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  1. Thanks guys. <3 That's an awesome WW gif, @Jonesy I did talk with my doctor today. It was a good talk and we're going to address things, so I think things will be swinging upward soon. Plus, she had me get an xray of my hands and my knee to make sure I'm not dealing with bone issues in my joints and that it's just connective/soft tissue stuff, so there's that too. In other news, I put our old house up for sale last Wednesday and got an offer on Saturday for more than we were asking, so that's happening! For the challenge: PT gets a solid C
  2. Hope you're over your pre-con-crud well enough to not get the after-con-crud!! Have fun and know that I'm jealous and wish I could go!
  3. Hey, me too! I've got the "upper-respiratory-so-I-sound-like-Stevie-Nicks" cold going on! Whoop, whoop! Love that kitty is draped over cat and neither one cares. <3
  4. I haven't been doing a great job using my bujo to track my challenge. I'm having desk issues related to a bad resin job and a baby that likes to get into every thing, so every thing ends up on top of my desk. Those are the main reasons. Other reasons are more emotional. I've been having a lot of emotions. Not sure how much are hormonal because, hello shark week. *sigh* Emotional crap: Good things, because I always try to remind myself about the good things when I feel like crap: Yesterday, I fit into another, smaller pair of jeans I couldn't fit into last May, s
  5. Yeah... I don't know if you used to be able to do this in Illustrator a long time ago or not, but because it works in shapes and fills, the colors are tied directly to the shapes created and the only way to put them on separate layers is to duplicate the linework onto new layers with one layer containing the lines and the other the colors (using the same shape containers) and then you just end up with a bunch of extra layers you don't really need, a big mess, and a large file. Not saying there *isn't* a way to do it, just that I'm not familiar with one. :/ Photoshop is infinitely e
  6. Duh! Yesterday, I took peanut to the library and he had So. Much. Fun. This was his first real outing being around other kids and it was a lot of fun watching him around other kids. Then when we got home, he fell asleep while eating his lunch. It was so adorbs. While he was napping, the plumbers came by unexpectedly to work on the repair which was fine and he slept through most of it, so that was also good. Today, I took him to the park (two actually... kind of disappointed in toddler sized playground equipment here in new-town...) but he got to swing and pl
  7. And here's the bujo page! Just occurred to me that this is just one week... Imma gonna have to come up with equally awesome things to draw for the next 3. o.o I guess that's part of why I have "create" on there, huh?
  8. I shall do this once I've had the chance to wash my hair (which didn't happen after the bath last night because of aforementioned plumbing issues). Probably not in costume, though.
  9. Where's the bonuses for cat pictures posted? This actually looks like a neat format. I may steal sometime.
  10. Bath was great! But the stupidness continued. As I drained the tub, the sewer drain in the basement said "nope! don't want it, you can have it back!" /sigh But, but. Called the plumber this morning, they were available fairly quickly and it was just tree roots (which won't be an uncommon issue since we have two fairly massive oaks between the house and the street), and it wasn't super expensive. But, but, but, our stack pipe from the main floor toilet also has a small leak, which is not good. We have a tentative quote which is more expensive, but this isn't something
  11. Well, today was kind of a shite day. I did some PT, but not for my knee. For my back/shoulders instead, so I'm counting it. I'm drinking my water. And I sketched out my bujo and then drew a goofy sketch that wasn't all that great of a red panda. I mean, it was ok, but I wasn't really feeling createy... I was just trying to find something to do while rocking my son so he would hopefully fall asleep for his nap (which *never happened ever today...*). Didn't get a walk in. It was rainy this morning and in the afternoon when husband wanted to go out with the bebe, I just w
  12. hi you! I giggled at"it's august! it's hectic!" because I have yet to see one of your challenges where it's *not* hectic. Good luck with all the things while traveling!
  13. I still have to do a Zombies, Run! race... https://zombiesvirtualrace.com/
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