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  1. Fatter by the day

  2. What works for me might not work for you, but ever since I started meal prepping, I'm not tented by unhealthy snacks at work since I know I have a healthy meal ready to go im the fridge and other healthy meals at home. Gives me a lot of peace. Seriously. Regarding stress eating, I can't have any food on my work desk because I will make it disappear. Make it saltines, m&m, baby carrots, you name it. Cravings are strong when you are dieting by removal instead of substitution. For example, don't eliminate carby breakfasts, just substitute them form a healthier carb and an added protein
  3. I like that approach. Well, I'm eating less chicken, working out with free weights and meal planning. I'll eventually come to a point were it will become obvious if it's gyno or chest fat. For chest I'm doing barbell chest press and dumbell incline chest press. Should I add any other chest exercises? Any comments on that? Thanks.
  4. No, I gained a few pounds actually. Hopefully it's only fat on my chest and not glandular. Although I remember when I was 18 years old, weighing 165lbs at 184cms height having slight boobs and being skinny fat overall. Hopefully is only fat, but I can almost feel the gyno gland when I grope myself (lol). Regarding to hunting, I live in a city... The only thing I hunt for are low prices
  5. Hello dear nerds, I have some question regarding low estrogen protein foods. I have been consuming a lot of chicken, milk and eggs for the past 8 months and I have increased my breast size. I had a mild case of gynecomastia (gland man boobs) but it got worse and now I have titties. I've been doing some research but apparently every commercially grown chicken, egg, beef, peas, has high estrogen levels! I know what veggies I have to eat to reduce my estrogens, but I can't find a low estrogen protein source. Buying organic would be a solution, but unfortunately I am on a tight budget and organic in Argentina cost almost double. Any similar experiences? Tips? I'm seeing and endocrinologist soon. Thank you!
  6. No TV in the bedroom. I haven't moved in with my GF yet, but I already told her I don't want any TV at my bedroom. You need to talk to your partner about this... sleep is the most important thing to get that contributes to a good health! You can also try using one of those dark masks and earbuds, but you need to let her know that her TV watching habits are affecting your health, mood, etc.
  7. If the dudes penis is long, he might hurt it by poking the device inside your womb-cervix (i'm not a doctor). It just hurts so much tho.
  8. I was not having the imbalance until last week when I reached 94lbs squats. My right side of the hip hurts whenever I get down to the squat position. I don't really know if I should lighten the weights and continue squating, or starting split squats instead of conventional ones. I don't want to push through the pain and bad form. On monday I cound see how my hip shifted to the right and thats how the pain began. I tried doing glute activation excersises before squating and they seemed to help until the weight got heavier. I was doing fine at 77lbs 5x5
  9. Okay then, good to know! I switched back to romanian DLs anyway, I felt my lower back was doing most of the work, but since I didn't end up with paralizing pain, I though my form was ok. I asked a friend to "coach me" and tell me if I was rounding my back. Turns out I totally was, so I'm Romanian deadlifting my way to strong hamstrings so I can give heavy deadlifts an honest shot! I don't want to get to heavier weights with bad form and visit SNAP CITY
  10. I'm going to keep it short and realistic this time, I don't know how ofter will I update, but I will keep a written log. I'm going for a 10 days trip on December, so I will see how I manage to continue my challange when I'm away! In other words, challenge accepted. THE BODY: Continue Strong lifts 5x5, 3 days per week.THE MIND: Schedule 30-60 minutes every day for Deutsch practiceTHE KITCHEN: Continue counting calories, making protein intake priority.THE GAME (BONUS): Start a rigorous Super Smash Bros Brawl practice so I can beat my younger brother on a best of 5. I'm still trying to decide if I'll main Luigui or Ness. I know both are low tier, but tiers don't mean anything when you are a baddy.
  11. Same happened to me after doing romanian DLs! My hams hurt
  12. Yeah, even if you eat only chicken breast and brocoli, if you are eating more than you are burning you will get bigger
  13. You are an inspiration, I have learnt a lot reading your post I always judge my gf for making the bad choices, I'll stop that immediatly.
  14. SeptemberWasp, I see guys at my gym who are as skinny/normal/not big as I am and are squating 150lbs for sets of 8-10 reps. Lowering body fat is one thing, building muscle is a whole different story. Ab rolls are good I guess, I tried doing them once, I stretched out and never managed to pull back. They are hard...
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