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  1. Aw, thanks for all the comments, guys! It's nice to know we are not alone in this Week 2 Exercise: 3x yoga = A --> Nailed it. Discovered that doing it 2 days in a row is not as hard as I thought it would be, and it actually made me feel really good - I could stretch further than I have ever been able to in my life! Sleep: 8.3 hr average = A --> I've been aiming for 1am bedtime and trying to make anything later feel like "past my bedtime" - apparently it's working!! Sugar: 4 desserts = F --> Less sweets than last week...but still not good. Trying to be creative w
  2. Week 1 Yikes...not a good week for me. Traveled to a wedding over the weekend, slept poorly beforehand, and had less control over what I was eating. This is crunch time - I completed one challenge, and my subconscious thinks I'm done but these life skills are not habits yet, so my work is not done!! So...here's the report. Exercise: only 1 yoga session + 1 afternoon playing catch and Frisbee with friends which I'm counting as a session = B --> And I felt so gross these past few days because of it! Work was harder, not easier (but this wasn't just physical difficulti
  3. Good luck, Chelkie! These are some great, attainable goals. I also wish you luck on your move - sounds exciting and a bit scary at the same time! - E
  4. Hi Shukar - I hope this challenge is successful for you! I can totally relate to the flakiness...let's not let that happen this time, together!! You got this! - E
  5. Hello, Scouts! This is my second challenge in as many months, and as my last one was a success, I decided to keep the momentum going and attempt another one! I posted on the Ranger's page last time by mistake - my favorite activities are definitely individual ones like running and swimming, and I want to work up to a triathlon one day. I hope you will accept me into your forum! Main Quest: To get in better shape in order to feel physically and emotionally better overall, do my barista job better, and to slowly begin preparing for parenthood (in, like, the next 5 ye
  6. Week 4 and Final Report Firstly, I would like to celebrate that I completed the challenge - my first challenge was not so successful. Woohoo! Secondly, here are my numbers for the final week: Exercise: Step goal met 4x, stair goal met 3 times = C --> had a cold this week...I did 26 flights of stairs today, though...doesn't that make up for my missed days? Sugar: 3 = C --> I caved at work today...it was a really busy day, and my caloric intake is still under even with the dessert... but it still counts against me :( Sleep: 7.8hr avg = A!!!!
  7. Week 3 Exercise: met my original step goal 5x and my stair goal 3x = B --> I'm going to do some research into how my Fitbit tracks the stairs to make sure when I'm doing them, it's tracking it...noticing some irregularities in my results this week... Sugar: 4 = F --> interestingly I noticed that once I caved on this, it was hard to stop. This was new info for me, and good to know! Sleep: 6.8hrs = C --> Highest average yet! I get more sleep the earlier I get to bed. Funny how that works... made it to be right around 1 for the past 3 nights and feel so much bette
  8. Week 2 Hi all!! Hope your quests are going well. Here's my progress report: Sugar: 2 desserts = B --> had some ingredients in the fridge to use up, so I made raspberry oat squares as dessert...lots of sugar, mmm... Exercise: both steps and stairs goals met 5 days = A --> yay! I have been feeling the effects of being more active - was able to carry groceries home easier yesterday! Sleep: 6.5hrs avg. = C --> Feeling disappointed with my efforts here...I've been staying up too late watching TV with my husband. My work schedule has been all over the map this
  9. Thanks for the tip, Miaulin! I've been subbing maple syrup in oatmeal for sugar, and it's great! I know my husband looooves raw sugar...maybe we should price check and think about switching
  10. Weekly update (a little late)! So running is a no-go this time around... I tried it once and my foot was killing me for days. I'm going to switch that goal to meeting both the 10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs goals on my FitBit. I will be getting my orthotics in a month. Here's hoping that's a fix for this pain! New grading for exercise: A = both goals met 5+ days/week B = both goals met 4 days/week C = both goals met 3 days/week F = both goals met > 3 days/week Now for my weekly grades: Sugar: 1 dessert = A --> nailing
  11. Hi all! This is my second 4-week challenge ever, and I'm excited about it! Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and I attended my last class of my university degree! Woohoo!! Still got papers to write, but I will be totally done in 9 days. I hope those 9 days won't hinder my efforts here! Main Quest To get in better shape in order to feel physically and emotionally better overall, do my barista job better, and to slowly begin preparing for parenthood (in, like, the next 5 years...so not soon, but soon enough!). I will work towards this in 3 ways: 1. Cut down on sug
  12. Well. I'm not sure where I should be posting this, but I figured here would do. I believe I'm supposed to grade my challenge, and as it was finished a month ago... I feel that I deserve a D, meaning I accomplished a little bit, but did not develop enough growth during the challenge to achieve a passing grade. I did not meet any of my goals, nor did I stick with the program long enough to develop new habits and break old ones. My injury was a setback, but it did not have to mean that I give up entirely. However, the challenge wasn't a total loss. I learned a few things along the way. 1.
  13. And so the setbacks continue... - FINALLY went to the doc this week about some foot pain that's been happening on and off for about a year now. He poked and prodded pretty good, nothing on my X-Ray so he ordered a CT scan. So my foot was too sore to do my running this week. It's feeling better already, so I'll be starting again with gusto this coming week! Here I come, week 2 of my program! 2 minute intervals of running...I'm gonna be tiiiired! Might go back and do the previous run again, as it's been so long since my last run. - Made it to bed on time once again this week. Yay! Aiming for
  14. Thanks for the input, awesomesue and AgentSpiderMonkey! To be honest, I'm feeling a bit defeated. I think I'm in need of a respawn already...and we are only 2 weeks in! - Even after I changed by bedtime to midnight, I still only met that goal once. - I logged my calories every day, but I think my weight/activity level are out of whack because I can't stay under my limit. - And I've completed one week of my running program, but it took me 2 weeks to do. But...I can also look at it this way: - I met my bedtime goal once this week. - I have been faithfully logging my calories, and I learn
  15. Hey, all! Thanks for your comments! This week was really tough. I had my first 4th year paper due on Tuesday, and I participated in my best friend's graduation festivities on Wednesday, so I don't feel that I did very well this week...but I did make some progress! I am hoping that once I am partway into this challenge when my next paper is due, I will have established a bit more of a daily rhythm in terms of reaching my goals, so sticking to the program will be easier next time life happens. Anyway, here's my progress report: First of all, I'm finding my bedtime goal to be really difficult
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