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  1. Grumble

    Spezzy Prepares for Battle

    Weights make you dog tired.
  2. Grumble

    GK refines himself (oh FFS)

  3. Grumble

    JustCallMeAmber's All Owl's Eve Challenge

    Waiting patiently for goals...
  4. Grumble

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    New challenge up!
  5. Grumble

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    She is Please understand that I am using her words when I say this. Because she's an idiot. There was a stray pibble running around our street and kept trying to get into my wife's friends car (mom's night at the grumble house) so i came out. Super friendly dog. Couldnt find the owner, but knew it was on our street. Put the dog in the backyard while we find the owner. Bring the dog water while leaving the slider open and two cats staring through said slider. Dog got pulled off the cat by someone else, and my wife, in her infinite wisdom, decided to pick up the JUST PINNED CAT. Needless to say, it ended better than it could have with only a handful of bites, scratches and a T-DAP shot to show for it. (Note, my wife is generally a very bright and common sense human, but occasionally...)
  6. Grumble

    Grumble gets Shiny

    Hi, my name is Grumble, and I'm a sufferer of SOS. It's an expensive and painful disease. It has occasionally affected my relationship with my wife. It has definitely affected my relationship with my wallet. Shiny Object Syndrome is real people. I've got two races during this challenge. A 5k on OCT 27th and a 10k on NOV 17th. Race goals: 5k for 26 min or better 10k for 52 min or better Goal pace is between 8:20 and 8:30 a mile No big. Easy runs. No challenge at all. >_> I've been lifting twice a week, either doing a HIIT or a Jim Stoppani program. Might up that to three times a week. The runs are all feeling good, and so long as I don't do a lower body session AND a run in the same day, I feel like I'm doing alright. I'm buying too much crap during the week. Need to stop this (it's mostly junk food, small portions, but still). I don't have a plan for how to do this yet or how to reward it. More to follow. I bought a 5' pvc pipe. I own a lacrosse ball and a foam roller. I have no excuse to not be more limber. I also have no plan. I have acquired a copy of Supple Leopard and will be going through it. I will update with specifics once I start reading it and can break down how I can incorporate details into the challenge.
  7. Grumble

    CM warms up

    Blend em, measure em out in tablespoons, and freeze the measured out bits. That's what I've done in the past.
  8. Grumble

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    No pics, halloween party got rained out. Stupid climate change. Outfit got soaked, makeup ran. I ended up washing it all off within the first hour. Rain continued Saturday, so I did not run or go back to disneyland. Then Mrs Grumble got bit by our cat when a pitbull got into our house sat night, so sunday was spent spoiling taking care of the wife and no workout. Wrap up. Beat Wonderland and kill Edward. Outside of this weekend, I was 100% on the runs, including the run club on Wednesday nights. - A Accept a Red Robes Help Don't have an actual therapist yet, but finally on the right path. - B+ Retrieve the Animus Bell All modules completed, test not yet scheduled. Waiting til I hit a point that I'm not being subverted by studying running and can work on the existing knowledge I have without trying to balance things. I'm very much a deep dive kind of nerd. - B+
  9. Grumble

    JustCallMeAmber hasn't lost her mind..just misplaced it

    Unless it's latin, cause that's how you get demons.
  10. Grumble

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    Thursday was fun. Did an upper body workout that was kinda beast. Pyramid workout. 4 exercises, starting at 20 reps (per side), then 15, 10, and 5 for time. After completing all 4 exercises for the rx reps, run a lap and 20 crunches. KB Complex: KB Swing to Clean to Thruster to Lunge to Turkish Getup and back to start. Resistance Band Cross body Chops DB Lateral Lunge with OH front rais (palms facing) Spiderman Pushups Completed 20 rep circuit, and got all the way to rep 10 on the 15 rep circuit of the last exercise before time was called. Then I went and ran an easy two mile with grimble RUN 17:30, Thursday October 11, 2018 2.02 mi 18:26 mins 9'07" pace 143 bpm 317 cals Shins are a little sore today, which is fine. I'll walk it off at Disneyland's Halloween party tonight. Going as a Disneybound Jack Skellington. Squee!
  11. Grumble

    GK debases himself yet further

    yasssss Not much you can do either way. Hope it's just that last bit of proverbial darkness.
  12. Grumble

    JustCallMeAmber hasn't lost her mind..just misplaced it

    I barely english while sleepy, forget learning something else. I'd probably cast an unforgiveable curse on accident or something.
  13. Grumble

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    I'd ask for a livestream, but I'm gonna be at Disneyland and might get yelled at for yelling at my phone.
  14. Grumble

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    Not saying that extra weight gives some extra oomph, but yea... Glad you got back down. Almost time for you to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
  15. Grumble

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    RUN 18:38, Wednesday October 10, 2018 3.1 mi 27:53 mins 9'01" pace 159 bpm 563 cals Did not run faster, route surprised me with a significant uphill of about 300 ft over a half mile. Definitely need to do more hill work. Still a good run. Had TWO negative splits, which is a first.