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  1. I just wanted to check in and see how things are going?

  2. Thank you Oystergirl. I have lost a lot of weight and I don't have as bad of a skin problem as I could, so maybe these plateaus are good for something
  3. Cue dramatic music, I have figured it out! I feel like slapping myself in the forehead and saying "Dumba$$," but I will be kinder. I have a crazy tendency when stressed to eat all damn night long.This week it became so obvious because I started a new job, and literally every day I am eating 3 eggs for breakfast, lunch is 2 cans of tuna with lemon juice, onion and cilantro with cherry tomatoes and celery drive home snack red bell pepper and cucumber, dinner chicken and veggies. But after lights out I graze through all the food in the house, waking up every couple hours to hourly to eat something. I can only presume that this is a reaction to stress, and somehow I need to figure out a way to just stop it. I am putting in all this awesome work during the day and in the gym and I am bouncing between the same 7 pounds, currently on the upper end of that. Switching to kickboxing and boxing again has been good, I enjoy it and I like hitting things. Today I added in 20 minutes of jumping rope to my strength training, and cut out the stair master and treadmill. Has anyone else had troubles with grazing in the middle of the night? Any solutions on how to combat this?
  4. I sorta succeeded at my 6 week challenge. Fitness Goals (1) 50 pushups unbroken (From knees right now I can do ten); ***Now I can do 25*** (2) 5 minute plank; and ***still at a 3 minute and change plank*** (3) Climb 100 floors in 30 minutes. ***ACCOMPLISHED*** Life Goal Find a J.O.B! ***ACCOMPLISHED***
  5. Hi lexphoenix, I have been dieting for 18 months? Atkins and now paleo. I have not been tracking my food for a while but I will do that and get back to you with an accurate calorie and carb count. I was doing 3-4 days strength training with an hour of cardio, either stair master or walk/jog on treadmill. This did not seem to be working so this week I have switched to boxing and kickboxing an hour, five days a week. I am still also getting in two days of serious strength training and one day of body weight functional movement. My stress is pretty bad, I was out of work (I begin my new job Tuesday) and I have been very very stressed. Sleep is very disturbed because of stress. I know ala Robb Wolf I need to get 8-10 hours solid sleep in a pitch black room. I have a feeling once I have money coming in my stress will ratchet down and that will fall into step nicely. Thank you for any advice.
  6. Hi everyone, I am so so so stuck.... For last three months I have been bouncing between 248 and 252. My diet is good and consistent. How the devil do I break through this plateau? Anyone else been in this position?
  7. Update: On the life goal front I have an interview with an amazing company tomorrow. Fingers crossed. For fitness I hit my goal of 100 floors climbed in 30 minutes last Friday! Woot woot!!!
  8. I did yoga tonight, its the magical time, and obviously I lived to tell the tale... Or this is a very sick joke and I am commenting on forums from beyond the grave? If that was the case I was expecting more out of the afterlife.
  9. I had never heard this and I am planning on doing yoga tonight and (shocked gasp) its that time.... Good thing all you lovely ladies have tried inversions at that time and lived to tell the tale!
  10. I too get INSANE chocolate cravings, and for some insane reason I crave Hershey bars bad. Which makes no sense, Hershey chocolate is not that good, tastes kinda waxy to me, but for some reason during those seven dang days I dream of Hershey chocolate. I give in with 72% or higher chocolate bars. Robb Wolf's advice that if you are gonna leave the reservation its better to go with the least processed food that will satisfy the craving. That being said though I am still trying to lean out and am supposed to stay away from processed protein of all kinds..... It just depends on ou at the end of the day. =)
  11. Hey Alecto, it is/was my infra and supraspinatus. One of my friends is a doctor in Korea and a acupuncturist and accupressurist here (long story) was treating me and he advised me not to do anything for four weeks and somehow I pulled that off. I went back last week and I feel really good.Im working on building the strength in that shoulder and I feel like a total goober working with 5 pounds, but like Steve says, one step at a time. Job hunt is going... Slowly, and I am getting desperate. But if I keep doing the best I can at some point is has to wrk out right? lol
  12. Way to go girl! That is so awesome. Congrats on the weight loss too, you have worked hard for every single one of those pounds!
  13. Hi Everyone! I am coming back from a shoulder injury so my goals are set to help build my shoulder strength back up. Fitness Goals (1) 50 pushups unbroken (From knees right now I can do ten); (2) 5 minute plank; and (3) Climb 100 floors in 30 minutes. Life Goal Find a J.O.B! I look forward to meeting all of you and encouraging everyone to their own personal greatness! Happy hunting!
  14. Hmmm, maybe? I have to admit something that no nerd has ever admitted though.... I am technologically challenged. For real. Facebook infuriates me. If I do this I would need a ton of help! Hey I just thought of what my goal could be. A 5 minute plank. Prior to my shoulder injury I was at 4:09 as my record. It is going to take some work to get back to that.
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