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  1. Hey, its Grumble. Your running warrior, your best friend, and your... challenge skipper? The challenge break was a good thing. I wandered off to Korea for a bit, worked from home, kinda took it easy. And I'm ready to dive back in. Plus, I'm all signed up for the L.A. Marathon next year, so no time like a racing arc in TAZ to get running! DON'T KILL TOM BODETT I am NOT restarting PHUL. I got invited into a 6 week challenge at a Camp (crossfit box without the crossfit branding) and I will be doing that instead. Starting on June 4th, I have a 6 week challenge (challengeception?) in which I have to lose 20 lbs in 30 sessions out of 42 days. Good news is I can do double days that count for 2 sessions. If I want to die. Which I might. But I can't, because then I would kill Tom Bodett. And that would be bad. Also, for those of you that are friends with me on the book of faces, I have to post each session. So even MOAR accountability. INSPIRE CAPTAIN CAPTAIN BANE Captain Captain Bane is a strong leader. And inspires others to greatness. So I wish to inspire him by succeeding in my next technical certification. I am studying for my CSA+ cert later this year, so the modules have begun. I will update with completed modules. WIN THE BATTLE WAGON RACING LEAGUE Gotta go faster. Since I am already marathon prepping, my goal is to run a sub 5 hour marathon. Cause I'm insane apparently. So I will need to figure out what I need to do, which I will, hopefully, over the course of this challenge. [UPDATE] Since I am doing to 6 week challenge, I will be doing ONLY longer slow runs. Which for me is 3-4 miles right now. Good thing I have plenty of time to tune my engine, unlike Tres Horny Boys. OUT CLEVER THE RAVEN Cause I don't have enough to do. My 7 year wedding anniversary just passed and (I DID NOT FORGET!) I wanted to do something extra. And I need a creative outlet. So why not combine the two and a penchance for burning things and do some pyrography. For my first project I am going to do a woodburning of a silhouette picture drawn by an artist at Disneyland. I've got all the tools, the tracing is done. I'll be posting progress photos as I go through it. Do the 6 week challenge. Post updates for each session completed Post each weigh in Work through MCSE training course Post completed modules. Run at least twice a week for 3 miles or more Post Fitbit/Runkeeper Results Complete my first woodburning project Post progress Photos
  2. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    TBF, I was absolutely knackered afterwards. I couldn't even walk normally for a while. Yea, there's a lot of finer details though.
  3. Agreed, not everyone should be a weight loss idiot like me.
  4. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    You're just mad 'cause I managed to work in a regionally appropriate pun as well.
  5. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?

  6. Blocky gets back to the grind

    I mean, I guess if it's the 'right' kind of romance novel, it will definitely keep your heart rate up.
  7. Gemma gets curiouser

    The Nitro is super tasty. And Smooth. How smooth?
  8. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

    Strive for progress, not perfection. You'll get there. Sprints, Intervals, fartlek runs, those will all help with speed. Also, have you come to a conclusion of what 'faster' is for you?
  9. I bought approved bars and protein for my challenge that were PB flavored. There's no such thing as too much PB.
  10. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    Don't just lay down for them or let the ruffle your feathers. You got this. Just pop on by them and pretend they don't exist. You are Better Made than that.
  11. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?

    All in 20 minutes? Sounds like cardio. *squints suspiciously*
  12. The Forge: So You Wanna be a Warrior?

    Welcome to the Warriors! We're glad to have you. The squat racks are here, here, and here. Benches are over there, treadmills are next to the bathrooms. Please store your weapons in the appropriate lockers. The fact that you bought a power rack before anything else is magical. What's your experience level, background, etc in lifting. We're a pretty inclusive group and always willing to help, provide support, encourage, and show you magical pictures of our food. Bacon is life.
  13. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    Good morning And welcome to week 4! Good news! I did not kill Tom Bodett for another week! And my official weigh in for week three of challengeception is 18 lbs. Bringing my new weight to 253. 2lbs from winning my challenge and 11 lbs from my camp goal weight. I think I am going to finish the challenge at my goal weight. I could do another challenge by sandbagging (again) and staying over. Then I have to do a 5% body fat challenge. But I feel like getting another 6 weeks of free workouts so I can lose 20 lbs and 5% seems excessive and unhealthy. So we're gonna call it a day in 3 weeks. I might continue my membership there, but if the price is too high I'm just going back to 24 and implement some of the tools, exercises and adjustments for dealing with limitations I've learned into my workouts there. I'm also going to be doing more volume as I slowly ramp up towards L.A. marathon next march. And Today's WOD: 5 stations, 2 exercises per station. 1 minute per exercise for two rounds. Station 1: DB One Arm Rows, Plate figure 8s Station 2: U bar tricep presses, Slam balls Station 3: Medicine ball Russian twists, plank glider tucks Station 4: BB Bosu bench press, DB 'Gunslingers' (bent over, two arm DB row to DB press, alternate is bent over Y raises) Station 5: TRX Curls, KB Shoulder Press Arms got beat up today, I need to get creative taking my tank top off. I've completed three of the 9 modules for CSA+. Still haven't registered for a class, but I'm going to go play in Vegas at DEFCON this August, so I'm not in a super hurry, yet. The Battle Wagon is coming along nicely. Ran an unofficial 10k in 45 minutes, my fastest time EVER. I'm starting to believe that I can really do this marathon thing in 5 hours. I probably should have worked on the woodburning friday when i was off. But I had a filling appt, so fuck anything that didn't involve sitting on my ass. All in all a good challenge so far. Let's finish strong.
  14. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    Down 18 lbs. Wut. Doing 6 workouts this week with both a company picnic and Disneyland trip planned this weekend. Dis gonna be good.
  15. Task Master RedStone

    Daww, shucks. Also, I didn't realize how skinny my face looks.
  16. Task Master RedStone

  17. Scalyfreak stops playing the game and goes her own way

    I'm sure she's diving into it wholeheartedly.
  18. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    It most certainly does. You can even filter for shows that are downloadable.
  19. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    Cause you never know when you might have to throw a wolf after a hard fight.
  20. CM enters muddy waters

    Stop it. Work will always be work. Weddings are amazing and something will go awry and all will be fine. I have no advice for this one other than run around until it wears down.
  21. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    Deadly if you lift your legs to high. Good solid core workout though. I'll try and record a video for a better explanation.
  22. Grumble Officially Puts His Petals to the Metal

    I was thinking about that while I was doing the walks. So I asked, cause they're not a kickass exercise for strength or weight loss. They're done intentionally to give people a break during the workout. It is. I know I am going to outgrow this place as it stands pretty quickly, but I am enjoying the improvements I'm seeing and feeling ( 141 BPM no longer leaves me stupid winded) I'll worry about developing a plan as the challenge comes to an end. Do two sessions back to back. I might do that in friday since I'm off. Dunno yet. I'd rather do it during a full body workout rather than an upper or lower day.