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  1. Thank you! This is helpful. So, are the 3 minutes on, 30 seconds off, supposed to fit within the 10 minutes jump rope, etc?
  2. Hey, everyone! I'm curious what people are doing for their workouts. I only go to Muay Thai twice a week. What can I do to improve my stamina and strength? One routine I saw is run 2+ miles, jump rope 3 rounds, shadow box 2 rounds, then heavy bag 3 rounds. Should I try to fit in things like pushups, squats, situps, etc? I do my workouts at home, where I have a heavy bag, but I don't have a gym membership where I can lift weights or anything. Thanks, ninjas!
  3. In case anyone else is curious, on possible ways to fill a bag, I found this on a different site. There are a couple of details that I would still like to clarify, like, do you put sand bags in the bottom? Do you layer the sand and cloth? How many layers? If I find any more information, I'll post here. Here's the site it was from: http://forums.sherdog.com/threads/filling-a-muay-thai-bag.563054/ But to answer your question- most fill the bag with cut up cloth. Any type of cloth can work, sheets, t-shirts, pants, any thing. And I mean that too - I have soft jeans (just m
  4. I bought a Muay Thai bag. It's 6 ft, 150 lbs, unfilled. Does anyone have any tips, or instructions, or links for how to fill one? I've found a couple of videos, on YouTube, but I wanted to see if anyone, here, had any other good resources for this. Thanks, everyone!
  5. Hi! I don't have much of a story yet; I've only been a martial arts practitioner for about three weeks. I've always been attracted by martial arts, and I did two belts' worth of TKD when I was about 7. After college, I learned about MMA and Muay Thai, and have been wanting to try one of them for years. I moved out to Chicago, about two or three years ago, and one of my coworkers told me that there was an MMA gym, about 20 minutes from where I work. I'm 29 now, and, I've finally buckled down and started Muay Thai classes. The classes are pretty small format, so I get to
  6. Muay Thai is the bomb! I don't do it professionally, which is a good thing, considering I just started a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll have beginner's luck, though.....
  7. For future reference, does anyone know where to get a MT heavy bag, and a stand, for NOT 3 arms and 2 legs? Also, is it safe to keep them outdoors if I cover it up when not in use?
  8. Got it. Thanks for the input, fellas!
  9. Okay. So do I just practice things I've learned, different combos, that kind of thing? It seems so intuitive to see someone do it, but when I think about doing it, I really don't have any idea. Also, how much force should go into each hit? Especially with kicks, I feel like I would make myself twirl and lose my balance.
  10. Got it. That's surprising to me. I thought there would be a lot of "extracurricular" conditioning.
  11. The general idea I'm getting is that I don't want to push too hard, mainly focus on building up stamina in what I'll be doing in MT, and go slow, steady, and forward.
  12. Wow, seriously? I didn't know running could do that to you. Thanks for the insight and the links!
  13. Would picking up running be useful for stamina and cardio training? Or would jump rope be better? Or both?
  14. Hello! I've just started Muay Thai, a few weeks ago. I was wondering if I could have some tips on strength training, mainly bodyweight stuff? This would be for striking power, but I also would like to just be a stronger person, in general. Help me, Strength-trainers Kenobi, etc., and so forth.
  15. Thank you, @leglocker! I've thought about jump rope. They have us start with that, at the beginning of class, so it would be good to get to a point where I'm not out of breath after. Good tip! Shadowboxing would be good too, though I don't feel I've learned enough things to make it useful yet. I hope to get a heavy bag, someday, but I don't have any space where I live....yet! *Throws out piano* I'll bug our Fighter Friends for strength training tips.
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