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  1. Grumble Tracks Tremendous Totals

    Channeled myself some C.T. Fletcher yesterday and filled out the sleeves of my XXL workout shirt. ISYFS WARMUP Cable tricep Pushdown 90x10 120x10 80x10 150x10 120x10 110x10 90x10 110x10 100x10 130x10 Cable Standing Bicep Curl 60x10 100x10 80x10 120x10 140x10 110x10 80x10 80x10 100x10 60x10 WORK DB One Arm preacher Curl 25x14 30x8 DB Seated Tricep Press: I saw individual muscles in my forearm doing this. That was more exciting than the lift. ALso, my bicep was alread pumped enough it paused the music on my headphones. 55x15 65x10 70x8 70x7 DB Incline T Curl: These were interesting, definitely worked the shorter bicep head more, plus the stabalization required with the weights was taxing itself 20x15 27.5x8 DB Tricep Kickback: Death by Kickback. 12.5x40 12.5x40 Chinups: I was smoked like brisket at this point, but I could not quit. So I supplemented. 1 1 Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl 150x8 150x6 DB Decline Tricep Extension: Too many weights were in use, so I thought I had to drop farther than I was going to get a good workout in with, but that was determined to be a lie. MY poor triceps Dropsets 32.5x17 15x20 12.5x20 10x20 8x20
  2. Teros 38: If I fail, I quit NF forever

    Holy shit. That was a ride from start to finish. I feel like they could do a resident evil sexy fan fiction called Of Buckles and Booty.
  3. Lifting and eating. Eating and Lifting. Maybe running. Definitely eating. I will also be updating the day's post as it happens, instead of at the end of the day.