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  1. Awesome work Speezy!! I just keep working hard and hopefully catch up to you one day.
  2. My Y is starting to do some crossfit classes over the summer. They have hired someone to teach it. It will be included in my monthly dues. Since my work reimburses me for my Y membership i will start going then. Until then, we only have one box here and its $150 a month for unlimited classes. But the classes are so packed at all hours of the day that the great attention you used to get is gone.
  3. congrats on deadlift! hopefully i'm there soon too!

  4. The crockpot is an awesome tool! I use mine once a week for at least 3-4 meals. Good luck on the lifting!!! Just go slow at first and ease into deadlifts and squats. Get your form good first
  5. I just take my 2 scoops in my shaker and fill it up with water at the gym and down it right there. Most things i read say to drink it within 30min of workout. Oh and since everyone is sharing i'm using the Body Fortress Vanilla from Walmart. So far so good.
  6. Awesome video! saved it to my phone to watch at the gym
  7. My wife and I workout and different times. Happy wife = happy life.
  8. Had an awesome workout today! Down .5 lb from last week so that's better than gaining weight! Feeling stronger for sure. I see my gut is disappearing and pants are loose so i'm pretty happy. But omg do i need carbs
  9. rough weekend here as well. Pizza and curly fries. Got back on track yesterday with paleo chili. So far so good today too!
  10. Needing the weekend to get here to go grocery shopping. Need more meat in the house! Big test is this weekend with all the football and UFC on tv i'm going to be severely tested. I need a snack to eat during everything. Are there any good dip or salsa ideas people have. I'm already making Paleo bbq pork.
  11. Trust me i didnt try on the weight loss it just kinda happened. I do feel stronger and lifting a lot more now. I'm just going with the flow and doing whatever i did the last few days.
  12. So i started 30 day paleo at 261. Today weighed in at 252.5. Pretty pumped~!
  13. Update: down to 252.5lb as of today at the gym. So about 7lb loss in a 9 days. So far i'm liking the workout i helped make on here and enjoying trying to make new meals. Today's lunch was 98% lean ground chicken with roasted red pepper and onion flakes with a bunch of salsa. It was really good but should have made it spicier! Workout this morning lagged big because of the amount of benchpress hogs at my gym plus the guys hogging the squat racks because our chinup bars are attached to them. Normally have been able to do an awesome circuit routine of first and upper body and then a lower body while the other rested. That failed today. Had to just finish a set, wait 60 sec and go again. Numbers suck a lot but just means i get to improve on them next time. I do notice that since skipping all machines and doing free weights only i am a lot more sore and that makes me happy. Just trying to work off the gut as fast as possible.
  14. Bit of an ooops. Ate peanuts today. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow!
  15. I can honestly say i thought i ate a lot of veggies in the past, this past week i felt part rabbit at the amount of carrots, peppers, cukes that i ate. Add to that the turkey, chicken, and lean beef and it was a good week. This week i'm going to branch out to other items. My workouts are way tougher now that i am cramming everything into 45-60min as the article i read says i should do. Results of that are i'm fully exhausted now instead of just kind of sore. Diet took a minor detour on Saturday night when i had fish and chips. Ready to attack Week 2!
  16. Another day down. I am starting to hit a mini wall. Going to have to get some frozen fruit or something besides apples and bananas. I'm thinking raisins but considering i hate them i dont know how that's going to work. I am enjoying the workouts though.
  17. So day 4 down. So far its been good. I made a paleo bbq sauce and put it on chicken which was awesome. Getting ready for last workout of the week tomorrow morning. Just trying to keep up the paleo all weekend. Have to remember this will take longer than 30 days and everyday is a step in the right direction.
  19. Day 3 of Paleo. So far so good. The amount to eat is tricky for sure. Another morning of a killer workout from here. I got my workout under an hour so i know what i have to do from now on.What is people's take on hummus? I have some home made hummus and its awesome. Yes or no.
  20. Just so everyone knows I'm doing the 30 day Paleo challenge. 2 days in!!
  21. I've had a headache too. Mine isn't from soda. I gave up soda in July of 2010. I actually woke up in a cold sweat and shaking after my 2nd day of no soda. So far today did some cardio. Paleo going good. Had cucumbers, chicken breast, few pieces of turkey, eggs, apple and 2 bananas. My workout friend is doing this with me so I'm enjoying the company along with all of you. Ready to get home and sleep off headache and charge into day 3
  22. Day 2 of Paleo is done....there is no way in hell i can give up milk for my protein shake. Everything else i am strict on. Tonight did a workout that was just over the 1hr limit and i was gassed. I wasn't timing between sets but i think once i do that i should get it to 50min. I am using the how to build your own workout routine and it was crazy tough. Ready for more!!!
  23. Day 2 of Paleo and no issues so far. Tonight i start new training routine i got from here.....pics tonight!
  24. -Starting stats 6'0 259lb 22.9% bf -Reasons for doing this. I am doing a Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash this year as well as maybe a 5k or 2. I have been overweight for too long and want to be a good role model for my son. Plus look good just cause! Pics coming later since i'm at work doing this
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