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  1. Jumping in late, but it looks like this is your best bet at the moment. Working on your mental state, relieving stress, and getting good sleep can all contribute to weight loss. Unfortunately I'm not big on any of those things myself except for maintaining a good sleep schedule. Just a grabbag of ideas I have basically no experience with because I happened to have just read a chapter of a book on the subject this morning: meditation mindfulness affirmations positive thinking religious practice (pray or go to church/temple/synagogue/mosque/coven for services) gratitude journaling social interaction (sounds like you need to build a relationship with new teammates anyways) massages long baths stretching Yoga breathing exercises limit screen time before bed blackout curtains/sleep mask glass of warm milk/herbal tea no caffeine in the afternoon soothing music (both awake and sleeping) Warning: booze will put you to sleep but you won't sleep as deeply so it won't help sleep quality overall.
  2. I had a bad weekend. I cut my long run a little short (12k instead of 15k) and because my office is in shambles (pulled the wallpaper down and prepped to paint) I haven't logged my meal plan for the week. They finally replaced the battery in scale at the gym and I'm all the way down to 162 lb and looking in the mirror and my lift weights I can tell that it's all muscle mass. The spending isn't in wonderful condition either though everything is at least rationalized. My wife got a bonus in and about half of it is going to frivolous things. Also the "good grocery store" in our town is closing so we stocked up on a bunch of deeply discounted stuff. So we spent $400 at the grocery store, but we won't have to buy condiments or marinara until 2020. I'm kicking myself a little, but overall I'm in pretty OK shape. I got all my runs and lifting in last week and I did still plan all my meals with an added afternoon snack to try and get my weight back up.
  3. I squeezed all the workouts I could out of the past few days. I got a long run in on Saturday before a snow storm blew in. I got a short run in yesterday morning in sub-zero wind chill and 1 degree actual temperatures. I haven't done today's lifting yet because my home gym is in my detached garage and the space heater probably can't stand up to this kind of cold. I brought clothes to work so I can lift at lunchtime.
  4. Run, lift, run. Clean pulls are actually starting to feel like I know what I'm doing with them.
  5. Am I the only one who takes a weird pleasure in pulling icicles out of his facial hair? We know. That looks like a good thorough plan. Doing the off-road marathon and then the road race is probably the best route. All your secondary muscles won't take as severe a beating on the road race so I'm guessing being 90% recovered will be enough.
  6. I actually managed to log my food plans over the weekend despite having recently discovered Final Fantasy 1 for the first time. The long run was slightly abbreviated and my meal plans for the weekend went to crap. I normally don't worry about my weekend food since I do my long run and it generally burns my weekend cheating, but having white chocolate truffles for lunch and then beef Wellington for dinner was a bit much. Edit: I also got my morning run in today.
  7. What did I miss? I never lit Freon on fire. I did get that run in (after talking myself out of and back into doing it) and got some lifting done this morning. OHSquats are starting to feel more natural to me. I might even manage to add weight next week instead of just squatting the bar.
  8. Forgot to mention yesterday that I needed to find alternate exercise because my knee was acting bizarre when I tried to squat. It didn't hurt per say, but it felt horribly wrong like all my tendons were wiggling around instead of stretching. I feel fine otherwise. I didn't run this morning because of bad weather, but I can still get a run in this evening.
  9. Catching something. Like if we're taking a refrigeration unit off the top of a walk in cooler and the random wiring and jaggedly cut piping keep you from actually lowering it like a sane person. And your boss almost gives you a Freon tracheotomy with little to no warning and if you can't do an overhead squat with a 50 lb box you end up smashing a cooling unit on the floor like a psychopath and cutting your chin instead. You're right though, I'm pretty sure it's just intended to strengthen the core and the secondary muscles in the chest, back, and shoulders.
  10. That's ambitious. Do you have a plan for the week in between? Or a strategy for race days?
  11. OK, keeping up with my exercise just fine. Arms and back on Friday and I got a long run in on Saturday that actually felt amazing despite the weather forecast (wrongly) calling for rain at 33 degrees. I didn't get my food logged ahead of time, but I'll try to at least see what my week looks like at lunch today.
  12. I know I said I'd start updating Strava but I've had to exercise mostly indoors this week. I did run Wednesday on a treadmill at lunch, lifted at home and did a stationary bike yesterday. I tried overhead squats for the first time yesterday and whoa baby was that an experience. I'm glad I decided that looked like a shoulder work out because I had to take it all the way down to the bar and my chest and shoulders were on fire. I also had to pull a bench out to check what I was doing on my form because it feels so obscenely unnatural. I'm going to need a few weeks of practice before I'm remotely comfortable with that one.
  13. How do you measure this? Is there a program/organization you're following or just looking at a map and seeing if you've covered 50% of your town?
  14. Thanks for the support everyone. Well I guess I'll have to start actually updating Strava. Yesterday I got my lifting in and took a really lazy day. Front squats, clean pulls, and tuck jumps. I kept the weight light because I'm out of practice and trying to learn proper form for cleans. I binged the entirety of the Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix over the weekend leading up to watching all of season 3 yesterday. There was a lot packed into that last season and it really took the writing to a whole other level. As was I suppose inevitable I disliked the ending. Either they make it happy and you're unhappy about that or they make it unhappy and you're unhappy in general.
  15. Dear readers I urge you immediately to look away. What I report herein is nothing you can find an enjoyable respite from the drudgery of your daily life. Drudgery is a word which means “boring work” and respite is a word which here means anything better. If you have any love for yourself, I implore you to go curl up with your favorite long form television show and a cup of hot cocoa. If you have been following the adventures of Mike D you know that the past year has brought little other than setbacks and unhappiness and doubtless more setbacks and unhappiness are to come though hopefully to an extent you would describe as normal. If you do not look away and choose to continue to follow these adventures I cannot promise you a happy ending. I can’t even offer the hope of one. There will be no personal best at the triumphant end of this challenge. You’ll find no celebratory dances or feats of strength. At best you can hope for a slightly out of shape and mildly unhappy man to be slightly less out of shape and more temperately happy man. At worst you will see miserable failure. The tasks are simple, but fate is fickle. It is fate that is being tested not our intrepid hero. - Plan AND LOG all my food. I’ve been good about planning, less good about recording it. Pay down the credit card and cut spending. - Run 4 times a week (M, W, Th, Sa). Lift 3 times a week (T, Th, Fr). Stretch. I've barely managed to maintain a semblance of my running habit. I've completely lost my weight lifting.
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