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  1. PROGRESS REPORT #1 Rank Up to NF Diet Level 7: 0/5. My husband, baby and I have all been sick this week, and I've eaten a Forbidden Carb once a day. BUT I've also been thawing Paleo soups and tracking my food, so I'm feeling really good about that. I'll get there. Eat at the Kitchen Table 2x/Day: 4/5. I'm really loving this change. Before, we'd eat breakfast in front of the TV (or my husband would eat at his desk), but since I made the change, he's been joining me, and it's NICE. I thought it'd be too formal for us, but it's really relaxing so far. 20 Minutes of Dail
  2. LucentFrost – Yes! And that's a much better way of looking at it. I've been trying to level up, but so far I haven't made it through a week without one meal with either bread or pizza. Last night, I was up late with a sick baby and hadn't made dinner, so I ordered a pizza.Thin-crust! With veggies! But still. Maybe I should edit my nutrition goals to include something that would help me make it through the weekend without buckling – like meal planning for the entire week (instead of just the weekdays) or picking one quick meal with ingredients I can keep on
  3. When I think about what kind of role model I want to be for my daughter, I always think of Agent Peggy Carter: confident, capable, and creative. Someone who knows her value and gets things done. Someone who has adventures instead of watching them on TV! In other words, so not me. Can I go from my present self (new mom eating pizza on the couch in a t-shirt stained with garlic butter and baby snot) to Peggy Carter in four weeks? No, but I can get a hell of a lot closer. Here's my Agent Carter Challenge (Sept. 25-Oct. 22): Strateg
  4. Final Challenge Update: I managed to hit all my goals! Even though the food tracking was a PITA sometimes, I'm glad I stuck with it, since it helped me lose 11 pounds during this challenge. ELEVEN POUNDS! Grade: A
  5. Wow, you're doing such a great job with sticking to your workouts and making modifications for your wrist. Most people would use that as an excuse to take a week (or two or three) off. Impressive! And any reading progress you make is a win, so no more sad faces. You kicked all that ass AND read half a chapter! That's fantastic.
  6. Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions! I've been pairing the 5-minute walk with my morning trip(s) to the recycling bin. It's in the backyard, so a few trips from the front door to the back gets my 5 minutes and helps me declutter the house, even if I'm just carrying a magazine or empty plastic jug each trip.
  7. Update! Food Tracking: Still going! Even when it's a PITA. Switching from Colas to 100% Water: This got way easier with a small change to the Batcave – storing my husband's Cokes in a separate dorm fridge. Out of sight, out of mind. Daily 5-Minute Walks: I was struggling with this one, because I kept pushing it to the end of the day. Getting it done in the morning makes all the difference. Bed by 11 p.m.: This one was tough, because I just want to STAY UP and enjoy my free time once the baby's asleep. I finally paired going to bed with reading "A
  8. I started my 4-week challenges on Aug. 21, but I'm only getting around to posting them now. Obviously "defeating procrastination" was not on my list. Maybe next time! Here are my current goals: Diet: 1. To HONESTLY track all of my food every day on My FItness Pal 2. To give up colas 100% and replace them with water Fitness: 1. To walk 5 minutes every day. Level Up My Life: 1. To get in bed by 11 p.m. every night The toughest one has been remembering the daily walk, which seems pathetic, but I just let myself ge
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