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  1. You all are magical human beans of Good Advice and Positive Reinforcement. Also yea, our demons have some pretty fucking epic health bars.
  2. CM tries not to die

    So many colors. It's so pretty.
  3. CM tries not to die

    I am being denied viewership
  4. Deckard Gainz scribbles and scrawls through catacomb halls

    I'm gonna hit ohp today. Misery loves company.
  5. sted Wednesday at 09:23 AM Magnus Rushes In Little bit of confession. I have body issues, particularly my chest and arms. And in the awesomely sabotogey way the mind is, the concept is to avoid doing things to them and hope everything else overshadows it. Fucking mind. So today's work out is brought to you by insecurities and frustration. that was harder to type than i expected BB Bench: 135x8, 165x8, 2x175x8. I moved my grip out a bit and really engaged my chest more than I think I ever have. I've always been taught just outside shoulder width for standard bench, turns out that's kind of bullshit. Who knew. DB Incline Close Bench: 65x7, 3x52.5x8. First was too high, second weight was too low, but by the end of the 4th set it was just right. For the unclear, the dumbbells are pressed together for the duration of the exercise. Dip: 2x8, 2x6. I normally do close grip tricep dips and can usually hit 15. Moving the handles out and leaning into the dip to emphasize chest was humbling. I almost landed flat on my face twice. DB One Arm French Press: 3x25x8. probably could have gone to 27.5 and been ok, but 30 would probably have not worked. I dunno if the weight is too much or the dumbbells are too wide, but I sucked with those. Either way, last set still almost failed. BB Reverse Grip Skullcrusher: 60x7, 2x50x8. I need to use an EZ bar doing reverse grip, these were hard on my wrists and I''m already hard enough on them. Decline Oblique Crunches: 2x15 per side.... OOF. Taako's Good Out Here I did not note take yesterday, mostly because I got distracted by new computer for the living room. It's so tiny it almost looks out of place. Abraca Fuck You! Can abraca fuck off yesterday.
  6. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    Like this?
  7. Kwesadilo deals with injuries

    Late is better than never. Re: going to bed, do you have a ritual? And have you tried an alarm to remind you to start said process?
  8. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    I think that's literally the line of an Andy Grammar song.
  9. CM tries not to die

    It does come in gallon jugs though, so that should count for something.
  10. CM tries not to die

    My favorite hot sauce is actually one my sushi chef used to make. the "Shut Up Sauce". Recipe is up on food network here.
  11. Legs are straight and to parallel. For a set and a half. The last 6 reps or so I definitely started to fall apart.
  12. As of this writing? none that I have found that make it taste as good. It's only been since the start of this challenge. You're good.
  13. CM tries not to die

  14. Hail and well met, my dudes. There is officially a recovery period after drinking too much alcohol in which I get to skip my IF this morning and no amount of good sense will convince me otherwise. *Eats bagel smugly* Magnus Rushes in Machine Assisted Pull-up: 3x203x8, 203x4. Program calls for 4x8. But I can't do 4x8. So until I can, I shall do these. Good note is they improved greatly from the last time I tried this many pullups, so yay. Pendlay Row: 185x8, 185x7, 2x165x8. These are humbling. Also probably very annoying to the stores right below my lift. DB One Arm Row: 4x85x8. Normally I can move these with some aplomb, but two big back exercises later these made a very heavy weight on reps 6-8. BB Curl: 2x70x8, 70x5. Felt these. Oof. Alternating Supinating DB Curl: 3x30x8. Not heavy in and of themselves, but after the heavy BB curls, my arms just felt tired. Hanging leg raise: 2x15. I am fat and weak. Please sir, may I have another. Diet fell off a little bit last night, but I blame that on the beer. Weight went up one and a half lbs. Get back on track with the foods today and tomorrow should clear all that up. That and some pretty awesome mac and cheese. You can find more about it here. Taako's Good Out here Nothing doing today Abraca Fuck You Threw away a bag full of unnecessary paperwork that we thought we might need down the road. Little things.