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  1. I'm fairly happy with my progress last week. It was shutdown week at work which means I work 12-15 hrs/day and am on my feet all day in a plant in Mexico without A/C. Sleep >6 hrs/nt, avg 7+ for the week (missed a bit, but not as bad as I had feared. 6.8 avg, 6.0 min) Net calorie consumption (achieved, 2220 average) Work out 3+/wk, 30 min+ (achieved, I walked around 4-5 miles/day in the plant, not officially a workout but I'm counting it.)Not much progress on the scale though, still hovering around 253 lbs.
  2. I'm going to say Aug 2-8 is the first official week of my challenge, so here's my report. Sleep >6 hrs/nt, avg 7+ for the week (achieved, but barely, minimum of 6 hrs, average right at 7) Net calorie consumption (achieved, 2170 average, even with TWO cheat days) Work out 3+/wk, 30 min+ (achieved, run/walk 30 min Tues, kayak 60 min Thur, run/walk/kettlebell 40 min Sat)It's been a great week once I dialed in my diet plan. I've basically been making two entrees for the entire week. Baked chicken breasts smothered in salsa, and scrambled eggs with just a little cheese and bacon bits. I pair this with either stirfry vegetables, salads with olive oil + vinegar dressing, or frozen steamfresh vegetables. Lunches and dinners run around 800 calories each. If I want a dessert I've had a dollop of Cool Whip with some blueberries (200 cal). I supplement with beef jerky or pistachios as snacks if I'm craving something between meals. This is very similar to what I did when I dropped the 60 lbs, so it's great to feel like I've found my groove again. I lost 5 lbs this week, and it feels awesome.
  3. 3 years ago I lost 60 lbs thanks to NF, among other things. A big motivation at the time was my first born daughter, and the expectation there would probably be a second kid in the next year or two. How can someone as fat and out of shape as me carry around two kids at an amusement park, or sporting events, or even the grocery store? I maintained this weight loss for quite a while, but the time committmen from our second child, plus a tough job, has put me back in a bad place. We just found out there's going to be a 3rd; so it's time to get back in shape. My goal leading up to #3 is to lose 38 lbs by March, which will put me at a comparable weight to where I was in 2013 when #2 was born. I actually started a weight loss challenge with a co-worker on July 27th, so I take that as a sign it's ok to join this late. For this challenge I will: Sleep a minimum of 6hrs every night, with an average of >7 hrs/nt for the week. Average net consumption (after workouts) of 2300 cal/day for the week, including any possible cheat days Work out at least 3 times / week, >30 min per workoutAt the end of this challenge I will weigh less than 245lbs, a 12 lb weight loss in 6 weeks. Here we go...
  4. Wow, I had a similar but not quite as extreme situation last weekend. Woke up in the middle of the night (after drinking too much) and my heart just didn't feel right. Waited a while to see if it would work itself out, and went to the ER when it didn't. At the ER they told me my BP was pretty high but not extreme, but my EKG was normal. I felt like an idiot as they told me they don't really see anything wrong, but I know something wasn't right. What's your plan?
  5. Well it has taken a health scare, but I think I'm back on track. I put on another 8 lbs after this original post, but have lost 6 of it in the past week. I feel like I've dialed in the diet and exercise routine and can keep it going. I plan to drop 20 more lbs by the end of the year.
  6. Well three years ago when I found NF I lost 60 lbs (down to 215lbs) in 9 months. Things, as far as health and fitness, were going well. I basically maintained this for a solid two years, and I thought I had it all figured out. Then we had a second child, and I started traveling 200+ days/year for work. It started as a slow decline, then in October it was like falling off a mountain. It doesn't help that I travel to Tecate which has the best burrito and chimichangas in the world. I swear this stuff isn't even real, it's nothing like anything I've had in the US, even SoCal. I've put on 40 of those 60 lbs, and work out 6-8 times/month on average. The temptations are too much and the workload completely zaps my willpower. I get off work in the evening and just want to eat pizza and drink beer. So....here's to another run to get back to 215. I know what to do, it's just a matter of doing it.
  7. Well things are almost back to normal with the knee. It took some consistent rest + ice + stretching, but I think it's gone. I think it was a combination of ITBS and some sciatic nerve issues, it was pretty bad for a little while. It cleared up in time for me to run the Flying Pig Toyota 10k on Saturday. I wasn't sure about running, but when I found out two Tarahumara were going to be there I knew I had to do it. Completed it in 55:58, which I was satisfied with considering I had no trained in almost 3 weeks. The other goals are still lagging. I haven't lost any weight, and I'm still waiting on my business partner to get the parts completed to finish the prototype. I am now researching patents and beginning a patent draft in the few minutes I have free to myself in the evenings.
  8. Anyone that has read "Born to Run" is familiar with the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Well this weekend they are coming to Cincinnati, OH to complete multiple races associated with the Flying Pig Marathon. I'm doing the 10k tomorrow morning. I'm strangely excited about this, even though I won't be anywhere near them during the race. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20130502/SPT/130502048/Tarahumara-Indians-ready-Flying-Pig
  9. The pain in my knee is getting better but still present. I haven't done more than a long walk in almost 2 weeks. I'm going to try a test run mid-week to see how it responds, but I'm doubtful for the 10K Saturday.
  10. Well I've had quite a negative development. It appears I've developed ITBS, and running (frankly most exercise) is going to have to stop. Friday I noticed the pain, and Saturday i was limping. I've started icing and ibuprofen which has helped substantially, but I'm evaluating how to proceed. The area I live now is incredibly hilly, and it appears this likely caused the problem. I thought I would be OK because I was only going out once or twice a week, but something went wrong.
  11. Big update for yesterday, I was able to get out for a run. It was only an easy 3 miles, but that's the first weekday workout I've been able to fit in since February. As for the training plan, I don't really have one. Most runs will be 3/4 miles, with a 6 miler one week before the race. Once this is over, it will be time to start training for the USAF half marathon in September. I will probably put some loose training plan in place for that, but I ran it last year on 3 crossfit workouts and 1 run per week, and I was happy with the results.
  12. Well that sure escalated quickly. Last challenge started with a new baby and ended with a tailspin into chaos. It's time to get back on track. This is my first challenge outside of the rangers, as I've taken a brake from Crossfit due to the lack of sleep and a general unhappiness with the direction my location took. I will return, likely to a different location, but not yet. For now, I have running to do. I have a humble running background, but not really the body for it as a long term/high use thing. Goals: 1. Lose 6 lbs to get under 210lbs for the first time since 2002. I will do this by returning to a primal diet and keeping carbs under an average of 140 g/day for the week. No day shall exceed 200g of carbs. 2. Run at least 3 times a week. My previous month's average was .75. This must improve because I have... 3. Complete the Flying Pig Toyota 10K on May 4th under 57:00. It's crunch time and things need to improve. Personal - Assemble and test the prototype device I've been working on for the past 4 months. This was my goal last challenge, and I'm 90% there, but I need to finish it.
  13. Well there hasn't been any time (or enough sleep) to work out, but I'm sticking with a solid diet and still losing weight. I'm already down 3 to 213, so 210 may not be out of the question for the challenge. I haven't been 210 since Dec. 2002. I soldered the components on a PCB, so the prototype is one step closer to completion. I'm relying on someone else for the machined parts, so I just have to keep pushing them to make it happen. The truck is sold! Paid off the little left on my student loan with the proceeds. It's been a very successful March so far.
  14. Well it's been a crazy week +, baby #2 arrived (8lb 13 oz boy) and everything is good. I have not put on any weight, big plus considering what's been going on. I have not worked out a single time in 2 weeks now. Maybe next week? Obviously no running either. Prototype parts have all arrived, now it's time to build. The holdup is going to be the few parts that need to go through a machine shop. Other than that I think I'm looking good for having this working by the end of the challenge. Also, it appears I've finally met my personal goal from the last challenge, sell my pickup truck. I have a verbal agreement to buy and we are signing paperwork in 2 hours.
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