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  1. Grumble

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Like you just don't care?
  2. Grumble

    CM keeps calm

    And it's absolutely beautiful.
  3. Grumble

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    I can get behind that sentiment. And I mentioned this in Blocky's thread, but I will be using a new app to track my food. It's called YouAte and it doesn't track macros or any metric like that, instead, it involves taking a picture and asking WHY you ate that. Forces you to be, well, mindful about your food. Let's see how this helps things.
  4. That's what sold me. The why is real important to the whole mindful bit.
  5. I found an app that tracks differently, I'm gonna try it out.
  6. One of my dear friends was a part of Doha Dash and all the bullshit exposure that came with that. Still had 4 kids. Don't count yourself out yet.
  7. Grumble

    CM keeps calm

    Food network. Here. Experiments. Only time I really used pinterest was during my weight loss challenge, and that was worse than the actual diet.
  8. Grumble

    CM keeps calm

    Last time I checked a finish line is towards something. Like most things, Except pinterest, which has no end. Much like hell.
  9. Grumble

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    When doing them doesn't immediately make you hate them.
  10. Grumble

    CM keeps calm

  11. Grumble

    Miss Marissa idk let's not do a creative title

    I'm a multitasker.
  12. Grumble

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    Whoa. That's dangerously close to common sense.
  13. Grumble

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    I will def be posting my tracker info if any of you crazy nerds want to follow along. Speaking of warmups. I had a 9 miler scheduled yesterday, and while warming up with some body squats the top of my knee provided a nice sharp pain, so I stopped immediately. We'll give it another go today, but I am NOT going to work out through pain ever again. I had enough of that working through my shoulder injury to know better. Doubly so for legs, hard to walk with busted knees.
  14. Grumble

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    Aren't those considered leg lifts? Yes, I'm aware of the similarity of the words. You've been working out long enough to know better.