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  1. Thanks so much! I really wasn't sure if anyone would bite! Yeah, I use and love MFP and am keeping under suggested calories for - 1lb a week (usually). If I'm not careful I tend to under-eat by a lot and make up for it later in the week. But I do wonder if doing more than that--being intentional about what I pack into those 1900 or so calories-- is required of me too. I do like greens and the like, I just have less time to prepare food than I did when I first started on NF. So usually it's whatever I can throw together/ is around. I haven't been a diet drink girl since the early 2000's 😂😂😂😂😂 If I never go back it will be too soon. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  2. So, I could use some advice... I've been inconsistently doing Stronglifts for 6 months. The first month was pretty consistent, then I tapered off (two workouts a week), stopped almost completely for a month...make that two, came back (two workouts a week), and started surging last month (2-3 workouts a week). Before Stronglifts I did a kettlebell swing workout (with some other bodyweight thrown in) and then did six weeks or so of hero's journey--back when the challenges were that long. I had a lot of success with the kettlebell and hero's journey--consistently losing cms every week. I know the fact that my measurements haven't really budged all that much with Stronglifts is likely because of the lack of consistency on my part, but now it's crunch time for me and I need to make some decisions. That's where I could use some help. I've got my 5 year reunion coming up in 7 to 8 months and I intend to slay. To reach my ultimate (like forever) goal size I want to lose: 9.24 cm from my bust 23.68 cm from my waist 28.56 cm from my hips Now am I saying that's where I want to be in 7-8 months? Maybe. Who knows. At the very least, I'd like to be within striking distance. So. Do I give Stronglifts a full shot--eat as clean as I was during the other two types of workouts, or do I start getting creative (i.e. Combining stuff, adding cardio or going back to what I was doing before). The very helpful @starsapart wisely told me that weight loss happens in the kitchen. Very good then; the clean eating I suppose will be a given. But beyond that...I could use your advice, team.
  3. Thanks guys! Maybe I was just overthinking it? I threw in an interval run after a set and it seemed fine. Then again, I ended up having to do three stronglift workouts in a row with out rest days to keep to my 3x per week challenge...so maybe ill advised? I'm definitely sore...
  4. Hahah, no, no, never. I'm too used to eating all the things for Meal Replacement therapy. My goodness how ominous that sounds. Yeah, I mean Metabolic Resistance training, which is HIIT (I think? But maybe a specific kind of HIIT? Like, HIIT with a dose of str training?).
  5. So...I'd like to add some MRT into my Stronglifts rotation to pick up the cutting/fat loss pace. Problem is, I don't know what I can do without impairing recovery on my off days or going too far on my lifting days. Thoughts? Probably best to do any MRT on my lifting days, but since Stronglifts is whole body...you see where I'm going with this?
  6. Okay.  I know I haven't been present in the forums (next challenge I promise) but I feel like I've been killing it in life. Just got back from my third stronglifts work out of the week! Some of you know I had to start from scratch (with squats) to get into High Bar stuff safely. Well, I've finally, finally figured out away to get my form right! It makes the squats a little harder but it's totally worth it! Will share in battle log soon!

  7. What squat shoes?? Tell me more because this sounds really familiar! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  8. Mmmm I've been reading the same too! But I haven't found anything about flat feet or pronating ankles in relation to that so I thought I'd ask.We'll see what happens with my workout tonight! Maybe the advice above will be enough! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  9. Oh wow, you know I'd been focusing so much on my ankles, my duck stance and the sheer weirdness of my right foot that I had totally forgotten about my arches. My ankles pronate inwards (which is why I have special running shoes) and my arches are actually totally collapsed. I alarm podiatrists with the flatness of my feet. Thoughts on wearing said running shoes to squat? I know converse or wrestling shoes are suggested so I don't know. As for sitting straight between my legs, I feel like my stance isn't wide enough for that? And when I get a wide stance I might end up in a plie or messing with my hips like I did before (see stronglifts newbie topic for details). Do you have shots of you squatting? Maybe a wide stance isn't what you're getting at? Thanks! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  10. Wow thanks guys! I'd never heard that advice before! Yeah so I'm actually intentionally pushing forward a bit in that second video to overcompensate for my tendency to fall back. It's an old habit from the days when I'd been told to keep my weight on my heels for bodyweight squats. Hard ditto on the squat rack. That's why I'm glad I took such a long break and was forced to strip down to the bar. Gives the gym more time to get their act together. You know learning to power clean may not be a bad idea. It's a pretty small space (the gym) but at the very least it's safe (power cleans) and will force TPTB at the gym to notice they need to hurry up on that rack they promised. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks! It's feeling a little more natural though I have to say something is still up with my right leg and it's weirdly agressive turn out. Yeah you're right about that. What any idea what that's trying to tell me? Thanks for the feedback, as always! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  12. So thanks to all of you fantastic help here, I was able to pinpoint the nefarious shoulder mobility issue keeping me from my low bar love. While I rehabilitate: I'll be starting from scratch with some high bar goodness. I'll need your help on this one rebels. Excuse the butt wink, I'm working on it. First attempt: Maybe a breakthrough?: Is the second video any better?? Excuse the weird quality. And thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  13. Just ending my first week at my new Job (whoooo~). But I seriously miss you guys! Mid challenge jump?

  14. Mmmm, well now that I'm pretty sure I'll be high bar squatting for the foreseeable future...any tips? What should it feel like? Someone mentioned sitting between your knees? I'm so used to breaking from the hips that I'm completely lost. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  15. I fell into quite the spell of disenchantment after I came upon something I was physically unable to do (without pain) due to injury. A real injury. Holding ME back? Yeah, that took some time to work past. But then I started giving some photos a look. And you know what? I may not yet be where I want to be...but there's been progress made. Real progress. I can't just give up on that. Not with so man people cheering for me. And so once more into the breach my friends. Shall we journey the gates together?
  16. Well. To have that finally confirmed is kind of vindicating... But now I don't know what to do. I mean how long until my shoulder should start letting me low bar squat properly? What do I do in the meantime? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks for the confirmation boss (what should I call a guild leader?) Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  18. I haven't trained in weeks. I've totally lost all my drive and am having a hard time reigniting. Ugh, even reading that back sounds whiny. 

    1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Nah, I completely understand. I lost mine a couple months ago and am just now getting it back. It's hard to push through

    2. Shrilaraune


      But it helps to see fellow athletes pushing :) Push on 

  19. Ahh so I meant specifically with a bodyweight squat. We'd suspected mobility issues (hips ankle ect) because my bodyweight squats didn't get to 90 without pushing. I was afraid I would fall back and sometimes did. But if my torso isn't supposed to be vertical in the first place then that explains a little Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  20. Eep Dislocates. Aye aye sir Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  21. So I definitely tried goblet squats before I started lifting and I loved them. Only thing is, now that I'm at a point where the bar itself feels light, a kettlebell will likely be unchallenging. I haven't yet tried front squats though so I'll give those a try! I did mess around with my hold quite a bit and one arm just won't pull back far enough without actual pain. No matter how wide my hold...and it got pretty ridiculously wide. That breathing exercise is brilliant though! Will be using from now on! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  22. Hey all! So thank you so much for getting back to me! I've been out of the country with limited Internet access so i couldn't get to these earlier. One quick thing I want to confirm. Watch this video if you will: https://youtu.be/k3joOwL4cvg She is leaning forward. I have always been under the impression that my torso should be up...as in perpendicular to the floor. Don't tell meI've been trying to do something impossible and thinking it was the norm? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  23. Weight forward but my knees shouldn't peek out over my toes right? Yup, you guys called it. Shoulder mobility. I've been taking the barbell weight with my wrists because getting back far enough kind of hurts (like at the end of the set I have to hoist it back to the position you've all seen). Where my left shoulder is just uncomfortable, my right is actually in pain. The discrepancy may be on account of an old lacrosse injury. Suggestions? Are there tests to actually test my mobility (beyond my own intuition and feelings)? Maybe I'm just trying to set it too low?? Also, a trainer at my gym told me I shouldn't be intentionally arching my back in low bar?? How do I keep my back from flexing the other way then?? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  24. Heeee, thanks! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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