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  1. Scouts Camp 2017: The Common Room Welcomes You

    I used Map My Run a lot, but Strava has a fun feature that lets you create a route and it tells you the distance. I think you have to pay to see popular running routes on there though. In Boston people like running the path for the Boston Marathon. Maybe look up the local distance races and see if the map course runs somewhere nearby? That's not a guarantee for a good course, but a lot of them work. Or check for any greenways or large parks nearby. I did most of my running in Charleston, SC on the greenway or the bike path and I do most of my long runs in Boston along the Charles river because: There is a clear, paved path There is little traffic w/cars and when you have it, it's an intersection It's pretty out there with the nature and whatnot Less noise (I don't wear headphones)
  2. Funny How These Things Work Out

    Week 1 recap: Nutrition: Made a plan, completely missed the fact that I would be traveling for a day and in meetings during lunch for three days so the plan was thrown out the window. I need to set up my plan for next week tonight so I have time to adjust and make sure I eat enough and in proportion. I also need to re-evaluate the calories I need to injest. Exercise: Mostly working out at home this week and not enough running. I did get two days at home, two proper days in the weight room and a tread mill run. I am doing a long run tomorrow morning. Music: I got two nights of practice done. I might be able to get some more practice in on Sunday. Spanish: I checked on books. It did not go particularly well. I am now fairly convinced that the reason I can't find any media originally written in Spanish is because it doesn't exist. The list of libros para adulto juevos I found reccommended The Hunger Games trilogy, Cather in the Rye, Harry Potter (only #1 though...), the Hunger Games knockoff I recognize from the grocery store, and a handful of books by an author I don't know named John Green. As I wrote this: Maybe if I search for movies made in Argentina. Ok, history of Argentenian film that's kinda neat *click*. Films produced in Argentina in the 2000's, okay *click*. Oh, DAMN IT.
  3. D85, why aren't you at your post?

    Properly in the gym for the first time this week. That feels good: CHEST 1 2 3 4 Incl. Bench Press (12, 10, 8, 6) 12x50 10x60 6x65 6x65 Dumbbell Pull Over (4x10) 10x40 10x40 10x40 10x40 Land Mine Press (4x10) 15x35 8x60 10x50 10x50 Push Up (3x10) 10 9 5 Frebch Press (4x10) 10x20 10x20 9x20 STRETCH Everything else gone to hell though.
  4. Funny How These Things Work Out

    Traveling for one day has kicked my butt for 3. Stupid Indiana. I worked out at home Monday to spend a little extra time with the wife and dog, then my flight got delayed so I didn't get into Indianapolis until midnight. Asleep around 1am. Awake at 5:30 and managed a short run (20 minutes) on the tread mill downstairs before spending all day walking through a warehouse (about 3 miles) and flying back last night. Food not awful, but way way too many carbs. An omlette for breakfast w/homefries, 2 Udi's frozen pasta dinners, jerky, and a cup of trail mix. I got home around 8:30, ate macaroni and cheese with some chicken and broccoli in it and a cookie. I meant to go to the gym this morning but missed my train so I did some pullups in the basement and that's about it for back day. Rain all day so unlikely to get a run in tonight.
  5. Wait The Tin Man is here?

    INTER-GUILD DANCE OFF!!! This was someone's challenge, right? How's that going, that still good?
  6. Primeval Gets Delirious

    In my experience high miles on a treadmill is a bad idea. Feels great and then something doesn't feel right when you stop. Edit: to clarify, I usually feel woozy, disoriented and my legs can't get the ground back underneath them for several minutes. To the point that I sat down on the floor of the Y and wondered if I needed a doctor.
  7. Funny How These Things Work Out

    Thanks. Right now I'm trying to get the standard scales (major, minor and pentatonics) and read through a music theory book just to get the basic concept of scales and structures down. I'm thinking that I will try to learn a different genre per challenge for the next few challenges maybe? I grew up listening to blues and bluegrass so those two are probably pretty early on in the list.
  8. D85, why aren't you at your post?

    I just realized I could rate this topic. This five-star amazing topic. Because I'm rad. 10k run this weekend, No gym this morning because I'm flying out of town tonight and I wanted a little more time with the Mrs. I did work out in the basement though. SHOULDERS 1 2 3 4 Shoulder Press (4x10) 20x20 20x20 15x20 20x20 Bayonette Thrusts (4x15) 15x20 15x20 15x20 Lateral Raises (3x15) 10x20 15x15 15x15 Goblet Squats (4x15) 15xkettle 15xkettle 15xkettle 15xkettle Side Squats (3x15) STRETCH I made a nutrition plan, but it wasn't working too hot for me. The way I've been eating I'm not getting enough calories and too many carbs based on my high-fat diet, but I've gained 10 pounds since stopping marathon training so I need to re-evaluate my caloric intake overall. I'm probably still short on my protein (a little less that 1g per pound) and a little high on the carbs vs fats. I've also discovered that pumpkin mixed with yogurt is both delicious and obscenely filling.
  9. Funny How These Things Work Out

    Nutrition This seems wrong. I feel like somehow the cart got in front of the horse? Or maybe on top? I need to get a plan in place for my meals and I need work my plan. I don’t feel like I’ve developed any bad habits, but I’m not actively controlling what I’m doing anymore either. Eating out of habit is how you get into bad habits, plus it’s kinda boring. I need to re-evaluate how many calories I’m eating and make sure I’m getting enough. On 9/7 I woke up feeling awful and stayed that way until dinner the next night. I can’t help but wonder if it was a lack of protein from eating a pescetarian lunch all week (2 servings of tuna and 3.5 servings of chick peas spread across 5 days). Exercise I got a little out of habit. The past few weeks I’ve gotten back into a weightlifting habit, but not really back on my running. I also want my Saturday long runs back. Half marathon or bust! I want to get to the gym and lift 5 days a week (taking some fiddling with the new commute) and run at least 4 days a week. Music I have been trying to re-learn/learn guitar over the past month or two. I’ve picked up a few chords but I’m stuck with mostly the old songs and basic campfire strumming. All I ever knew was some basic songs on acoustic and I don’t want to be stuck in the same boring rut. This challenge I want to work on music theory and scales which means reading my theory book and practicing my scales at least 3 times a week. In upcoming challenges I’m going to start fiddling with different styles of music to see what I like playing and what sticks. Spanish I’ve been working on this for a while. I try to do duolingo daily (I love the new bot upgrade!). I want to try and get into some kind of Spanish media. I’ve tried a few news podcasts and flipping on the Spanish language channel, but I can’t get into something. I need to find a castellan anime studio or a Chilean movie studio or a Colombian youtube channel or something. Suggestions welcome. Possibly encouraged. Maybe desperately needed. My ideal week: Mon: Lift, Run Tue: Lift, Guitar Wed: Lift, Run Thur: Lift, Run, Meal Plan Fri: Lift, Guitar Sat: Long Run, Nap, Guitar, Shopping Sunday: Church, Food Prep, Spanish Something or Other
  10. So after meeting a few nerds IRL and not having a daily battle log, then finishing my six week challenge that I loved getting feedback on I've decided to create a battle log. I'm opening up with a long term goal: the Providence, RI marathon on May 1st (Link). It'll be my first marathon. I ran into a little trouble with my half marathon (Wicked half Marathon in Salem, MA) in October, but I said that if I ran it under one and a half hours I'd do a full marathon in the spring. I managed 1:25 even though I was walking/limping for about a mile. This tells me two things. One, holy crap I'm way faster over distance than I thought. Two, I've done something(s) horribly, stupidly wrong. My leg cramped up and my knee didn't feel right for weeks after. It would feel fine walking, but would hurt after I ran for about a mile of running or hitting a hill. I started running too soon after the half marathon (about a week) and lifting too soon (less than a week). I obviously out-paced myself (I was late getting there and couldn't help trying to "make up" time even though I was running my own timer). And I kind of, sort of, didn't warm up that well. Or possibly at all. Depending entirely on your definition. So, to try and avoid injury and to try and maintain a good pace I am if anything over-planning. Being an accountant my natural response to virtually all stimuli is to make a spreadsheet. So I did (link). One tab with my mileage (I track Km from working on 10 and 5k goals), and one tab with my lifting regiment. I've altered 2 things from my half marathon plan: I've stretched the mileage buildup more slowly (18 weeks) and I'm tapering a little more. I start training on the 28th so if anyone has suggestions, notes, criticism, encouragement, knitting patterns, tips, tricks, or knows a good bar in Providence near the race. If anyone's coming: I'm not registering until after Xmas, so we can team up. Also, I don't own a car so I'll pay for gas for a ride. There are those I suspect of coming.