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  1. I loooooove this, I've already cooked it twice. I leave out the rice and add in fresh green beans.
  2. I learned a HECK OF A LOT on my Epic Travel Adventure - I should do a summary but not right now. I didn't keep up much fitness other than my knee exercises from my physio and a lot of walking, but maybe that was good - it gave me a chance to step back and think a lot about my goals and reasons for training. Here's a few big realisations: I have to prioritise protecting my knees. It sucks that there might be some things I have to miss, but it's better than sticking my head in the sand and doing permanent damage. The way I was training mid last year was exciting but not healthy. I built up too fast and did too much. I made it through because I'm young, but I have to start treating my body better because I want it to last. Distance running is not for me. However there's a lot of support for sprinting over distance running for health in Paleo circles, and I'm cool with that. You can cover a fair bit of ground in a minute or two. Even though it's tough and terrifying, martial arts feed my soul, I've got to try to do one. I want to look into some options to get a better Omega 3:6 ratio without spending much more on food. Probably by making my own mayonnaise and by bulk-buying grass-fed beef. I HAVE to find a way to enjoy bicycling more. It's apparently great for knees and will save me a lot of money. It's been fun, but I'm ditching the gym membership and buying a simple home gym set.
  3. I love this article!!!! I just wanted to share it with some folks who will get it - and are already living it!
  4. I'm not an impulsive person, but this trip is all about getting out of my comfort zone, so in the previous week I changed my plans completely and went for a last-minute jaunt through 3 neighbouring countries. I only had one or two days in each place and normally I hate travelling like that and trying to see a city in such a limited time, but this is the last part of my trip where I can actually change my plans so I was greedy to fit a lot in. It WAS exhausting but I'm so glad I did it! I've been to Prague, Bratislava and Vienna (just missed out on Budapest due to limited time). So of course it was a struggle to keep up my challenge habits but I think I did really well considering I was on a whirlwind tour AND recovering from a cold. If I can stave off sleep for a few minutes at the end of the day I do some leg lifts in bed which helps my knees. I've been taking elevators wherever possible (my physiotherapist wants me to avoid stairs at this point) and they're feeling a lot better. Knees: 4/7 Drawing: 5/7 Workouts 2/7
  5. From where I'm sitting it still looks like a whole lot of changes and reading through your thread there is so much self-awareness, adaptation and planning for the future, I'm inspired Hope this week went well!
  6. Week 2 Knees 2/7 Drawing 2/7 Workouts 2/7 Week 3 Knees 4/7 Drawing 3/7 Workouts 3/7
  7. After going back and forth at least 6 times on whether I was going to Berlin, I'm finally in Berlin Unfortunately I've come down with a cold, which tends to hit me hard for the first few days and won't go away until I have a long rest, so I'm spending most of my time in my room even though I'm in freaking Berlin... ah well, there's nothing I can do about it. I still have 2 more days so I'm going to take a bus tour so I don't have to walk around, and then hopefully I'll be well enough to wander the city on the last day. Last week was pretty strenuous with long days so in the evening I was mostly struggling to even brush my teeth before I fell asleep, let alone exercise, so I didn't get great scores but I have been getting some physical activity. I was having depression-like symptoms but mostly sleepiness and lethargy despite getting enough sleep, which was puzzling, but now I think it was a mix of being burnt out and incubating a cold, so even though I'm in Berlin (did I mention I'm in Berlin?) it's probably for the best that I'm taking some (unwilling) rest days. At least the view is great.
  8. That's a good point! I didn't realise until I wrote it out how much I did in that one week.
  9. Week 1 Knees - 3/7 Drawing - 5/7 Workouts - 1/7 Before berating myself about the numbers I'm going to remember that I'm ten thousand kilometers out of my comfort zone, having experiences I never would have imagined, trying to pack as much as possible into each day. There is no room for guilt, only improvement. This week I played with movement on an obstacle course I found in a forest, made it through a challenging yoga lesson, walked on the beach on an island in the North Sea, danced around a campfire and carried my suitcase up a lot of stairs. I'm doing just fine! This week I did something really simple that helped a bunch. I can't believe it took me this long. Just a simple scribbled down table so I don't have to keep all my results in my head. It's in my sketchbook so it's something I always have on hand.
  10. Woohoo! Well done for carrying on through the crazy busy, it can be tough but it will pay off!
  11. Breadpool is a little late here due to travelling through the wilderness (i.e. place without internet, even mobile) but for my Rangering Feat last week I made it back to the forest with the obstacle course! It was even a bit of a challenge because the road was closed for construction so I had to find it from the other side. Photos in the spoiler tag. There was a lot more than this scattered over a large area. My host didn't know about it but had a vague memory of some sort of charity running event in the area.
  12. Happy challenge start day! I'm still on my Epic Travel Adventure (yes still going, that's why it's epic in the old sense of the word) and I've finally let my good habits slip, but that's ok! I've been doing great re-establishing the first 2 out of 3 of my daily goals: 1. Knee strengthening exercises (for ongoing problems) 2. Draw something every day from the world around me 3. Body care - 2 of any fitness, strength or mobility exercises I've been on the road for almost 3 months now, mostly in Germany, doing WWOOFing to earn my keep. My last farm involved a lot of manual labour which was awesome, but this one is far less physical, so it's time to start making up for that.
  13. Ain't it always the way? Double congrats!
  14. I hope you realise that just the fact you're still here in the Rebellion, reflecting and planning, is really awesome. My gamer brain is saying 'make combos!' - for example a bonus point if you do something from every category. But if you want to keep it simple I understand that too
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