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  1. Hello! You're doing well with your food and gym goals, keep it up! I do a lot of my book reading on my phone using Overdrive and my library's lending system. I've had really good success with blue-light reducing apps like Twilight (on Android) - I don't seem to have any issues with falling asleep (and have actually dropped my phone on my face a couple of times because I nodded off while reading). Do you use your phone as an alarm clock? You could also try plugging it in on the other side of your bedroom or even in the next room and then making sure that you only have your book in your hand when you get in bed. Keep fighting! You're stronger than the siren call of cat videos, I promise.
  2. Hello! I love all your goals and will totally watch the S out of So Easy a Kid Can Do It - please share it when it's ready! You're doing awesome by being flexible so early in the challenge. Body weight exercises are great for office jobs - keep it up!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully I can keep this up this time. :3
  4. I know, right? If only he would fit in my purse...
  5. Hello fellow new person! I also feel awkward and unsure of what to do with all this... thisness. I love your goals, probably because they're all things I also want to do. :3 I especially love that it's about the music - maybe listening to music with violins will inspire you to practice more? I got into violin because of Irish rock/punk but stayed for the awesome fun of Lindsey Sterling and co. I also love to listen to Vitamin String Orchestra and similar. Best of luck!
  6. Hello! I'm happy to be here, completing my first 4-week challenge. When I created my character, I chose "Adventurer" because that's how I would like to be - living without fear, experiencing everything I can in life. Right now, I'm not quite there. I'm not a nameless NPC, more like the shopkeeper NPC who's always in the shop, night or day. I've spent the last few years addressing my mental health, because I'm my own worst enemy and worst critic, and I feel like I'm now ready to work on the physical (and financial) changes I need to make to become the person I want to be. For the January challenge, I'm focusing on the things I think I can add into my life without upsetting the apple cart too much. 1) By 01/15, make a doctor appoint to address carpol tunnel and back pain, including making a treatment plan 2) Begin grip strength exercises, work up to 3x a week 3) Implement spending penalties on non-critical item purchases - designate charity to donate penalties too 4) Review expenses with spouse for 30/min, 2x a week 5) Create one EFT per credit card per week to put money towards credit card debt every Monday after payday My carpol tunnel makes it difficult to do any kind of exercise because everything hurts, up and especially my beloved yoga. I really would like to put a solid plan in place to curb the pain, not just "take a handful of Aleve everyday and wear these braces". I'm hoping that working on grip strength exercises will help with my carpol tunnel but are also necessary if I want to begin weight training. Putting a self-induced penalty on non-critical spending is a new idea that I've just come across this week. My partner and I make good money but we've built up a smothering level of credit card debt that hangs over everything we do, never mind the student debt We both want the financial freedom to do things like, say, take a guilt-free vacation or remodel our kitchen but we both have awful spending habits. I'm a many-small-purchases-that-add-up spender and he's an expensive-hobby-purchases-three-times-a-month spender - it's gotta stop. I'm hoping designating a penalty and a charity will help us curb this as my husband sees cash donations as "non-essential" because we "don't have the money". For me, I think I'll want to designate a charity that does good but doesn't necessarily line up with my values. Though I have a background in finance, my husband doesn't and he tends to be a "big picture" thinker. By reviewing our spending more frequently (to begin with), I'm hoping to instill more mindful spending on both of us. With the current arrangement of our bills, my paycheck goes towards paying the majority of the bills while his is designated for credit card paydown. However, we're very inconsistant with this and often, his extra from his paychecks will sit in account for a month or more before one of us goes, "Oh yeah, need to pay that". I'm a fan of set-it-and-forget-it so I think this will be a game changer for us. As part of my introduction to this awesome community, I also want to introduce some of the furry kids that I volunteer with at Crash's Landing, a no-kill cat shelter in my hometown. Please meet Maury Pawvich, love of my life.
  7. Hi Belle - it sounds like you have a lot going on! I would talk with a lactation consultant, if you can, to find out what a good balance is for maintaining milk flow and also cutting back. Calories aren't the be-all end-all of weightloss, no matter what it seems, and maybe switching to a high-protein, low-carb diet, while still a lot of calories, might be a good thing to try. It also sounds like you're a stay-at-home-mom with a lot on your plate. You're going to have to take some time for yourself, which will ultimately do your family a lot of good in the long run, even if it seems selfish now. If you have 45 minutes before dinner, make it clear that it's your time for exercising - the kids and husband can join in, or not, but nothing they do will stop you from exercising. If you want to get back into dancing, maybe you can do some dancing exercises with your kids (which might wear them out and make bed time easier!). Even better if your husband can watch the kids and make dinner and give you time to workout. Sacrificing your health for the "happiness" of your spouse and kids looks good on paper, but it's not a good path to go down - it really just ends in resentment and bitterness.
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