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  1. Yesterday went great. I'm back to doing what I need to do. I had 1,643 calories for the day. I didn't eat any bread and stayed away from the night time snacks. Plus I made it it into the gym for my lift. Things couldn't have gone better.
  2. Thanks, My daughter will be fine in the end but her issues can have a huge impact on her childhood and her ability to do everything she wants. For now though she is able to continue with no restrictions. And thanks for the words of encouragement. I am back on track and moving forward.
  3. Last couple days have not been the greatest for my goals. Stress over my oldest daughters medical problems has led to some very poor decisions. I missed the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday was a scheduled day off to take my daughter to children's hospital in Pittsburgh for some testing but Tuesday was just me letting laziness win. Tuesday's calorie count was just over my goal with 2,103 calories for the day and I did good on both the other goals. Yesterday was a different story though. I failed all the way down the line. I have no idea how many calories I ate because I didn't track them and going back to try now would just give me a guess at it because I honestly don't know what all I had. I know I had a flat bread sandwich for lunch so there goes the no bread goal and I had a late night snack so that one was shot too. My daughter's results from her appointment were a lot better than we had even hoped for so we kinda celebrated with a special lunch for her on the way home. It ended with cheesecake so I know my calories had to be way over my goal for the day. Today I am picking up the pieces and moving forward.
  4. Work has had me very busy lately so I haven't been updating as much as I would like here. I finally have some time so I updated my spreadsheet at the beginning of this thread. Last week went ok. Not perfect but pretty good.Here is my review of last week. B on my calories goal. I averaged 2,022 calories a day. Just over my 2,000 goal. That's pretty good. C on the no bread goal. I only had bread one day but that comes out to a C based on how my goals are written. But I am happy with how I did. F on my snacking at night goal. I snacked 3 nights last week. Not to thrilled about it but I'm working on it. Overall I have some things to work on but I'm moving in the right direction.
  5. Yesterday was a great day. I hit the gym on time, met my calorie goal with 1,909 calories for the day, stayed away from the bread, and resisted the urge to snack at night. Overall a solid win for me. To top off a great day I stopped at the sporting goods store on my way home from work and bought two kayaks. It has been years since I've been paddling and I am excited to get out on the water soon. Hopefully this Sunday my wife and I will have some kid free time (and good weather) to get out on a small local lake.
  6. It's still a bit stiff and sore but not enough to keep me out of the gym. I hate missing gym days, it throws off my entire morning routine.
  7. Well another day gone by. As far as my goals go yesterday was a good day. I had 1,678 calories for the day, didn't eat any bread, and didn't snack at night. As I mentioned yesterday I did miss my lifting in the morning. But my neck is feeling better today so I am right back at it and got into the gym early this morning.
  8. Yesterday was an ok day. I went to the gym as scheduled but I hurt my neck so I ended up missing my lifting session this morning. I was a little over my calorie goal with 2,332 calories for the day. I had lunch with my wife and daughter and their choice of restaurant left me with very few good options. I chose as best as I could though. I did manage to stay away from bread and had no snacks last night.
  9. I find keeping busy helps the most for me. If I sit down to just watch tv I end up snacking. Lucky for me there is always plenty that needs done.
  10. Yesterday went very well. All of my goals were met. I came in with 1832 calories for the day, stayed away from bread, and didn't snack last night. On top of that I got to the gym on a Monday morning.
  11. I have updated my spreadsheet above. The first week went ok. This past weekend was spent with family at multiple celebrations and I didn't track what I ate so well. So rather than guess at it I am just going to accept that I failed o n those days and move forward. Week 1 review. 2000 calories average: I am giving myself a C on that one. I was under my goal for the days I tracked but I missed two days. No bread: I give myself an A on that goal for the week. No snacks after 9:00 pm: I would have to give myself an F on that one. I seem to be struggling a bit with this one. Overall not a horrible week but I will try to make this one better.
  12. dustoff

    Back Again!

    Looks like you have some great goals set up (although I did have to google "oil pull"). Good luck with your challenge.
  13. Finally had a great day. Yesterday I got to the gym for a great workout. I came in at 1,805 calories for the day. I didn't eat any bread and I was able to keep away from all food after 9:00 pm. Overall it was a very successful day. Now I am focused on making today just as good.
  14. Yesterday went ok. I had a total of 1,777 calories for the day. I was able to stay away from the bread and I didn't have anything to eat after 9:00 pm. I did not make it to the gym yesterday. I was feeling pretty ill in the morning and thought that maybe by the time I left work I would feel better and could go then. I actually felt worse and left work early so I didn't make it. I'm feeling better today though and was up bright and early to get back into the gym.
  15. Great goals. Good luck with your challenge. I'll be following along.
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