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  1. Miss Marissa

    And I may have bought all three trades and read them already. What's next?
  2. Spezzy is her own adult.

    Mine definitely has two. Apparently making a hat out of magnatiles is 'childish'.
  3. JustCallMeAmber squat, etc form check

    Watch the hip rotation at the top of the squat. From the angle of the videoyour hips look as if they are rotating far forward. It looks like you're breaking the 'stack' you create when you set for the squat, potential setting up for pain and suffering down the road. Opinion. Squats seem fast, I almost thought you weren't hitting parallel you were bouncing right back out of the hole so quickly. I had to slow the video to .25 speed to see you were. Also, and this relates to the hip thing I think, but on the last rep you started walking back to the rack before you were completely vertical. Deadlift: I love the setup, I love the start, I love the top of the lift. I don't love the swing I'm seeing as you try to get the bar around your knees. Again, hard to tell with the camera angle, but your knees are directing your bar path and it appears to be hitting your thighs as opposed to riding up them. I'm not quite sure how to explain how to fix this in words that make sense, cause all I can come up with is let the bar dictate where your knees go and not the other way around. It's kind of like where they used to drag the bar up the shins, but without being stupid about it. Maybe Jim Stoppani can do better than me.
  4. Miss Marissa

    I got hooked on Hannah's tag line "I've conjured a little fuck you." Sold. Reading it now. My little 80's nostalgia brain is breaking down over new She-Ra.
  5. The Training Yard: Where We Get Our Learn On

    I feel like the study is sending a message, not so much about eating less crap, but more about how diet culture is kind of trash and decisions we can make to bring us back in line with healthy without following some crazy nonsense. Like giving up bread. Sweet, Sweet, bread.
  6. There's been a murder on the tracks! My weight loss has been cut down in a brutal attack of parties and sugar cravings. So the obvious answer is to stop eating... Right? Ok. Ok. bad idea. Maybe I could talk to the steward for some assistance? Shit no. That bowtie just screams evil. Alright, I guess I have to do this myself. Fine. Using Spell Slots I have a finite number of calories I should be consuming in a day. 2312 to be exact. (I did like 8 TDEE calculators and that was the mean of all of them) I'm pretty good at tracking, but not so good at tracking on time. I end up doing a lot of it at the end of the day. And while I have a pretty solid grasp on what most things will cost me, I still get sidetracked and miss some stuff or don't add everything in, especially with recipes, and my calorie totals end up being a lie. So my goal for this is to track my calories as they happen instead of grouped together and suddenly I'm 1500 calories over. I am including parties. So everything I eat will be tracked and once I am at cap I'm done whether I want to eat or not. Scuttle Buddy: @Taddea Zhaan has kindly offered to bug me and let me bug her to remind to track as appropriate, so I will be noting every time I get bugged after I have missed tracking as expected. Getting Rid of Old Silverware Continuing my Year of Clean, Mrs G and I have come to the conclusion that we don't schedule well. I'm kind of an impulsive cleaner, and I don't deal well with scheduling cleaning. She is the same way, but she can clean longer while I just clean bigger. What's been happening so far has been working, at least for me, and I am going to continue that path until something breaks. Bringing the Murderer to Justice Things I am not good at. Following through. In an interesting note, doing a full year of these challenges has really helped me with that particular aspect of my life. But it's still got a ways to go. I do it with work, school, home projects, even video games and tv shows. These next 4 weeks I will be writing down things I need to do in my commonplace book and leaving reminders in my calendar to follow up on them.
  7. I do have to thank all of you guys for being the positive bastion of support. Don't think I could have done this a year or two ago.
  8. CM eats snaaaaaaaacks

    But it's sooo goooooddddd.
  9. I mean, if the shoe siths... er fits.
  10. Alanna does two things... wait, make that three

    this sounds like a good idea. *walks off with your good idea*
  11. Alanna does two things... wait, make that three

    I get what Dom is saying, but it's still Dom, bro extraordinaire. I need more SCIENCE!
  12. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    My life in a sentence.
  13. Alanna does two things... wait, make that three

    I have straps, and I use them on the weird days that have volume AND heavy singles. Otherwise my goal is to double overhand 500 # raw. I firmly believe that if I can't lift twice my bodyweight in a given moment, I have no business using straps or a belt.
  14. Alanna does two things... wait, make that three

    Now that things are cleared up (and I just watched that video too, she made that PR look easy.) I ONLY use mixed grip on my heavy singles, otherwise it's overhand or hook. I think you'd have to exclusively used mixed grip without ever switching to be really concerned about unequal loading. Everybody's favorite instagram Dr has a really comprehensive article about mixed grip and imbalance here
  15. Blocky goes on an ol' fashioned Dungeon Crawl

    I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about...
  16. Alanna does two things... wait, make that three

    I posted a whole response to this, then realized it wasn't my thread. Were you talking to me or Alanna?
  17. Miss Marissa

    I'm not picky, but I'm also simple. I'm definitely going to be reading hellboy, and I was really enjoying the comics you posted in your last challenge (outsiders?), so thats a good place to start. Anything multiverse will immediately be ignored, though. It's hands down my least favorite trope in comics and the reason I stopped reading them.
  18. Alanna does two things... wait, make that three

    Pec stretch in doorframe, put your forearms on either side of a doorframe and lean into it, keeping elbows at 90 degrees. Single-arm shoulder flexion: Stand with your injured arm hanging down at your side. Keeping your arm straight, bring your arm forward and up toward the ceiling. Hold this position for 5 seconds. External rotations: Tie a resistance band to a bar about mid chest level. With the arm parallel to the floor and bent at the elbow 90 degrees, slowly rotate til the forearm is vertical. Start with a light resist band and up the resistance as you feel comfortable. Other version: Stand sideways next to a door with your injured arm farther from the door. Tie the band at waist level. Rest the hand of your injured arm across your stomach. Keeping your elbow in at your side, rotate your arm outward and away from your waist. Slowly return your arm to the starting position. Make sure you keep your elbow bent 90 degrees and your forearm parallel to the floor. Sleeper stretch: Lie on your injured side with your hips and knees flexed and your arm straight out in front of you. Bend the elbow on your injured side to a right angle so that your fingers are pointing toward the ceiling. Then use your other hand to gently push your arm down toward the floor. Keep your shoulder blades lightly squeezed together as you do this exercise. I still use these regularly as warmups and they without a doubt are perpetually beneficial.
  19. Miss Marissa

    You're kind of my hero right now.
  20. The Training Yard: Where We Get Our Learn On

    Really, really interesting study on diets. Definitely worth a read. article that prompted me to read it.
  21. Shit Warriors Eat

    I'll have fries on your behalf.
  22. JustCallMeAmber and the black rabbit of death

    Mostly related to why I'm hungry.
  23. Miss Marissa

    I need more comics in my life. I'm just tired of the big 2 and don't know where to start.