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  1. Glad to have you here. I would suggest you use Starting Strenght. I'd head over to the Warrior Guild to ask them for more details and links though.
  2. Zuchini and squash are like tofu, they absorb whatever flavor you want to use. Chop up to little pieces. Little bit to steak seasoning, olive oil and/or bacon fat. Sauteed. Good.
  3. I've had it before. They wrap it in wax paper sheets and pack it in fat. It. is. heaven.
  4. I think I need to start carrying aroound cooked bacon. So when people ask I can pull it out and say "like this" and start munching it. Canned bacon?
  5. Congrats on fighting it. I know how hard depression can be. We are so glad to have you aboard. Keep it up. We're here for you.
  6. Congrats Blondie, way to take a step forward. Keep up, Keep posting, we're here for you.
  7. When you go for your annual check up, the doctor tells you your cholesterol is perfect, you say: "I eat bacon every day." People look at you sadly when you refuse cake and are appalled when you ask for their leftover chicken skin. You go to a restaurant ask to look at their menu, grimace and then leave. You call places in advance to know if you can eat any of the menu items. Whenever you ask your waiter/waitress a question they can't answer without going into the kitchen and coming back. At work parties you wait for everybody to finish eating then grab the whole veggie plate (throwing away the ranch).
  8. Congrats! Glad to have you. Please link your Etsy shop when you make it. I want to see it.
  9. It can be helpful if you're doing physical therapy.
  10. Generally within the first month it will go down. So long as the whole diet is stuck to. IE: Food, movement (walking), exercise (this will be new, moving the furniture around can work well for an exercise), proper sleep, stress reduction. The most dramatic change comes from only eating meat/vegetables/very few nuts/herbs/coconut milk. If they do that for 30 days they will drop calories. If they truly stick to it, I'm 95% sure that they will experience a dramatic change. Especially if they are overweight.
  11. May I ask why you are switching over to paleo.
  12. When you get up the courage and try it. Post your video here, we can critique and offer form advise.
  13. You can get seaweed sheets (what they wrap sushi in) called Nori at most walmarts in the ethnic section.
  14. I think your thinking too far ahead. You need to take it slow. Though in the videos it looks like people are sprinting into these vaults and etc... in real life you don't need to do that. It feel very much like meditation, slow, steady smooth. Just keep going slow and relax work your way up to your fears. If it scares you, find something a little smaller and work with that. Slow is smooth, smooth is flow, flow is fast.
  15. Something not as big as a big muscle. I think she means isolation as apposed to compound movements.
  16. Talk to your religious leaders. Your religion should come first. I know that a lady in my old ward was a celiac and they had potato bread that they would have ready only for her. They would bless that. I don't know if they would do it for a diet, but its worth trying. Or you could do what we did, if its your week to bring the bread (in my church the boys at 16 and up can bless the sacrament if they are ordained. Each week we needed bread and so someone would be assigned to bring it, ezekial bread was the best low gluten, low card option). Seriously though, talk to your leaders/priest and pray about it. Whatever is right is right. Unless you have an auto immune condition I think one small wafer each week is not going to toss your progress out the window. I doubt you'd get any insulin response.
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