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  1. Hooray! Me too! We can do nine month challenges together! Awesome goals, by the way!
  2. I am a little smaller than average on top on a fat day, so I get your concern about losing what you've got, but any exercise that improves your posture is going to make your boobs look better even if they are a little smaller. Also, building some shoulder muscles and pecs will make you look a bit curvier without adding fat. I've gotten way more compliments and attention for being generally pretty fit than I ever did when I was less fit but a little curvier, so I wouldn't sweat it if I were you.As to the crunches thing, if you absolutely have to do sit-ups, try a variation like get-up sit-ups for more results (holding one hand straight in front of you with a small weight - even a can of soup would work) and then progress to Turkish get-ups as you get stronger. All you need for modified dips and pull-ups is a sturdy table and chairs. Bear crawls are another great bodyweight core exercise and they work your back, gluts, and legs, too. I do stability ball crunches myself from time to time, but mostly because I enjoy them and it is encouraging to be able to do 100+ of anything, even if it doesn't really do much. OH and glut bridges are good for core strengthening too. There is really no such thing as toning. There is muscle and there is fat. Reducing fat and building muscle makes you look harder and leaner. If you reduce fat without building muscle, you generally don't change your shape or look any more "toned." It does sound like you are really pretty thin for your height, so don't worry about putting on weight as long as you are getting stronger and feeling better as you do it.
  3. I just wrote a whole reply and then lost it. Am too tired to rewrite tonight. Grrr.
  4. Thanks! I was really excited about getting up to 80#. I want to be able to deadlift more than bodyweight but it's going to take time. Right now I have a week and a half until I go back to a job where I usually spend a lot of time squatting, carrying boxes, running up and down stairs, and walking around 10-12 miles per shift, so I really want to get back to my old level of fitness. I know I won't be doing sprints for a few weeks, but I figure being strong will help compensate for getting winded quickly.
  5. I love Tara Stiles. She is really down to earth, philosophical about it occasionally but without the woowoo, super low-key, and funny as hell. Her podcasts are amazing and it's easy to string several together to get longer workouts so they are like having a portable yoga studio in your laptop or Ipod, which is so nice. Got my albuterol today, so hopefully no more post-jumping-jack dizziness. 1) and 3) see here: http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?1269-how-I-hurt-myself-and-run-around-and-play&p=44012&viewfull=1#post44012 This was the first time I have worked out for over an hour in a while and it felt so good. I think I want to do the deep breaths podcast daily for a while. It should help. The get-up sit-ups hurt some on my left side, where I either have pleurisy or cartilege damage from a fall (and no one can tell me which, even after x-rays and MRIs) but much less than they would have a couple of months ago, and I think doing exercises that work each side seperately will help me recover from the lopsidedness that has been plaguing me all spring. Also, I think a lot of core, back, and chest exercises will help my posture, thus enabling better breathing, and helping me heal from the pneumonia. I am deadlifting 80 right now, so if I can get to 90 next week, I will be at 100 before the end of the challenge for sure. 2) got up to 2100 on the breathing contraption, so improvement there too. Slight improvement, but I'll take it. 4) no progress 5) wrote and accidentally erased a journal entry 6)about to take a shower and then read NVC while drinking Breathe Easy tea on the couch P.S. Sort of unrelated, but also sort of related because I had a shitty day and lifted anyway: we had a blowout on the highway on the way to go pick up a scoby for brewing kombucha. It was really tempting to just cry and go to bed, but I called the kombucha lady, and am trusting God and the universe and whomever Joe moves this week to send us enough tip money so that we can get a used tire to hold us over until we can afford a new set this fall. I am without a car for the time being, though. P.P.S. Talked to my boss and am going back to work in a week and a half. REALLY need the money and a sedentary lifestyle absolutely kills me and makes me horrid to be around so this is very good. I am not sure why I have not been shot or strangled every single time I have had to take time off for convalescence, but if I can control my crankiness for a little bit longer, I will be able to escape the house daily again and even get money for my kids' school supplies for doing it! P.P.P.S. I am so so excited about having a steady supply of kombucha. I do not function without lots of probiotics, but dairy tears me up too, so this should make my gut very very happy.
  6. 1) Had forgotten how much I love Tara Stiles's Yoga to Get Out of Your Own Way Challange. I got really out of breath which has never happened to me with yoga before but I am picking up some albuterol today so hopefully that will help. I also walked for about 45 minutes and did a beginner body-weight circuit with a couple of changes to make it a little harder. After 30 jumping jacks, I was so lightheaded it was scary. 2) I got the breathing thing OVER 2000 yesterday. YAY! Now I have to aim for 2500. I can't believe I already met a goal. Nothing on 3-6 yesterday, but I did see a pulmonary specialist and knit some. Today's my birthday and I am going to go pick up a scoby from someone on craigslist so I can start brewing my own kombucha and get more probiotics in my life. This is very exciting. I like kombucha A LOT. Also, I am halfway to 70!
  7. Ok, so last challenge I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and opportunistic infections again. Ugh. I have spent most of the two weeks since I got out in bed, in pain, eating and trying to breathe. So I am somewhat more out of shape than last round but also somewhat in better shape since I had two units of blood (no more anemia! yay!) and have gotten rid of the opportunistic infections even if my lungs are still cruddy. My fitness goals need to be centered around my lungs this challenge, so: 1) Yoga every day. It doesn't have to be multiple sun salutations or anything, but at the very least a Tara Stiles podcast since that will get me breathing deeply and keep me centered. 2) Use my inhalation torture contraption at least three times a day. I can get the thing up to 1500 and I want to get it up to 2000. 3) Deadlift 100 lbs. I am at 70 pounds now with pretty minimal training so I think 100 is very doable. I plan to achieve this by working it 3x a week along with my other strength training. 4) Get my student loans in order. This one goes toward my longer term goal of getting back into college in the spring. Retail is no job for a mom with two kids. I want to be a nutritionist and I can't do that until I finish school. 5) Write at least every other day. I have been journaling since I have been unable to work due to pneumonia and it is making me feel more connected and centered. 6) WHOA! LOTS OF GOALS! Finish reading Nonviolent Communication. It is cheesily written but insightful and effective and I need to spend some time working on how I interact with people so I can be more of an instrument of peace. I named my kids after the Assissi saints and it's time to return to the peacemaking, compassionate family lifestyle that I promised them by giving them such burdensome names to live up to. The only part of my body that I am thrilled with right now is my upper back. The rest of me has gotten kind of softer, but I am still 5'3" and recently up to 125 pounds. I can live with those stats but my arms and waist better be more badass by the end of this.
  8. I got out of bed today and ate at the table. It's really pathetic for this to be an accomplishment. I also ran some errands with help driving, but my chest feels like a gang of angry donkeys have been using it for kicking practice so I may not manage much else tonight. Also, I am eating everything that sounds good. So ice cream bars? Check. Plums from the farm stand? Check. Second helping of brisket with Stubb's sauce? Oh hell yeah. Brisket may actually be a good thing though, because I haven't eaten much red meat in the past year and was so anemic that they gave me two units of blood on monday before deciding I was safe to go home the next day. The dilaudid has worn off but I am still on Augmentin and Zithromax and spent last week hooked up to Zosin, Levaquin, Flagyl, etc. The masses in my right lung have not really budged and it seems like I have pleuresy on the left side because the masses from winter have cleared up over there but I have excruciating pain there when I inhale, but I am supposed to get a new x-ray next week and hopefully there will be progress by then. I am going to try to go on a walk tomorrow.
  9. pneumonia 3, alr 0 I am feeling really really overwhelmed.
  10. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!
  11. How are you doing? (In a broader sense, although a challenge update would do.)
  12. Today started out ok but then ended rough. I ate more fat early on and it did seem to help with energy levels at work, but then a flat tire prevented me from getting home for dinner and I ended up eating at the food court while waiting for help. Food: watermelon, frozen blueberries, and frozen banana chunks, then a can of tuna with mozzarella melted on top and some red wine vinegar for breakfast. Deli turkey slices in car on way to work two small oranges and one and a half small apples with almond butter for snacks at work half gallon green tea, unsweetened spring mix, cukes, red bell pepper, celery, and shrimp with italian dressing for work lunch then DISASTER spent way too much for dinner and had stir fried beef with rice, 1/2 california roll, and shrimp & veg tempura and coffee with whole milk. It took three hours to get home due to waiting for Joe to get there with a bigger air compressor (the little one was way too little to get the job done) and then stopping for a can of flat fixer on the way back. My worry list is a little longer due to so much extra gas used and possible tire replacement if we can't find and plug the leak, but knowing that he CAN find and plug leaks is reassuring, so it balances. No exercise other than 8 hours spent running back and forth and up and down stairs and squatting to measure people's feet and watch their stride for pronation issues. Have been taking the stairs almost all of the time at work (the stockroom stairs are unavoidable but adding the stairs to and from the time clock, restrooms, etc., is nice) and have run them about half of the time. I am a little sore from yesterday but in a nice, sense of accomplishment way, not a painful OH CRAP I'M OUT OF SHAPE! way. I should (knock wood) get home a lot earlier tomorrow and hope to take the family on a walk and maybe work some sprints and bw stuff again before attempting to improve my deadlift.
  13. Today I ate 3 tilapia fillets baked with garlic, mozzarella, and parmesan and 2 oranges for lunch big bowl of reduced fat thin mint ice cream with the kids 1&1/2 chicken thighs baked with garlic, dijon mustard, and mustard and a whole heap of zucchini dredged in cornmeal, garlic, and salt and fried in canola (yum) about half a small watermelon as dessert and continual snacking throughout the evening. Drank a half gallon of unsweetened green tea, two cups of hot green tea, and about another half gallon of water. First decent enough workout in ages, posted in my battle logs worry list: figured out budget for next week and a half, sighed, and resigned myself to it, and then bought enough meat and produce to make it through, plus oatmeal, peanut butter, ice cream, and bread for the kids. Also figured out some menu planning for the next several days, which hopefully will help me not eat crap. I can't remember everything I ate in the past couple of days but I am figuring out how to prevent snack regrets (plan to eat in car on way to and from work and prep snack food and tea accordingly, eat enough at work, including fruity goodness in the stockroom throughout shift, to maintain energy levels at least somewhat so I don't hit drive-thrus or 7-11s on the way home OR crash when I get home (since moving here and transferring to my current store, the increase in activity at work and hour commute each way have played havoc with my eating, and getting enough in has become a huge issue). I think I also need to take in more fat. When I stick to plan, my diet is high in meat and plants, but the meats may be too lean to sustain caloric needs and energy levels. Three family packs of chicken thighs and the remainder of our cheese supply should help some. I will need to look into getting enough fat in without doing shots of olive oil (yuck), doubling my cholesterol intake (eek), or dairying it up. I feel like I started this challenge sort of directionless but am now refining my goals. I want to finish a 30# squat tabata and be able to do three rounds of my sprint/broad jump burpee/lunge set from today. Deadlifting more would be good too, but I already know that will happen so that's not really a challenge. I need to get better at saying no thank you as well as letting my cohabitants know that I will eat THEM if they keep polishing off my meat stash too. Assertiveness would definitely level up my life. I live with people who want to eat pasta and cereal and bread and grains so if I keep buying them these things, they need to respect my need for them NOT to eat up all the meat and produce when they have tons of food I CAN'T eat cluttering up the pantries. There was a day this week when a batch of frozen chicken breasts that I could have made one family meal and two work meals out of disappeared except half a serving while I was at work. I don't like to fight over this stuff but it was a definite moment of "Oh, you made dinner. How nice." (burst into tears and run off stage.) I can't afford to buy groceries for two different lifestyles unless there is mutual respect about shared resources. (Which I should be saying to Joe and the kids, rather than posting here, but whatever.)
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