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  1. I'm in! Female, 21, 5'10'', working on my first pull-up I either have to get stroger or to weigh less
  2. ramonawsome


    @Black Belt Kitchen Ninja Thanks for the information I will massage you if I have any quastions! @Raxie At the moment I train my muscular endurance. I do this for 6 weeks. After that I will train my maximum strength for 12 weeks. Than 6 weeks muscular enurance, than 12 weeks maximum strength and so on. I do basic exercises as squats, deadlift and bench press.
  3. Ich habe mich vor allem angemeldet, weil ich die Idee mit den Level und den Punkten so genial und motivierend finde Auch mir geht es dabei darum, bestimmte Gewohnheiten zum Besseren zu verändern. An was für Wettkämpfen nimmst du denn Teil?
  4. Cool, that you decided to lose some weight and to live healthier I'm sure you will fast feel absolutely great! Keep it up!
  5. Cool, ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass sich so schnell jemand meldet. Was ist der Grund, warum du dich hier angemeldet hast? Was sind deine Ziele?
  6. Do you have other goals besides "start taking in more quality calories"? Maybe fitness goal?
  7. Wow this is great I love the fotos Keep it up!
  8. Wow, I like our goals! Keep it up
  9. Great goals I have a sugar addiction, too My goal is to eat less than 100g per day. So I'll fell your pain. Good luck!
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