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  1. My friends always say, run sprints (95% effort), deadlift and squat.
  2. I find that grunting loudly with proper form makes people look at you. Then when the kid with the 400 lbs does his squat, cut right in when he's done and do it properly. Eventually they'll learn. Also logging it into a notepad and bringing a calculator makes you look like a scientist (labcoat gets caught on proper squats). Or you could awkardly watch people lift and take notes. Eventually they'll ask you what your doing. "Oh just making sure I know what not to gym." And that concludes todays episode of Ryan's Useless Tips that Probably Will Get You Kicket Out of a Gym! See you all next week. George play me out. *Awesome drum solo overwhelmes the sound system as I post and switch to another thread*
  3. the worlds most awesomely huge omlet. Make him get DEAD. Dozen Eggs a Day. Also if you can find a place with meh meat you can get a huge hunking piece of pork and make homemade jerky.
  4. Just fyi if your looking to go tone do harder exercises at a low weight If you looking for size do lighter exercises at a high rep.
  5. If you can roast them I think that means that you can make thai peanut foods.... hmmmm..
  6. Have been able to keep up with the cold showers. Not a missed day so far. Close to the lowest temperature for the whole shower (I turn it all the way down at the end). Little to no exercise or stretching Contract is almost done. Gym designs are done.
  7. Dairy causes and insulin response from the lactose, beyond that I don't know. Someone was saying dairy is one of the reasons why we have love handles.
  8. Oh because from what I understand its to drop the whole auto immune response for people who have severe auto immune diseases. Get rid of any potential risk. Whereas for weight loss, no so much of a big deal I'd imagine. But I don't have much evidence to back it up. That just seems to be what I'm getting from everything I read.
  9. May I ask why your doing the paleo diet specifically. I know for example many people do it to deal with auto immune issue. Is that why your doing it?
  10. For those that can't see this like me (at work youtube block) she soaks it in milk for 10 minutes. Another option is to wash the fish then soak it in cold cold water, you can mix vinegar with the water too. Probably not as effective though.
  11. Made the shower as cold as possible today. Man that was awesome.
  12. Quest Assassin Please maintain open contact with your assigned guild. They are not our enemies, but remember the silence of an assassin can be used for more than avoiding scrutiny. Your thoughts are free, may your actions be the same. Master Assassins Translation Just let the guild know your trying to learn from them to help with recovery. Feel free to link back to this thread. Good work everybody. Keep it up.
  13. Quest: Assassin Do not forget your origin, but remember nothing is true, everything is permitted. Guild Master Translation: Not necessarily. The idea is that this allows for us to branch out and actually become a part of the other guilds a little. It keeps the stories consistent and allows us the opportunity to learn from everyone. The assassins gather intel, attack from the side, etc….. We infiltrate, approbate and decimate. Since there are hundred of different ways to recover from a hardcore workout like sprints. The added bonus is that each guild tends to have a specific way of recovery. Some may work better than others for you. IE: if my legs were sore from sprints and I asked a Warrior how to recover, a likely response would be to do light weight work in the same movements, take glutamine and foam roll. Where as a Druid would tell me to stretch consistently (yoga) and focus on breathing (tai chi). Etc.. The idea is to gather information and see what you can use it for to help further your goals.
  14. Well check out Jump utah on facebook I'm sure there's someone in your area you can learn from.
  15. I follow paleo. We're here for you. Your making the right choices. Stick to it.
  16. I'm from utah and I teach parkour. If you go to BYU I'll be opening a gym down there soon.
  17. @Elastigirl. Thanks. I need all the push I can get.
  18. Bacon should be the cornerstone on which you build your meal. You don't want to do olive oil shots, too bad. Did you know that the fat left behind when you cook bacon can be used to cook other things. If you aren't ready to throw up at and the end of the meal then you're doing it wrong. Eggs go in shakes If your doing milk with paleo, that means your doing a gallon a day. If you not, that means more eggs. You should go through at least a dozen every two days. And my personal favorite: Everything is better with mayo, even if it isn't. (paleo mayo is easy to make, use pure not extra virgin olive oil)
  19. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I think I'll try those tonight.
  20. Well over the weekend I've managed to stick to the cold showers; however, that is really all I've stuck to. Week 1 Strength and Speed Ran 2 sets of sprints (1 on monday, 1 on wednesday) at 4 "laps" managed to increase distance and hopefully time. Did not run friday, but sprinted around unmeasured during parkour on saturday. Did no pull up work and no dip work. Saturday after class tested my hanging muscle ups, they aren't clean though. Total was 5. Rating: B- Constitution Stuck with the cold showers, running out of space on the handle, pretty soon I'll have this challenge down to as cold as it gets. Might supplement with an icebath during the next few weeks too Rating: A Dexterity Stretched once on monday. Total joke too. Maybe did a few handstands during the week really did not maintain much though. Rating: D Constitution/Wisdom Attended my commitment. Did not read scriptures or attend church. This is a hard habit for me to get into. As for the community. Got a gym design from my partner and decided on terms to present in contract form. Really haven't worked on website. Finding time to actually sit down and put my mind too it has been very difficult. But no more excuses. I'll link it when I'm done. Rating: C+ Overall it really wasn't the best week. I feel off paleo pretty hardcore on one day. I've since cut out all sugar I can. I need to get back to fat burning status. So i don't think I'll really touch anything other than olive oil, meat, vegetables, nuts/seeds, and seasoning. Oh and coconut milk. Did manage a 540 front in the gym, my co-teacher and teammate Dan explained how to set. It finally made sense and apparently I look amazing. I'm totally down to play with it more. I'll put a video up sometime so you can see the extra progress.
  21. Quest: Assassin, Political and Social unrest have always been common in the regions surrounding ours. For the most part we have remained apart from these “growing pains” occasionally using our hand, or blade, to covertly guide those countries surrounding ours away from war. Due to our constant involvement locally, it has been rare for a blade, arrow or fall be needed to keep the peace. Within the past few years local regions have been relatively quite, little to no interference was required. However during this week our vanguards have reported two regions to the south and one to the west erupting into highly volatile situations. Riots in the street have begun, bands of wandering pillagers have formed “out of thin air”, entire towns have been deserted. This strange turn for events has taken us completely by surprise, for this reason I am requesting a large voluntary force to perform reconnaissance within these regions. Your task is to find out who the ring leaders of these sudden “revolts” are as well as how close this is to expanding towards our home and your assessment of what needs to be done to resolve the unrest. In addition I need another group to immediately contact the guilds around us with this information, small rumors have spread, but little to no information has been received. Contact them and provide them with concrete information. I will need two runners each for the Forge (Warriors), the Fort (Rangers), the Dojo (Monks), the Circle (Druids), the Field (Scouts) and 6 novices contacting the various Adventurer camps as soon as possible. One of you will be responsible for contacting the leader of the guild, the other will integrate themselves with the population. Keep track of the response to the threat while assisting each guild in preparing for the potential risk. Using carrier pigeons inform us of your progress. As for the 6, you will recruit from the Adventurer camps, no integration is necessary, merely inform everyone of the possible threat and assist the camp in preparations. Your thoughts are free, let your bodies be the same Master Assassins Ryan Sannar and NuketheUnicorns Translation: Something new is about to happen to NF, this is a teaser for it. For this month all our challenges will reflect a MMORPG story (as will all the other guilds, who we are collaborating with), feel free to write your posts this same way as well (Quest and Translation). Two Challenges this week: Learn how to walk/run silently (http://www.wikihow.com/Walk-Silently) as part of this challenge was also ask that you stop and smell the roses (open your eyes to the world around you, take time to move slowly and silently through it). or Run Sprints, using information from the other guilds for recovery work outs (IE: light running (Scouts), Stretching (Druids), Mobility Work (Warriors), etc… Videos and pictures appreciated. Take your pic of the two (or do both). Good luck Assassins.
  22. Hey Druids, I actually have a quick yoga question. I know that yoga and tai chi are some of the best ways to repair and strengthen your body (tendons, smooth controlled movement, etc...). I've been meaning to stretch more often and thought that yoga would help aid my recovery time. So I was wondering if there is a simple 10-20 minute routine that I could start with. Just fyi I have shoulder bursitis and very tight IT bands. I don't take care of them well enough at all. So any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
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