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  1. Day Two Woke up battle ready. At the gym by 5:30 for heavy cardio and core. Following the Pegan meal plan..made through till now and expect.tjat I wont have troublee with the reast of the day. One day down.
  2. Scathach lived to over 1000 years old training Scottish warriors on the Isle of Skye. She was not only a teacher, a master fighter, she also was a lover. She never seemed to age. There are my goals I'm turning 60 in October. I'm getting stronger and thinner everyday. I need to stay focused to continue through to 69 and beyond... maybe to 1000. Goals: Diet Follow Weight Watcher Points- 30 day Reduce meat intake to once a day Fitness Walk 30 minutes every day, minimum Follow resistance/cardio alternate every day Level Up Your Life Morning meditation and journal Track exercise and food.
  3. I did Paleo, but gained weight. I have really bad arthritis and Dr. Mark Hyman's Pegan diet was highly recomended. It's anti-inflamitory, Paleo and primarily plant based.
  4. Ok, this video is for those of us over 40 who want to keep going.....Ernestine Shephard
  5. Thank you for reaching out. I can't imagine that there aren't exercises for forearm though.
  6. I've lost 20 pounds and am still loosing more. Woot Woot. My legs are strong and toned but my arms.... not just my upper arms, those I know what to do with, it's my forearms, they are saggy. What exercises can I do to tone them up.
  7. I ran and then ran trails barefoot for a long while, until my knees just failed. It seemed like it happened fast when in fact I had been wrestling with them for some time. The end result was 2 new knees. Here is what I did wrong but am now doing right. I have had a complete and wonderful recovery. No more knee pain needs a lot of work build quads, hammies, and calves. Stay away from squats and lunges, focus on using machines... I hated machines but my old knees and now my new knees didn't do well with body weight exercises. Also, add yoga for hip and hamstring stretch. Don't forget to ice and heat after a workout.
  8. I am a respawn, but I am true. Back to the beginning I go to find my feet, to find my anchor. I am fierce. I am strong. I have survived all. Like Scathatch, I have trained many warriors before and I am old. Like Scathatch my age doesn't mean the end just a different beginning. My goals are not to become strong or tough, I am those things, but to find peace in my strength and joy in the small before I can train for the next Adventure. I've been doing this challenge but not posting...I want accountability. I want community. Goals: 1. Tidy home first thing as a moving mindful meditation 2. Keep track of food. Continue eating to grow my spirit. 3. Walk/bike 30 minutes everyday 4. Yoga at night.
  9. 9/30 One of my friends runs a goal workshop. She teaches people how to make goals that they can meet. While she was talking through a new class idea, she told me about working on goals via feelings. Not to set the goal based on anything other that what you want to feel when you achieve it. I thought that that was a brilliant idea and tried it out on this. I've been want to get strong and trim. I've been setting measurable goals, sometimes achieving sometime failing, but what I want more than to be strong and trim is to feel in control of something. As my body is getting stronger my workouts are getting harder. Today's lower body w/o was great... and I'm hurting. But happy. Motivational Quote of the day; Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. food is a struggle. the Whole 30 is out for this time of year. Exercise? Great. I'm on track and working out according to plan. Muscles are aching appropriately. Quote of the day: Pain is just weakness leaving the body.
  11. 3/30 Lowerbody. Did the PT routine for my legs too. I want to move away from the physical therapy format, but it works and getting my legs strong and my shoulder moving. I just rearranged the exercises to fit Bill Phillips Body for Life program. Cravings are subsiding but I still feel like I'm moving underwater.
  12. 2/30 Day two of the whole 30, my head pounds. Last time I did the Whole 30, I had been off sugar for a month, this time Thanksgiving pies, cakes, NYC Junior;s Cheesecake, diet soda, Starbucks Sweetened Holiday Coffee's to keep me going- everything bad. My head aches, my eye's are sleepy, energy wiped. That said, I got up early did my chores and did cardio on a stationary bike. I found a picture of a 55 year old woman who went from flabby to fit.. I'm trying to visualize her as me morning and night. Motivational Quote of the Day: Don't wish for it, work for it.
  13. Day 1/30 Up and working out. I'm so much more productive when I'm up. Not only did I work out, but i was able to knock stuff off the to-do list before 9:00.
  14. I did a challenge earlier in the year but got side-railed early in the second and haven't been back here. Thanksgiving is over, my joints ache and I'm wearing elastic pants. It's time. I met Sir Edmund Hillary when I was little and his stories started me on a life long fascination with the mountain. In order to climb the mountain, one needs to be in peak health. So, I've decided to begin to train as though I'd someday climb. The first phase, which will take as long as it takes - is to get fit enough to get to base camp. The end goal of this phase is to be able to move briskly for a minimum of 45 minutes wearing a 40 pound back pack, loaded with water weight. Enough flexibility get up from the floor 10 times in a row in under a minute. Back, leg, and arm strength to lift and carry 100 pounds. The first 30 days is focusing on the building the exercise habit - I'm using the Body-for-Life model from the 90's: Lower Body resistance one day, Cardio the next, then upper body and repeat. Resistance training is broken down according my physical state- Lower body- I have had two total knee replacements and need gym equipment to keep my quads strong. Upper body - extensive shoulder surgery in Feb have my right are and shoulder as weak as a toddler, I need to follow a prescribed workout at home. Cardio - I can't run or stair-climb so it's the bike and elliptical. According to Bill Phillip's Back to Fit program, 25 minutes three times a week is enough to get started, as long as I use the HIIT method. Flexibilty - two knee replacements, 7 shoulder surgerines and the verious recoveries have me stiff and sore, yoga is a necessity- on cardio days in the evening to facilitate good sleeping habits. I have the gym membership, I have the home equipment, and now what I need is the consistancy=== Novmeber 30 it begins.
  15. I was doing well then this apprentice Ranger stopped in her tracks, family emergency and subsequent travel. However, I didn't let ill health and age stop me when the doctors said it would. I fought. I fought for the well-being of family this summer and won. I'm a fighter but I'm not a warrior. I also maintained a strong center and peace through yoga and meditation. I have a strong quiet center. I move. I walk like a vagabond. And I'm strong and getting stronger. So my ferocity is unrelenting and I'm back to begin and finish this challenge.
  16. Wow what a day. It started with two new killer rounds of Pilates followed by traveling to our house in Vt, then, keeping my promise to my husband , helping him begin to demolish our lower level kitchen. My new shoulder swung a sledgehammer and my new Knees kicked down and broke dry wall. I bagged broken sheet rock, the lifted and carried the heavy bags to the garbage staging area. The result, my back is killing me and I'm up at crack of dawn with ice on my shoulder. But I'm not complaining, I feel alive. Today it's get up and do it again . I have to admit that I am having trouble with food. I can't seem to get my calorie level to goals.
  17. It took awhile but I did it. Two Pilates classes in one day. Unfortunately it turned out to be the same day that i helped my husband demolish walls. Already sore from the classes, my freshly rebuilt shoulder swung the sledgehammer and my new knees kicked drywall. My endurance feat turned into real life endurance. Soreness knows no bounds today and tomorrow I'll do the whole scenario again plus my marathon training day. Not bad for 59 and recovering.
  18. The suspense is building. Though I'm sure you did well.
  19. On an experiment I tried the Whole 30, no grain or dairy for 30 days. I felt great. I don't have celiacs but I was bloating and feeling worse and worse no matter how clean I ate. Then after getting rid of grain and dairy I felt clean for the first time in a long time. Just a little grain, even gluten free, is enough to through me off. I thought it would be hard but it wasn't. And I've been just feeling better and better, so much so that my husband is joining me.
  20. The thing I didn't expect about growing older was feeling great, vibrant, and full of life while at the same time having completed a lot of life behind me. I met my goals, I left some dreams behinds, lived large, then I retired. Too old to start over but with 30 years of living left, it felt like my future was going to be one vast wasteland.. The last few years have been like puberty only with new knees. I've been doing desire research, learning what I like now, not what I thought I liked then. I don't know where I'm going but I'm sure that I'm gonna make it a hell of r
  21. They made it through. The two women made it through the toughest round of real Ranger training...take that Donald Trump!!!!!! Goal Changes. I'm going to be traveling a lot the next 1/2 of the challenge. I won't be near a gym and as I'll have to rely on exercise when and how I can I'm changing my strength goal to suit. Also, the training for the 10K has proven itself to be to easy, so I've been training for a marathon and while I'm changing goals I might as well, fess up and alther that one too. So without further adiue. GoalsL Strength: Workout every other day doing Blogilates. I've printed the plan. I've downloaded her app. I begun the first class. Her bodyweight workouts are tough to build a tough body. Flexibility' Yoga 3x a week Stamina: Begin training for a marathon. Constitution: Whole 30/ 1200-1400 calories a day Wisdom; Journal food and gratitude 5 times a week Charisma: Active participation in my writing group Today: Stg 4/18 Flx 1/18 STA 7/42 Con 6/42 Wis 3 /18 crap CA /3
  22. I've been working at the computer for two solid days, but the early morning workout habit started last challenge holds and now its extended to an evening habit, workout or Tai Chi meditation. This is awesome. Stg 3/18 Lowerbody Flx 1/18 STA 6/42 Con 5/42 Back on track with the Whole 30 and journalling it too. Wis 2 /18 crap CA /3
  23. Dear AC, I fell in 2013 and broke. Five surgeries , two new knees and rebuilt shoulder latet. And I'm working on rebuilding body mind and soul, so I hear your goals and frustration. H Yoga really helped. The harder I worker yoga the faster my physical and mental recovery. If you haven't checked out yoga with Adrienne or Ekhart yoga on YouTube take a gander. Since the fall and resultant recoveries I experience long periods in insomnia from , working out and meditation definitely help. Good luck, I'll,be following
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