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  1. I have an old one from my parents garage, but yeah its good. Hard to get enough pressure though. You might want to get a friend to help. They really need to put their body weight on it. Also as a note. If you're going to do this directly on the skin you might want to put it on the skin, then turn it on.

    I wouldn't throw away your foam roller though, but using the buffer is a good idea. (ha ha buffer helps you get buff. I like it)

  2. Look up a tutorial on strides. Then cats.

    Striding in lamest terms in finding rhythm with your steps... sorta.

    Anyways to perform the cat (landing against the wall like a monkey... I know its a stupid name, but I didn't choose them) start running/jogging at the wall. You'er going to continue your run and jump off one foot lifting it up in the air. Feet will hit the wall first then your hands almost a split second after. The feet hitting first allows you to use your body as a hinge and get your arms in the right place. You should be able to see this in the video.

    The reasons for this are two fold.

    1. This places your feet first. Allowing you to begin moving up the wall quicker. (If your hands hit first you then have to position your feet. Then use them to pull yourself up)

    2. You are less likely to slam your face and break your teeth off.

    Once you land lean back slightly and "shuffle" your feet higher up the wall (unless your doing a step-up climb-up). Leaning back forces your arms to straighten out. Then pull up.

    Once your chest is just above level with the wall your arms should bend (mine bend a little before, it's kinda dependent on body type) and transition into a front dip. Press up and you're on the wall.

  3. Thanks guys, glad to be back. Yeah hopefully I haven't overtasked myself on these goals. I think they are doable though.

    Yesterday I managed to read Chapter 1 in Mosiah. Didn't get any fitness reading done. Today I sorta stretched. But managed to get Mosiah 2 read and a whole chapter in Overcoming Gravity. Gonna finish it off tomorrow I think. I did some massage with my car buffer. Didn't get to sleep early enough and used my arm too much today. Sling all day tomorrow outside of work.

  4. If you have an iron (like for clothes) and some aluminum foil you basically have a stove no plate either. Just toss the aluminum foil away after... or reuse. If you have access to a time machine you can go back to the 70's-80's and cook it on your car engine.

    Option two. Put two or three eggs in a mug. Microwave one minute at a time, scrambling and putting it back in for a minute. You get scrambled eggs this way.another option is to cook them inside of a bell pepper instead of the mug. Same procedure.

    You can shred zuchinni and microwave it with some water until soft. Then you have paleo spaghetti.

    Local burger places can generally remove the bun if you ask (and if you're doing paleo).

    Offer to pay for the ingredients and eat at a friends house.

    If you have a slow cooker, you can toss a roast and some vegetables into it and cook in your room. No need to clean in the bathtub, just reuse within the day to avoid bacterial growth. (Soup and chili can be made as well).

    Good luck.

  5. Race: Human

    Class: Assassin

    STR: 9

    DEX: 13

    STA: 1

    CON: 7

    WIS: 6

    CHA: 4

    See previous Challenge Threads 06/18/2012 to 07/30/2012 & 4/30/2012 to 06/11/2012

    Hello Everybody,

    We'll I'm back, but unfortunately not up to par two weeks ago I broke my arm. I was stupid fall that I completely took wrong. Essentially the way I caught myself when I fell put too much force on arm causing a radial head fracture. Apparently this break is one of the few they don't put in a cast. This means that I overuse it when I'm supposed to not. (I should be keeping it in a sling, but *insert work excuse* *insert paleo diet only can cook excuse* *insert I hate my sling excuse*).

    Soooooooo I decided that as part of my healing time I would use this challenge to collect underpants. For the most part I can't really work out (even running involves my arm) with the exception of a few small exercises (Squats, Leg Lifts, Back Bends... well sorta on that one).


    15 points to distribute

    Goal 1

    Physiology - 3 to WIS

    Overcoming Gravity

    Born to Run

    The Primal Blueprint

    The Vertical Jump Bible

    Science and Practice of Strength Training

    Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It

    Purpose: Increase Understanding of Physiology and Fitness Science

    -1 Book a week

    -Community Member ask complicated questions related to whatever I'm reading. My answer and their reception of my answer helps determine my score. Post questions here.

    Bonus: Read Anatomy and Physiology - The Unity of Form and Function - 1193 pages

    Goal 2

    Spirituality - 2 to WIS and 1 to CON

    Read Scriptures Every Day

    Purpose: Gain a Closer Connection to my God and Through Him Become Closer to Mastering Myself

    -1 Chapter a Day

    -Additional Studying in PMG.

    Bonus: Read Jesus the Christ

    Goal 3

    Study - 2 to CON and 2 to WIS

    Khan Academy

    Purpose: Regain Complete Comprehension of Scholarly Knowledge

    -Complete High School comprehension testing on Khan Academy

    Bonus: Sign up for online college course.

    Goal 4

    Heal - 2 CON and 1 DEX

    Discontinue Use of Right Arm

    Purpose: Regain full function at end of challenge.

    -Arm is only used for typing and driving. Everything else is done with the left.

    -Stretch and rehab rest of body

    -At the end of the challenge I will go to failure on: Planche Progression, Towel Pull ups, L-Sit, Handstand and Push-ups

    Bonus: Impressive Flexibility

  6. Its up to you guys what you want to decide.

    By the way any questions, comments, whatever feel free to PM Nuke or myself. We're more than willing to help.

    Just as a heads up I'm planning on an assassin's guild blitzkrieg against the first guild we challenge.

    What do you guys think of it (it'll be high intensity, balls to the wall push hard go at our challenges for the first week). I want to blow them out of the water.

  7. Fantastic. Glad to see the progression.

    1. Move your right hand out from under your foot and start using it as part of your roll

    You will now need to learn how to replace your hand the BACK of your shoulder, which requires you to pull it in.

    2. Press forward with your legs more. I don't know if your pressing your toes into the ground or keeping them flat. Press them into the ground.

    3. With your right hand try pointing.

    4. The more advanced the roll the more the handplacement feels like a handstand.

    Try this. Start by pointing your right hand forward. Keep your eyes on that line as you reach forward with your hands (right hand farther forward than the left). This will pull your right shoulder and right side of your hip a little farther forward which creates a straight line from your right shoulder to your opposite hip. The left hand can stay on the ground until your roll naturally pulls your hand away. The right however is replaced by the BACK of the shoulder (like you are already doing). The key to doing that when the hand is in front of you is pressing forward with your legs. Tuck your left leg under your right as you curl (like you're doing). Slow your tuck down and stand up.

    Once you get this, start crouching/squating, standing, jump land on your toes then roll, and finally diving.

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