holding me back. The first semester was great! It had it's ups and downs, but I enjoyed it. Then suddenly, in the second semester, I just had a hard time socializing, and had a hard time with my chemistry class, and just, didn't feel happy. I can't even remember what it was, but it was just a constantly downward spiral until my fourth semester, where I pretty much lost touch with nearly everyone I knew at college, but also while forming new connections. The entire semester, I just felt spent, and like I didn't want to do any of the work. A friend of mine told me it's because I went home last summer and didn't do anything, so I don't feel refreshed or like I've found anything to motivate me. It wasn't until after my fourth semester of college and being in the city and doing things like volunteering to deliver food to homeless people, joining in on protests, and learning about the history of this country, and learning so much about the world and people in general, that I learned that the world, even just the city itself, is a very interesting, great, but also dangerous and tragic place. I kinda figured that, but I've never got up close and see it for myself. I also learned that college life is very cutthroat and superficial, most of the time, yet I feel like I've yet to see the REAL throat-slitting action. Without going into too much more details about my personal life, due to some unwise spending mistakes that I will not be making again, I came back home this summer for the 2nd time in a row with only $500. I can try to get a job, but with me not having a driver's license yet and living out in the country, my work opportunities is highly dependent on my mom's work location and schedule. So I decided to invest my $500 into weightlifting and supplements, and whatever other things I may need. I've already invested a little more than $100 into a gym called the "Lif+ Center", and it was on that very day I paid that fee that my dad revealed that he got a bench press set from some guy for $50. I still find the gym a useful investment, because it's a place where I can focus on myself without interruptions and distractions, a place where I can walk around downtown, and it's a nice alternative to having to lift weights and run outside on a hot day with all the insects out. Still, I can't honestly say I'm always thrilled about going to it. It's kind of an "Imperial" gym, and the only friendly and immediately helpful people I've met so far there are some of the older people. Most of the younger people there are actually men and women who are in their early 30s to early 50s, and maybe it's just my negative outlook on certain groups of people (which college has not helped, but volunteering and protesting has), but most of them aren't the most friendly or genuine people. Plus, most of the women are vastly older than me and either have kids, a husband, and/or are old enough to be my grandmother. This is okay, though. I am not there to make friends, and I'm tired of looking to others to try and motivate me or help me. It's a nice gym that gives me nearly everything I want and need (even a pullup machine), except for more than one squat rack. I think there are more in the gymnasium, but I can't remember. Also, I don't like machines. They feel too easy and rigid, and half of them I'm not even sure how they work. The Mission That last year of college just taught me that who I am now, physically, is not going to cut it in the college world, let alone the real world, and that who I am and who I want to be on the inside, does not match who I am on the outside. I'm tired of feeling slower than most people, inferior to most guys. I'm tired of feeling helpless and defenseless when walking off-campus because I'm not allowed to carry any form of self-defense (while in one of the most dangerous cities in the country). I want to be able to lift and carry people, jump from rooftop to rooftop, scale buildings, run faster than the fastest man alive, and I have nothing but good reasons to change who I am physically, which I will go over briefly: To defend others (SARs, Firefighting, unexpected scenarios) To defeat enemies (robbers with knives, rivals in sports) To evade and escape unbeatable threats (robbers with guns/cars, police) To show others that I am no laughing matter (appearance is everything) To survive For these reasons I want to be ready for anything the world may throw at me, and that's why my goal is to class change from an Adventurer into a Ranger/Warden, and then take a secondary class in Assassin, and if time and resources permit me, Monk. To me, that means building a lot more strength, and enough muscle for it to really show, but not too much, so I can remain functional. To me, that means running and weightlifting to lose weight, build stamina, build speed, and build strength, but I could be wrong. I've started doing Starting Strength for the sake of getting stronger, and hopefully developing "explosiveness", with some of the workouts. However, I'm not sure how 3x5 reps is going to do me much good, and it leaves me feeling like I want to do more, even though I don't have to be sore and exhausted to get results. Also, I'm still a bit confused on the whole calories-counting thing, and friggin' hate it (which is what makes the Paleo diet sound so good), even though it's not hard. I'll go over it in another thread, but I'm still confused in some ways. Like, what are carbs? Do I need to eat 2,500 calories a day and burn that same amount, or do I burn slightly more than I consume to lose weight? but then wouldn't that lead to malnutrition and halt my progress? And how does weightlifting adjust my calorie need? And then there's all this about measuring your arms, your legs, your waist, your head, your feet, your ears, your man/lady parts, etc. It seems like 70% of fitness is just a numbers game and the extra 30% is the actual working out. Lifting weights and running are the easy parts. But anyways, I'm not going to give up now. I want to have something to show for it by at least mid-August of this year. I can deadlift 100 lbs, but I can only easily squat about 40 lbs or 50 lbs, and I can sort of bench press 60 lbs, if I remember correctly, but I don't like to go too hard with bench pressing, since I have no one to spot me, most of the time. Same with squatting, which I am having a hard time doing because my bench press setup doesn't have hard enough bars for me to get underneath it really well, and the bench is partially in the way. Right now, I am 280 lbs. My end goal is to get down to 200 lbs within a year or two, and to be able to lift 200 lbs within a year, but I'm not sure if those are good enough goals. Your class systems kinda helps with that, honestly. It's funny, because I've spent several hours on BodyBuilding trying to find a name for what I want to achieve and be, and there were several different tabs with different names (athletics, speed and strength, parkour, gymnastics, bodybuilding, running, sprinting, etc.), and every time I'd click one, I would get, hundreds of different articles, all saying different things. Every time I would research anything, it was pure information overload. I just followed the most common themes I managed to pick up on. And then I found this site that explains these things in terms that I'm familiar with. It works with my mind, which has been on an RPG diet since I was 14. I love that. I apologize for all the text, but that is pretty much me, right now.
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