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  1. 2018 Challenge 1: Getting Back On Track

    Just plan on eating meals that happen to not include bread, pasta or the like at first. Eating gluten-free stir-fry (watch the soy sauce) without feeling like you're missing out is a lot easier than going for sandwiches and pizza. Repeat with tacos (watch the spice mix), meatloaf (use gf breadcrumbs or oats), roasted chicken, ribs, turkey breast, and so on. I also try to think about WHY I crave things and try to head off the cravings. Like if I crave cheese it's really because I love creamyness so yogurt scratches that itch. After doing this for 10 years I've pretty much forgotten what real bread tastes like and can happily consume things made from the substitutes. I will say that I have found nothing that replaces the feel of a thick bread roll in your hands.
  2. D85, why aren't you at your post?

    After a very long week filled with lots of sick people (self included) I managed to get a lifting session in yesterday. I even ran down to the apartment gym to get Lat Pull Downs done as well. Thurs 1/18 1 2 3 4 5 bench 5x100# 5x100 5x100 5x100 5x100 Dumbbell Rows 10x40# 10x50 10x50 10x50 Decline Bench 10x50# 10x50 10x60 10x60 Lat Pull Downs 12x105# 12x105 10x105 10x105 Sick me, sick wife, sick dog. Blech, it's been a crappy week.
  3. Mike_D channels his inner Scrooge McDuck

    Week 3 recap: Maintain running and weightlifting – Nope. I was sick Monday, my wife was sick Wednesday and the dog was sick yesterday. I got one good lifting session in and 2 short runs. Finish the Batcave – Still pining for a pull up bar, but I'm pretty comfortable with the setup I have. I even sorted out that some of my 1" plates have a 2" ridge on them that clamps my 2" plates on. I might find a way to mark the settings for bench, squat, etc. I've lost some time trying to switch from bench press to overhead press. I'm sure I'll get it memorized in a few months, but a paint pen and some notes would speed things along for now. Prepare to negotiate salary at work – I now have an underling starting next month. Still haven't had a performance review though. I think it was supposed to be done last month. Cancel the gym membership – Done last week. Find/design a bulking program - I have a draft of a lifting plan ready and I've set up a calculator to sort out my caloric needs. I figure I'll count macros same as my marathon training and fiddle with the ratios. I'm going to keep going back to my lifting plan as I work with the gym and see what works/what doesn't, can I run to the apartment gym for one lift, etc.
  4. I love deviantart. That picture has basically nothing to do with anything, but damned if I didn’t feel a need to share it. I searched for “Scrooge McDuck Jungle” and that’s what comes up. This challenge I want to set a tone for the rest of the year (as you do on New Year’s) and let you guys know why I’m setting my goals this year the way I am. I want to maintain 2 things (running and weight lifting) and improve 3 things (hobbies, finances, and bulking). Every challenge I’m going to set goals for those five things and rewards that improves them in the future. For this purpose I’ve chosen a spirit animal of sorts: Scrooge McDuck. Why? Maintain Lifting and Running – Scrooge McDuck is an avid health fanatic. People don’t seem to realize but the duck is literally swimming in gold coins daily. Swimming. In. Gold. Coins. He’s displacing dozens of pounds while doing cardio. There are vastly worse role models for strength training and cardio. Mileage and lifting may go up depending on my mood or down depending on if I’m coming up on a race. Two goals will appear in every single challenge: maintain running (30km per week), maintain weightlifting (3 days per week). Hobbies – Scrooge McDuck is a duck of many talents and a hobbiest extraordinaire. Take a look and you can find pictures and stories of him participating in almost any adventure or sport. And not like stumbling across him in a melee fight with the Predator (seriously, wtf deviantart?), but actual cannon activities. Auto racing, horseback riding, fencing, prospecting, hiking, camping, etc, etc, etc. Personally, I’m trying to focus on 2 things this year- making things and music. Yes, you make music, but I mean stuff as in things around the house like furniture or whatnot. Bonus points if I can earn a little money doing it. One goal per challenge minimum will be related to guitar or making. I might swap it out for something unique if something comes along that I want to try out. Finances - Swimming. In. Gold. Coins. Scrooge doesn’t just HAVE money, he goes through pained efforts to KEEP it just like his namesake. So minimum one goal per challenge will have the purpose of either saving money or making money. Bulking – OK… umm… Launchpad looks ripped? So this spirit animal thing isn’t perfect. The fact of the matter is after my first marathon attempt I found that I feel better, look better, and run better when I weight more and strength train. So I figure I’ll take this a few steps farther and try to get big and muscle-y. This means I’ll need to find a good bulking plan to follow and pay attention to my nutrition to make sure I build muscle more than squishy bits around my mid-section. I currently sit around 175 lbs and usual float down to 170 or so occasionally. I don’t want to give up running half marathon distances so I don’t expect I’ll rocket up to 210 or something but getting to the point where I’m at 185 or 190 would be neat. I’m kind of guessing at this since I’ve never gotten all that big and I have no clue what I’ll look like with more muscle on me. Ideally my build will be athletic but I’m not attempting anything insane like Arnold or something. I’m shooting for roughly “rugby player” build. Clearly well-muscled and athletic but also clearly drinking lots of beer. I have a spreadsheet for charting size progress. One goal minimum, I expect 2 goals per challenge (lifting and food) for bulking. All that being said: what about this challenge? Maintain running and weightlifting – 30k per week and 3 days minimum Finish the Batcave – Build deadlift platforms, muffle noise, arrange everything. I should also set up a practice space for guitar (music, headphones, guitar stand, etc). Prepare to negotiate salary at work – We have performance reviews in the next few weeks and will be notified of our pay increases for 2018. I intend to push for more cash or start looking for another job. Cancel the gym membership – If I have the batcave up and running I don’t need to give the Y my money. The home gym should pay for itself in a scant 4 months. Find/design a bulking program
  5. So after meeting a few nerds IRL and not having a daily battle log, then finishing my six week challenge that I loved getting feedback on I've decided to create a battle log. I'm opening up with a long term goal: the Providence, RI marathon on May 1st (Link). It'll be my first marathon. I ran into a little trouble with my half marathon (Wicked half Marathon in Salem, MA) in October, but I said that if I ran it under one and a half hours I'd do a full marathon in the spring. I managed 1:25 even though I was walking/limping for about a mile. This tells me two things. One, holy crap I'm way faster over distance than I thought. Two, I've done something(s) horribly, stupidly wrong. My leg cramped up and my knee didn't feel right for weeks after. It would feel fine walking, but would hurt after I ran for about a mile of running or hitting a hill. I started running too soon after the half marathon (about a week) and lifting too soon (less than a week). I obviously out-paced myself (I was late getting there and couldn't help trying to "make up" time even though I was running my own timer). And I kind of, sort of, didn't warm up that well. Or possibly at all. Depending entirely on your definition. So, to try and avoid injury and to try and maintain a good pace I am if anything over-planning. Being an accountant my natural response to virtually all stimuli is to make a spreadsheet. So I did (link). One tab with my mileage (I track Km from working on 10 and 5k goals), and one tab with my lifting regiment. I've altered 2 things from my half marathon plan: I've stretched the mileage buildup more slowly (18 weeks) and I'm tapering a little more. I start training on the 28th so if anyone has suggestions, notes, criticism, encouragement, knitting patterns, tips, tricks, or knows a good bar in Providence near the race. If anyone's coming: I'm not registering until after Xmas, so we can team up. Also, I don't own a car so I'll pay for gas for a ride. There are those I suspect of coming.