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  1. Oh, and I'm just counting the exercise walks and walking around town (library, etc.) since I have no pedometer and have to use google maps to figure out mileage. Hopefully I can get a pedometer and log more off road trips though!
  2. I've needed a good excuse to start logging workouts again now that I am finally unpregnant and allowed to get back to normal! Count me in; I'm feeling Tookish!
  3. I hate to say this, but. . . It doesn't. I'm less neurotic this time, but I think it's because I'm too old and have too many irons in the fire to obsess effectively this time. My first pregnancy ended in an emergency premature delivery and I was a nervous wreck the next time because of that, but the truth is that most women go all nine months without a hitch. Eating right prevents a ton of the major risks (pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, neural tube defects) and REALLY helps with everything else. Flaxseed oil helps with the mental fuzziness some. By the second trimester, you will al
  4. Thanks! My last two pregnancies were not shining examples of knocked up athleticism and I gained over 50 pounds each time, so I have a whole lot of motivation to do things differently this time, although I did learn one huge lesson from #2: walking as much as possible helps tons. I had my son in Germany, where I used my feet and public transportation to get everywhere, so even after months of bedrest and excessive gain, I lost ALL the weight in less than a year by doing three things: walking everywhere, wearing my baby strapped to my chest at almost all times, and breastfeeding on demand. T
  5. Hooray! Me too! We can do nine month challenges together! Awesome goals, by the way!
  6. Anyone else planning to double their waistlines and gain about 25-30 pounds in the next nine months or so? Suddenly the old rules and goals seem to go right out the window. It's going to be a little hard to give up the big lifts, but coming up with safe and exciting ways to stay active and healthy is sort of a new and inspiring mission. Any ideas?
  7. I am a little smaller than average on top on a fat day, so I get your concern about losing what you've got, but any exercise that improves your posture is going to make your boobs look better even if they are a little smaller. Also, building some shoulder muscles and pecs will make you look a bit curvier without adding fat. I've gotten way more compliments and attention for being generally pretty fit than I ever did when I was less fit but a little curvier, so I wouldn't sweat it if I were you.As to the crunches thing, if you absolutely have to do sit-ups, try a variation like get-up sit-ups
  8. I just wrote a whole reply and then lost it. Am too tired to rewrite tonight. Grrr.
  9. Thanks! I was really excited about getting up to 80#. I want to be able to deadlift more than bodyweight but it's going to take time. Right now I have a week and a half until I go back to a job where I usually spend a lot of time squatting, carrying boxes, running up and down stairs, and walking around 10-12 miles per shift, so I really want to get back to my old level of fitness. I know I won't be doing sprints for a few weeks, but I figure being strong will help compensate for getting winded quickly.
  10. I love Tara Stiles. She is really down to earth, philosophical about it occasionally but without the woowoo, super low-key, and funny as hell. Her podcasts are amazing and it's easy to string several together to get longer workouts so they are like having a portable yoga studio in your laptop or Ipod, which is so nice. Got my albuterol today, so hopefully no more post-jumping-jack dizziness. 1) and 3) see here: http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?1269-how-I-hurt-myself-and-run-around-and-play&p=44012&viewfull=1#post44012 This was the first time I have worked out for over
  11. Wow. I knew there was a reason I bought my own weights.
  12. 1) Had forgotten how much I love Tara Stiles's Yoga to Get Out of Your Own Way Challange. I got really out of breath which has never happened to me with yoga before but I am picking up some albuterol today so hopefully that will help. I also walked for about 45 minutes and did a beginner body-weight circuit with a couple of changes to make it a little harder. After 30 jumping jacks, I was so lightheaded it was scary. 2) I got the breathing thing OVER 2000 yesterday. YAY! Now I have to aim for 2500. I can't believe I already met a goal. Nothing on 3-6 yesterday, but I did see a pulmonar
  13. Ok, so last challenge I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and opportunistic infections again. Ugh. I have spent most of the two weeks since I got out in bed, in pain, eating and trying to breathe. So I am somewhat more out of shape than last round but also somewhat in better shape since I had two units of blood (no more anemia! yay!) and have gotten rid of the opportunistic infections even if my lungs are still cruddy. My fitness goals need to be centered around my lungs this challenge, so: 1) Yoga every day. It doesn't have to be multiple sun salutations or anything, but at the v
  14. I have mostly refused to wear constrictive clothing pretty much since birth, so I can and do do a lot of exercise in my normal stuff, but I also have a couple of pairs of yoga pants and cut off sweats that I will typically wear for Official and Planned Workout Activities, mostly because they are lightweight and I would have to be a masochist to try to run in Texas in jeans and sleeves. Jeans are also sort of unwieldy for yoga and pilates, so any type of flexibility stuff gets done in cut-off sweats, yoga pants, or pajamas. Come to think of it, a whole lot of sleeping and housework gets done
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