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  1. Hey you nerds! It's been a long time since I've posted. I've gone through a lot of life changes all at one time and I lost track of the community. I'm deployed right now, going through a divorce (amicable if very sad), bought a house that I'm gong to be selling when I get back and focusing on one day at a time. Luckily, all the days out here run together and give me lots of time to train. My current goal is a 1500 pound powerlifting total at 220 bodyweight. I'll be easing back into the community until I get into the groove again. Until next time!
  2. If I can find a way to raise $140, I'm going to compete in the 2016 Washington State USAPL Powerlifting meet. There, I said it.

  3. I'm back! Vacation was most excellent. I had 6 servings of In'n'Out in 10 days and I regret nothing. I did manage to lift the first week of vacation but intentionally took an entire week off. I had been wanting to do this for a while to see what it did for my body. After 4 or so months of working out the majority of the week, I have to say: I'm never taking time off again. Everything was tight and sore and my knees hurt and just no. Never again. Let's see it: Skwaaaat: Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 4- 315 x 3 I wanted some decent weight volume he
  4. I've been on vacation. At In'n'Out 6 times in 10 days. Took a week off lifting. I regret nothing.

  5. I am on vacation, but still working out. Updates will happen in bunches when I get back. I have one more barbell sesh and then I'm taking an entire week off of working out. What will I do with these hands? Who knows. Uhbuhbye
  6. This is just spectacularly nuts. This day... it's almost too much.

  7. What a day.

    1. thekatisalie


      What a day? What a day!

    2. doc_apoo


      Dayman, ahhhhaaah

  8. Hey ya'll, I'm going through some personal stuff. Funny commentary will come eventually. Skwaat: Heavy WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 5 1- 225 x 3 WS 1- 315 x 2 1- 345 x 2 1- 375 x 1 That last one was a PR. Bench: Heavy WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 5 WS 1- 225 x 2 1- 245 x 2 1- 265 x 1 Accessory: Low row: 5 x 10 Tricep pull down: 5 x 10 See you all later today.
  9. Another week, another tweak. If you aren't evolving, you are dying a slow death. I read that somewhere. Or I typed it and it sounded like something someone said. Or I'm from the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuture wooOOOOoooOOOOO! Wait, what? Oh right, I lifted today. Skwaaaaat; Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 1- 315 x 5 1- 315 x 2 1- 305 x 4 3- 225 x 5 (pause skwaat) Today was a weird day for skwaaats. I was mentally there, focused and then it was like my legs couldn't do what I wanted. I have been skwaaating everyday for a while now so maybe it's simple fatigue.
  10. Take a hot bath then a cold shower. Game changer.
  11. Oops, all the drunken comments. You are all welcome.

  12. I think I'm going to try to get one of the personal trainer certificates as well as the group training certs. I really enjoy what I do, and I really enjoy helping other people out at the gym. Teaching has been a passion of mine for a long time and I'm pretty good at it. I'm also looking into shifting my focus from nursing to more of a physical therapy route. Thanks me for having the GI Bill. Good decisions. SkwaaaaaaaT: Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 2- 275 x 5 2- 295 x 5 I did have to grind out the last rep of each heavy set. I think I'm ready to go a
  13. It's Oly day, it's Oly day, oh what a day, it's Oly day! Well, yesterday was but I didn't post yesterday. Skwaaat: Heavy WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 5 1- 225 x 3 WS 2- 315 x 2 It's the mid workout and frankly, I wasn't having any fancy nonsense. Lift some big weights, get out. I even racked 355, looked at it and remembered that the iron will abide for another day. Power clean: Just technique work. 2 x 5 65lbs 3 x 5 95lbs It felt a little more comfortable this time around. Got into the front rack quicker, took more of my arms out of the equation. It's a work in prog
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