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  1. Hey you nerds! It's been a long time since I've posted. I've gone through a lot of life changes all at one time and I lost track of the community. I'm deployed right now, going through a divorce (amicable if very sad), bought a house that I'm gong to be selling when I get back and focusing on one day at a time. Luckily, all the days out here run together and give me lots of time to train. My current goal is a 1500 pound powerlifting total at 220 bodyweight. I'll be easing back into the community until I get into the groove again. Until next time!
  2. If I can find a way to raise $140, I'm going to compete in the 2016 Washington State USAPL Powerlifting meet. There, I said it.

  3. I'm back! Vacation was most excellent. I had 6 servings of In'n'Out in 10 days and I regret nothing. I did manage to lift the first week of vacation but intentionally took an entire week off. I had been wanting to do this for a while to see what it did for my body. After 4 or so months of working out the majority of the week, I have to say: I'm never taking time off again. Everything was tight and sore and my knees hurt and just no. Never again. Let's see it: Skwaaaat: Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 4- 315 x 3 I wanted some decent weight volume here, and I think I got it. I'm a bit sore today, but I'm going to work right on through the DOMS for some heavy today. I think it was more the accessory work than anything else. DL: Heavy WU 1- 135 x 5 1- 225 x 3 1- 315 x 2 WS 1- 405 x 1 0- 425 x 1 1- 365 x 4 I got up to a good weight, 4 plates is feeling easier off the ground. Didn't get 425 which isn't surprising after a full week off. Got in just a little bit of volume at 90% to finish out the heavy set. Happy with my lifts, they felt clean. I think next week I'll try some deficit work along with my volume. Accessory: 5 x 10 Leg extension 5 x 10 Seated leg curls Heavy weight. That's probably where my DOMS are from. I'm thinking of throwing in shrugs, but that brings my workout time to well over an hour and a half that it's at now. Not sure if the time commitment is for me. Thoughts? Lose one of the other accessories? So I'm glad to be back. Today is bench, lets see how that goes. I could've gone either heavy or volume this week and I went with heavy for no reason whatsoever. Just because. Programming at its finest. Tango and Cash people!
  4. I've been on vacation. At In'n'Out 6 times in 10 days. Took a week off lifting. I regret nothing.

  5. I am on vacation, but still working out. Updates will happen in bunches when I get back. I have one more barbell sesh and then I'm taking an entire week off of working out. What will I do with these hands? Who knows. Uhbuhbye
  6. This is just spectacularly nuts. This day... it's almost too much.

  7. What a day.

    1. thekatisalie


      What a day? What a day!

    2. doc_apoo


      Dayman, ahhhhaaah

  8. Hey ya'll, I'm going through some personal stuff. Funny commentary will come eventually. Skwaat: Heavy WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 5 1- 225 x 3 WS 1- 315 x 2 1- 345 x 2 1- 375 x 1 That last one was a PR. Bench: Heavy WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 5 WS 1- 225 x 2 1- 245 x 2 1- 265 x 1 Accessory: Low row: 5 x 10 Tricep pull down: 5 x 10 See you all later today.
  9. Another week, another tweak. If you aren't evolving, you are dying a slow death. I read that somewhere. Or I typed it and it sounded like something someone said. Or I'm from the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuture wooOOOOoooOOOOO! Wait, what? Oh right, I lifted today. Skwaaaaat; Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 1- 315 x 5 1- 315 x 2 1- 305 x 4 3- 225 x 5 (pause skwaat) Today was a weird day for skwaaats. I was mentally there, focused and then it was like my legs couldn't do what I wanted. I have been skwaaating everyday for a while now so maybe it's simple fatigue. It didn't hurt but I had to grind the second set of 315. I usually can do that for sets but not today. Knew my limits and dropped weight and worked on something else. Pause skwaaats, where I took a 3 second pause in the hole. Interesting variation, something I'm going to try more. Deadlift: Heavy WU 1- 155 x 5 1- 245 x 5 WS 1- 335 x 2 1-425 x 1 0- 435 x 1 So there I was, deadlifting a bunch of weight and then BOOOOOOM, hit a PR. Finally got past that nasty 405. I used the 55lbs bumper plates which was a total mental trick to make it look like only 4 plates. It worked and It was ugly but I for sure locked it out. It felt so good that I was going to slap a few fives and go for 435 but right as was standing over the bar, two seconds before my lift, one of the ladies who worked there came up to me and practically screamed at me "You clean up the chalk, yes?" I was so focused that it took me a second to even figure out what she said, so she said it again. "The CHALK, you clean it up!" Normally I'm not a rude person and have worked in customer service long enough to know that there is always two sides to the story, but I may have exploded a bit. I said some choice words and her eyes got wide and I assured her that yes, I will clean up my chalk as I always do. It was just enough to push my off my routine and royally screwed me. I tried the lift but couldn't get it. I wandered around and muttered for ten minutes before moving on. So frustrating. Accessory: Seated Leg Extensions: 5 x 10 Seated Leg Curls: 5 x 10 It was a heavy day so I upped the weight. It is going to be fun walking tomorrow. I took a warm epsom salt bath and a few cold showers and I'm only have one glass of single malt and going to bed early. I will still be sore and tomorrow is heavy skwaaaat and bench. Oh what a joy. T-minus 3 days to road trip.
  10. Oops, all the drunken comments. You are all welcome.

  11. I think I'm going to try to get one of the personal trainer certificates as well as the group training certs. I really enjoy what I do, and I really enjoy helping other people out at the gym. Teaching has been a passion of mine for a long time and I'm pretty good at it. I'm also looking into shifting my focus from nursing to more of a physical therapy route. Thanks me for having the GI Bill. Good decisions. SkwaaaaaaaT: Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 2- 275 x 5 2- 295 x 5 I did have to grind out the last rep of each heavy set. I think I'm ready to go ahead with some PRs next week, maybe even trying to hit 4 plates. Very exciting things coming, maybe I should deadlift everyday. No, that's a terrible idea. Keep deadlifts a treat. Bad Doc. OHP: Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 WS 4- 135 x 5 I tried supersetting lat pull downs, but someone took my machine and I wasn't getting the quality I wanted so I slowed down a bit. The first working set was a freaking grind, but it got better after I took my time. The last set felt heavy but doable. I haven't done this in a few weeks, so I'm glad I could come back and get some quality at the end of a long week. Accessory: Lat pull down 10 x 10 at 100lbs Pec fly 6 x 10 at 120 lbs I probably could go heavier with the lats, but it's been a long week and I wanted volume. Didn't want to have to quit early on that, so next week will be heavy and I'll pile it on. Not a lot going on at work so I had extra time to get a good stretch in and added the pec fly. Good weekend coming up, get some rest and come back and kill it next week. Shut down the club.
  12. It's Oly day, it's Oly day, oh what a day, it's Oly day! Well, yesterday was but I didn't post yesterday. Skwaaat: Heavy WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 5 1- 225 x 3 WS 2- 315 x 2 It's the mid workout and frankly, I wasn't having any fancy nonsense. Lift some big weights, get out. I even racked 355, looked at it and remembered that the iron will abide for another day. Power clean: Just technique work. 2 x 5 65lbs 3 x 5 95lbs It felt a little more comfortable this time around. Got into the front rack quicker, took more of my arms out of the equation. It's a work in progress and I'm happy I'm physically able to do it. So a nice and easy 3rd day workout to help recover from the craziness. I'm pretty tired today so I might just skip it and wait till next week. Or power through. I did pack an extra scoop of my preworkout. I guess we'll just have to seeeeee. Deuces!
  13. I'm not sure if the phrase "everything is awesome" was created for me but... wait, yes it was. Because today was awesome. I'm really glad I'm in charge of a class and can send them out for a two hour lunch. Secretly, I take a two hour lunch to get in a quality lifting session. Like a boss. Skwaaaat: Volume WU 1-45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 1- 225 x 5 WS 4- 275 x 5 Lots of volume after a big heavy day (and legs included) makes me happy in pants. I mean, I'm happy with how my pants fit you sick bastards. I have been monkeying around with low-bar now that my shoulders are mobile and it's an interesting transition. I am not sure if I'm hitting my depth so I'll record some and see. It felt like it but maybe because my back was straighter that I wouldn't see the bar go down as far? Weird. Answers would be appreciated. Bench: Volume WU 1- 45 x 10 1- 95 x 10 1- 135 x 10 WS 2- 205 x 5 2- 225 x 3 BONUS AMRAP- 135 x 25 225 felt smooth and I'm getting the hang of using the lower body drive to bench. I used my weightlifting shoes to get a better angle and opened up my hips a lot more to get the extra oomph. Nothing felt super difficult and I didn't grind any reps. AMRAP felt good and I might have been able to do more but I didn't want to hurt myself. Accessory: Low row: 10 x 10- 100lbs Tri push down: 10 x 10- 50lbs Oblique roman chair raises: 3 x 10 w/ 25lbs Reverse roman chair: 3 x 10 w/ 25 lbs Good feelings all around. Nailed the accessory work. Like I've been trying to do, I included some core work. I'm hoping my fragile hips don't pay for it tomorrow. I felt twingy with the reverse roman chair... I think I'll be ok. Or not. Either way, it's Oly day tomorrow. Power cleans. My question to all of you, dear readers, does it get repetitive to see my warm-ups? It feels like it. It's the same except for skwaaats which are adjusted to volume or heavy. I'll keep throwing them up there as they are obviously part of the workout. Just curious. Shabbat shalom
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