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  1. Putting the “Pump” in “Pumpkin”

    I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.
  2. Grumbles Gets Better

    Thanks. Again, I think it was less brave and more too tired to be embarrassed. 267. Can't take measurements. Somebody stole my cloth tape. Need to pick another one up.
  3. Raptron Gym Ratron

    wrong challenge. Glad you're not dead. Sorry I'm late. I was too busy stripping for the camera. So. Are we defining calm as normal human schedule calm or @raptron schedule calm? Alot of us need to know.
  4. Grumbles Gets Better

    She used to run in High School. It's not a stretch, and we have a goal of getting to run with the stroller. Oh good, so this isn't completely weird. Mei, the original Alphonse fangirl.
  5. Grumbles Gets Better

    Doms should not go away this quick. I'm pleased. Had a toddler meltdown, so my bodyweight workout didn't happen like I wanted it to, which in turn pushed my lifting session to the right, but I got Mrs G to go for a run! Which is huge. We're starting small, just a half mile until she can run that without issue, then we'll expand. I'm letting her decide how often we run with a mandatory every wednesday. Baby steps. I'm noticing something with my weight loss. It's not happening. But I think things are working right. I have been the EXACT same weight, down to the tenth of a lb, for 4 days in a row now. I also was comparing pictures from the ones I took tuesday morning to ones I took back in the beginning of august. I'm definitely leaner from the side view. School proof will come at the end of today. Promise.
  6. JustCallMeAmber is challenging.. probably..

    My job is done here.
  7. JustCallMeAmber is challenging.. probably..

    I'll save you the pain.
  8. A log by any other name...

    How old is your little monster adorable angelic creature?
  9. Kevin has Respawned

    I wish I had thought about this when I was going through my caffeine cut. It really is a brilliant idea.
  10. A log by any other name...

    Mine is gonna be 3 in January. It's a fantastically independent age. You did the deed. You get all the poop that comes with it. Look on the bright side though. You have less of a chance of urine in the mouth during diaper changes with girls.
  11. CM gets the LOCOmotive back on the tracks

    Nobody should ever have to get used to that.