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  1. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    His every recipe. I may have all his books and been to his live show.
  2. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    I've made my IT career on being tall. Top the of the rack access. It's done pretty well so far.
  3. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    So there I was, determined to not challenge after the debacle that the last one was. And life was good. Then I realized I had challenged every single challenge this year. And I was quitting early. Life was less good. THEN I realized I was quitting just when I became a guild leader. BUT, then I got a new job. A new job with an epic 5 mile commute. And it flipped the happy switch in my brain. And I realized how much that commute had been messing lots of things up, including, but not limited to, school, work, home, working out, gaming, not gaming, etc. And as i sat here and had these thoughts, I began to feel a little foolish. Like really Phulish... Phulish? PHULish? PHUL! Now I have all these feelings. Feelings about my feelings. Feelings about my decisions. I don't know how I feel about that. THis may have also attributes to my stopping my cut, and my intermittent fasting. Not all of it, most was discipline... (and cheetohs, if we're being honest) So here's what's gonna happen We're gonna finish out the year strong. Literally. P.H.U.L. workout until the end of the year. I've never done it, so I'll see how I like it. I've got a basic program built and I'll go from there. Then we're gonna do some soul searching. And some honest writing. And some meditation. Gonna carry around a notebook for the rest of the year as well. Write down things that come through my synapses and neuroses neurons. Then, we're back on intermittent fasting. I'm currently 261, so definitely not as bad as I could have been, particularly considering all the really useless foods I've been eating. And by God/Buddha/Green Mother/Zeus/whatever, I'm starting it ON THANKSGIVING. And then... Wait. That last was for my wife.
  4. Shit Warriors Eat

    Pressure Cooker Ribs are incredibly underrated.
  5. Stronglifts form check (B day lifts)

    Squats: GET LOWER. GET LOWER. GET LOWER. I cannot stress that enough. Your knees are definitely in a better position, but you could go a little farther back. Which, coincidentally, will help you GET LOWER. OHP: I've got nothing but encouragement on OHP. Form looks good, that last rep was a struggle, so a little form failure is expected. Deadlift: I'm gonna beat you up a little bit here. There's several things you need to work on. First, when you grab the bar and get set, even without seeing your feet I can tell you're too far from the bar. Your knees are way over the bar, which helps lead to the rounding you're seeing as well as lifting with your arms and shoulders. If you watch the top of the first rep, you can actually see your arms start to curl the bar a little bit. Which is going to mess with your grip. It got progressively worse each rep. Which is why you felt like you did after rep three. Also. You stiff legged the weight on the way down and bent in half like your were a compound bow. That's asking for back trouble. Finaly note, Stop looking at the bar. Keep your head neutral. If it stays in line with your spine, it will also act as a cue to maintain that rigid spine. Also, watch this.
  6. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    So? You know you'd get down on that too. Sounding all judgy and stuff.
  7. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    Thanks. As weird as it seems, Bent Over Rows are one of my favorite exercises. It's my first step into becoming dorito shaped. Weekend was long and mostly boring. Army stuff friday and sunday, cousin's kids 1st bday sat. Which was awesome. Sunday, while slow, had a gym with dumbbells and machines, so everytime I got tired, I went down and did a lift. Ended up doing a full body workout yesterday. Didn't track it, but I did DB Bench, Inverted flys, two arm rows, machine leg press, calf press, and farmer walks. No workout today. I've got a visit to the Chiro today, plus swim lessons. So back on track tomorrow. Didn't weigh in at all this weekend. Too tired to care.
  8. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    Been sick all week, and Friday was the least shitty feeling day, so I got in a partial upper power day. Bench is back at 205 for 4x4. Obviously not where I was, but better. Also discovered my current working 1RM is 225. Good to know. Bb bent over row.235 for 4x4. 10 lbs jump is tough. Recorded second set to make sure my form is good, fell apart a little on the last rep, but otherwise I have no concerns. Finished with bb shoulder press. Got 2 sets of 115x6 no sweat, 3rd set was #strugglebus and failed 4th set at halfway mark. That was about my limit today as I could not breathe. Still the same weight. But I'm trying to eat this cold away, so I'm not surprised there. Otherwise, life's been good, except for this cough that has literally let me up all night, which is why this is going up at 430 am.
  9. Stronglifts form check (A day lifts)

    Agree with @Taddea Zhaan, work on your depth. Box squats, warm up with 3rd world squats(you get ass to grass and hold the bottom position. Get your hips used to that kind of bending) all hello. Also it's hard to tell with your feet cut off, but it looks like your knees are going way too far forward, especially on the heavy set. Butt needs to go farther back and your need to explode it off the home from your hips, not your knees, good way to ruin those. Hard to tell, but it looks like you have a really wide grip, might just be the angle of the video. Bar path is good, not completely straight up and down, but don't shove the bar all they way into your hand, you put more pressure on your forearms for lifting than you need to. But that's something you'll learn as you get stronger. Otherwise bench looks pretty good. And your should probably be lifting more than you are. Those looked way too easy. The bastard child of a pendlay row and regular bent over row. Big take aways here. Drop the weight, 'cause you're chicken necking. Also get the weights off more than one plate, and once you hit 135, no plates. You do pendlay row from the ground. Second, stop using body English to get the row higher. Pendlay rows are strict nearly straight leg, back almost perpendicular to the floor, pull up explosively, then let the weight drop back down. Pendlay rows have no eccentric portion to the lift. Super proud of you for posting these. It's tough putting yourself out there for the world to see.
  10. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    My thread shall have the magic soon
  11. Deckard Gainz Meats the Butcher

    We're like the island of Social misfits! But less red nosed reindeer.
  12. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    I thought we already knew she was?
  13. Which end do I stab people with?

    Drop sets are essentially a technique where you perform an exercise and then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps until you reach failure. Why I called it a modified dropset. Because your goal isn't to failure, but you can still finish out your required reps and sets. start at 95#, if you fail on rep 3, strip the weights down to 90# (helps if you have your 2.5 on the outside) and finish out the last 2 reps. Then continue the rest of your set for that lift at 90# For sure, form checks are definitely important. Helps keep us from practicing bad form. best advice I ever got for running, don't let your foot land in front of your body when running. Parallel or a little behind. Treat your legs as springs instead of pulleys so you should be constantly pushing off instead of pulling yourself forward with them. Also helps stopping that heel strike.
  14. ixaera does a new program (who dis)~

    You have gochujang and don't know what ponzu sauce is? Your asian stores have failed you. It's similar to soy in that it adds saltiness to the food, but with a citrus twist.It's a a good staple if you need that umami flavoring in your life.
  15. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    Actually thought about that, But I'm trying not to derail the program for the next few weeks any more than I already have. How weight related compliments make me feel.
  16. Which end do I stab people with?

    That fucks with the 5x5 program. He's doing exactly what the program rx is. Although, if he did a modified dropset, it might encourage that muscle growth a little more efficiently. Do what you can and current weight, when failure hits, drop down to the next weight and finish out the remaining reps and sets.
  17. Deckard Gainz Meats the Butcher

    Whoa. WHOA. Hold up. Good partnership? Supporting each other? You don't like pineapple on your pizza. That makes everything after that awful, awful lies.
  18. CM likes to party

    INSTANT POT IS AMAZING. Sorry. All this not breathing has me easily excitable.
  19. I have won again, Laghail Therin

    I almost called you a sweet summer child, but then I noticed who actually posted. Now you're just a liar.
  20. Grumble is feeling PHULish

    I know. How dare I try to use something resembling common sense.
  21. I have won again, Laghail Therin

    It's like watching hobbit movies. You started and have to finish, but it just gets more disappointing the farther in you go.