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  1. Glad to see Dead Winter getting some love. I used to hang out with the creator in a chat. I am not surprised it's still running. One his biggest pet peeves was webcomic artists not being able to stick to anything resembling an ordinary schedule. All of mine have been posted, I'm going to go back through this thread for stuff to get caught up on, and stuff to get my roommate into webcomics. She's more than nerdy enough and barely knows they exist.
  2. Looks like it will have about half the normal about of explosions of a Michael Bay film. Might even be good!
  3. Not eating in the morning freaks you out? I'm confused by this. What about not eating in the morning seems a bad idea?
  4. It's a troll that was already on the each of the Lord of the Rings reviews.
  5. Saw it and I'm very, very happy that they kept in the industrialization and technological reachings of the orcs/goblins with a lot of their city. That's a major theme from all of the Middle Earth stuff and I was disappointed at how downplayed the nature vs technology was in the LOTR films.
  6. I get paid more per hour, but right now I'm getting 5-10 hours a week. Trade until end of the holiday season?
  7. Yes. No real explanation for why. My sister was a stick. My brother was built like a fireplug (not fat, or even overweight, just american football running back body (wide shoulders, strong legs). My mom was skinny and my dad ran 5+ miles every day and was very fit. Me? Chubby as a baby, fat once 'chubby' didn't cover it any more.
  8. This is appropriate for a more tap type of LARP. If he's looking for full-contact (Dagorhir, Belegarth, or similar) then only cover with cloth on any surface used for striking.
  9. What type are you looking for, including expected level of contact (tap to full-contact), material cost, weapon type, ect?
  10. Probably doesn't show on iPhone because of Flash. Tracking down the YouTube link which will work by pulling up the built-in YouTube application. Got it.
  11. Mostly, I'm waiting for the flood of tasks for me to go into grocery stores and buy all the Hostess products to get them off the shelves for whatever company bought that particular brand (this is, in my experience, the most common way food products are dealt with when a company buys another). Then the next round of tasks to reset the sections where Hostess used to be. Basically, Hostess going under could make a lot of work for me at a time when I don't get much work.
  12. I like the idea of this. It's far more efficient to play World of Warcraft on a computer than with dice.
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