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  1. I second jeremymboyum! If you're going to working out alone, consider podcasts. They've made a huge difference in my workouts. I used to listen to music, but the beat was often off my physical routine (I'm clumsy enough as it is). Listening to the news was, frankly, depressing. I really recommend RadioLab (WNYC), The American Life, and TedTalks. Interesting, entertaining, sometimes very moving. I often get ideas that I incorporate into my work. Although I couldn't listen to the one about a woman having heart surgery! You'd think someone programming since 1968 would have figured it o
  2. Haven't posted much, but have been following my routine and making slow progress. I'm not sure what to call the next level up from "I suck," so I'll say "Doesn't suck." Hardly something to aspire to, but by comparison - an improvement. Doubled my endurance on the treadmill from ten to twenty minutes. As I said, "Doesn't suck." I'm sleeping much better. (No surprise.) And, I'm sleeping more - including naps. One of the reasons I haven't been posting. <g> Going to try doing two sets of the BBWW starting this week, and will continue to add a few minutes to the treadmill each day
  3. Cleatorus, part of the challenge of exercising the past several years is that I've very much put the job first. Major time investment, major commitment. All good, and I'm really proud of what I've accomplished. It was (except for my husband) the single most important thing in my life. A big sourec of stress, and unfortunately food is my comfort. The end of this challenge is also the beginning of my retirement. I'm already slowing down at work, so it's easier to make exercise important. One my big retirement goals is to get in much better shape. Not impossible or unrealistic. Before
  4. Tues, Week 2: B+ Did the walk to the clubhouse and fifteen minutes on the elliptical.
  5. I'm really struggling with the lunges in BBWW. A big part of the problem is that I'm out of shape - the first time I did the BBWW, I was really sore. I assume I'll become more graceful with practice, but in the meantime my form is pretty awful. Any advice on balance and coordination when doing the lunges? -- R
  6. My wife was thrilled with the work done . . . but I am a bit disappointed that its yet another project of mine that is taking longer than expected. Let "my wife was thrilled" balance the fact that the project is taking longer than expected. Happiness in a relationship is not to be underestimated. Estimating time to do something is tough, especially if it's not something you do on a routine basis.
  7. Didn't do my full workout Sunday. Did the walk, but not the elliptical. Realized I was still tired, and I may have tackled more than I can handle at the moment. That would be a C, but I'm okay with it. Monday, did the BBWW. Better than last week. Still really uncoordinated on the lunges. Added some crunches to compensate for my problem doing the plank; I know my core muscles are still really out of condition. Gave myself a C+ for today. Overall for last week, a C for the BBWW and a B for the cardio, so a C+ for the week. I'm okay with that. It was my first week, and I was starting
  8. Took today off as a rest day. Felt like I needed it, as I was really tired. I was feeling run down, in spite of a good night's sleep. At some point, I realized I was just plain sore from the workouts. (Duh.) Took a couple of Tylenol, and the aches went away. Ready to get back in the groove tomorrow.
  9. Eskcanta, I read through your post last night and don't have time to respond at length. Also, a full response would veer more into pedagogy than fitness. As a preface, note that my comments relate to a graduate program, not high school. And, I can't speak to your specific experience. (I had my own adventures in HS.) Grad programs are voluntary, something students elect to do; so I expect them to enter the program fully aware of the commitment. (And I tell prospective students how much work it's going to be before admitting them to the program.) HS, and to the extent that an undergradua
  10. You mention that you're "morbidly obese." Just so you know, when I'm struggling, I'm thinking of a colleague in Sweden. A few years back, she would have been considered morbidly obese. She's running marathons now! She's my inspiration. You should know, though, that she's not a super skinny track star. She's still pretty heavy - especially when compared to others who run marathons. Given who she is, she'll probably always be heavy. She's really proud of herself - and she has admirers around the world (and should, too). Go for happy and healthy. Focus on what you can do to increase yo
  11. Eskcanta, thanks for the encouragement! Maybe I am being a bit tough on myself. At the same time, I'm trying to think objectively about my performance relative to my goals. Today, I may be doing C/B work, but that's because I'm new at this. In a couple weeks, with practice and perseverance, I'll be doing much better because I'll be closer to my goals. Maybe I need to give myself two grades. One for the level of exercise and another for effort. So far, I'd be pulling an A for effort because I've done work every day. Also, thanks for the reminder about rest. This morning, I was re
  12. Looking back at how you're going to grade yourself, your goals are for the week, not each day. (Smart, if you ask me.) Don't waste energy beating up on yourself for missing a day. Find some way to channel that energy into making sure you do a bit more the next day. Did you do other things that work towards your overarching goals, even if not the specific goal? I say that like it's easy. The biggest challenge for me is to just do it. So I give myself credit for even starting a workout of some sort, and I'm (trying to be) patient when I don't do a particularly good workout - at least I
  13. According to my schedule, I'm supposed to take Thursdays off. I forgot and did the cardio stuff, not that an extra workout is bad. Because rain was threatening, instead of walking to and from the clubhouse, I did the same amount of time on a treadmill. Then I did a full ten minutes on the elliptical. I'll give myself a B+ again. Caught the ball with a tiny bit of forward progress. I'll be much more willing to give myself an A when I get to fifteen minutes on the elliptical without a break. Other fun facts for the day. The doc put me on a seven day heart monitor to make sure a couple o
  14. Eskcanta, thanks for the note. Read "I such" with a grain of salt. I suck now, but I expect that I won't have to say that at the end of six weeks. I may not be a superhero then, but I'll be in much better shape. By the way, the grading rubric is based on how I grade my students. Many of them are accustomed to getting As as undergrads. I tell them that in grad school, just mastering the material isn't enough. They have to engage it, embrace it, and play with it. I use a football game analogy. If you just show up at the game, but are unprepared or don't participate, that's a D. If you
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